...Suppliers (& cheap, out of print)
...Some books esp.for beginners
...Book list (titles)
.......general books (multi-topic)
.......sculpting books
...... shorter books
....other relevant books?
.... book reviews (more info)
.....books in other languages
Magazines & Zines
....also writing for mag's
Clay illustrations for books, advertising, etc.
TV shows
Videos & DVD's (VHS, DVD)
....suppliers, producers + series names
... non-USA
Borrowing + renting videos/DVDs/books, instead of buying

Online Video Lessons--Free (...YouTube, old TV shows, embedded in blogs, etc.) video clips -- free (gone?)
Reviews & info of some videos/DVD's


Books + Magazines + TV
Videos + Online Videos (free--YouTube, etc.)


Which polymer clay books you find best and definitely worth having/buying? Tihana
.....That is such a hard question to answer because you would need to first identify from all the paths that the polymer can take which attracts you the most. Do you like the high end art jewelry or the sculpting of figures? Do you want to make cute ornaments, or geometric canes, or faux stones? Karen W.

Book Suppliers

(....for supply sources for the shorter books like from Hot off the Press and Design Originals publishers, see below in "Shorter Books")

Books (& videos & magazines) are often available to borrow from:
-- the public library (or through interlibrary loan). . though there may not be much to choose from
--a local polymer clay guild library
--from the National Polymer Clay Guild by mail (two books or periodicals for $5 for 30 days, plus postage & ins.).
(see more details on ways to borrow below, in "Videos")


... bestbookbuys... ...price comparisons ....they search at all the big book stores, including, and figure the shipping (or lack of shipping) into the final price so you can see exactly whose prices are lower! Sally
...fetchbook ... ... compares 122 sources of books (including auctions, etc.)
easybooksearch.... ... compares prices for books from 100 bookstores (was
...bookfinder4u... . . .book price comparison service of popular titles,and also for searching rare/out-of-print titles....searches 55 book stores worldwide ... can save between 20%-90% off list price for a single book service, free of advertising.
..booksprice ... comparison for total price of a group of books, from 34 stores

online bookstores like Amazon or Barnes and Noble , etc.
. . .(enter the words polymer clay in the Search window).
Each site should have a photo, description and reviews of each book, but as of NOV 00, Barnes and Noble has more books and photos, Amazon has more reviews.
... Amazon has a feature where you can see some of the pages of a book, and their new feature also allows you to see/read pages ahead of or behind those ...don't know how many books have that feature though.

amazon has used and discounted books too ......which means you can buy many more books the the same amount of money if you don't really need a pristine new copy ... a great deal!
...check on the book's page to see if there is a "Marketplace" copy or two (these are previously owned books, usually in good condition, or books bought in bulk by people who re-sell them cheaper than retail) for any books as per usual, and if someone has a copy of it for sale, the info will pop underneath the regular book info. Lyrael
. . . I ordered one after checking the seller's "history" first . . .
(One little problem that may have been temporary or my fault? is that when I clicked the last click after ordering, I got a message saying the last copy had been sold but that sometimes the links live on for awhile; I then ordered a copy from another seller, but when I checked my acct. both had gone through. It wasn't hard to contact the seller and ask for credit to my Visa, but thought I'd mention it). DB

...also check out eBay to see if they have the one(s) you want
......I find issues of PolymerCafe magazine at eBay by just entering polymer cafe in all categories, and they come up when available.
..........same goes for any magazine title (IF you were to just put in "magazines." you would get thousands)
.... I am watching polymer clay books too
.... be careful of adding the S for plural...for example search polymer clay BOOK not BOOKS
.....Putting the item in your MY EBAY, you can track it and see how you are doing, or just watch to see when you want to bid on it. ...s
et yourself up with an e bay account if you haven't... doesn't take long and you will be listed as a "member since------".
....Most of the time I get outbid but I have won a lot of bargains in tools. Jim (owned by eBay?) has used and discounted books (I found several copies of The New Clay for under $13 when I checked it out today) is an excellent site for finding out of print books too. . . shoe

Bamm is great ... they have great sales, too. Trina

...I love ecampus they have great deals!! . . .they've sent me a free gift with my order too which is always nice!! Sally

I often buy books from Edward R. Hamilton and they always have polymer clay as well as other craft books. It's a company that sells overstocked or slightly damaged (usually just a scuffed cover) books at a great discount. One of the things I REALLY like about ordering from this company is that they only charge $3.50 shipping for each order regardless of how many books are in the order. And they take returns with absolutely no hassle. . . . Their catalogs are in a newspaper format with brief descriptions (which mention any damages), so I check the books out on Amazon before I order just to find out more . You can search their online catalog at but you have to order by snailmail. I've never ordered a book that was "damaged" that looked any different than books I've bought at retail stores. davessweetpeach
I've used Hamilton with much success for several years. shoe

AddALL ... I esp. recommend checking in the used book section ... site searches 20,000 outlets for the book(s) you want. You can often save as much as 90% on a book. ....Condition is frequently "new" or nearly so, (they'll describe the exact condition) . . ..I've gotten $25 books for as little as $1.45 + S&H!
...This is also an excellent source for finding rare or out-of-print books. I would never pay full price for a book, even just published, without looking here first. I've gotten nicely discounted books with a publisher's release date of 10/02! Do pay attention to the descriptions of condition, because some can be quite tattered or marked up, but they are required to say so. shoe

Advanced Book Exchange, a website for finding out of print books (even Hot Off the Press ones) …Enter the title under title search and you'll find it. Katherine Dewey

Crafter's Choice Book Club usually has most of the polymer books. ..they have a website (but it's really slow??)--though must "join" and send back those little refusal-postcards every 3 weeks...
...others have said that you can write and ask not to automatically receive the monthly selection (if you don't respond)
. . . I joined Crafters Club (for buying craft books) and quit as soon as my obligation was completed. I HATED it. I found their postage and handling charges to be so high that I felt ripped off everytime I bought a book from them. I found them to be very slow on delivery. I also disliked having to either pay postage or pay for a long distance phone call to decline their monthly book selection.. . I am sure that I come out way ahead by buying from since they now discount almost every book that they sell. lizzlady
..... I recently joined CC too, and have had no problems with them yet. I've been happy with the books and the service I've received. Didn't pay more than I thought I should for shipping, so can't complain there... From the way I've figured it, I've made out $$$ wise so far... kimberly
.....(I didn't expect that) the (introductory) book that I was most interested in would be "No Longer Available" and that they wouldn't ship it or send a coupon good for a rain check, replacement or substitution.Elizabeth

For sellers..... Amazon's Marketplace seems like a good way to go (in addition to, or instead of, e-Bay)..... You won't get folks browsing like at e-Bay, but you will get a *pre-selected* audience (--look for the spot to click on the book's webpage if you have a copy you want to offer for sale.)

some polymer clay suppliers who carry polymer books

Polymer Clay Express: , new ownership (732) 431-1390, toll free (Orders only): (800) 844-0138, 11AM to 9PM
(if you have trouble with that address with your machine, try which is their alternate site without the java script navigation bar. ...just for the few people who experience browser problems. Libby)
Prairie Craft: (800) 779-0615, Colorado
Wee Folk Creations:
1-888-WEE-FOLK (1-888-933-3655), 8-5 CST, M-F, Minnesota
Clay Factory of Escondido
: , (800) 243-3466, California
Polka Dot Creations (Lisa Clarke) 908-626-1531
(general polymer clay & short, project books by HOTP & Des.Orig's)

some books especially good (but not only) for Beginners
* means there is at least one review below

For videos and DVD's, look below in that category

These are just suggestions from various people, not very well researched at that .. .

*Polymer Clay Techniques Book
(Sue Heaser)
*Encyclopedia of Polymer Clay Techniques (Sue Heaser)
*Fast Polymer Clay: Speedy Techniques and Projects for Crafters in a Hurry, by Sue Heaser (small whimsical projects), 2004?
*The Art of Polymer Clay : Designs and Techniques for Making Jewelry, Pottery and Decorative Artwork (Donna Kato, 1997)
Polymer Clay for the First Time (Syndee Holt)
*Polymer Clay Creations: 11 Easy Projects, by Marie Segal (2004)
*Weekend Crafter - Polymer Clay, by Irene Semanchuk Dean
*Creative Ways with Polymer Clay, by Dotty McMillan, " Novices will love being able to plunge right into projects like the Chinese Good Luck Lantern, Segment Bracelet, Starburst Box, and Tiny Jointed Teddy Bear..."
*Polymer Clay For Beginners (Everything Crafts series) , Barbara McGuire & Lisa Pavelka (caning, stamping, painting, etc.)
*Step by Step Polymer Clay in a Day: Over 15 Exciting Projects, from Gifts to Accessories for the Home, by Emma Ralph (in several languages)
*Polymer Clay Extravaganza by Lisa Pavelka.... It is great for beginners. Simple projects with very, very clear instructions. A variety of techniques. Valerie
*New Ways With Polymer Clay : The Next Generation of Projects and Techniques
(Kris Richards, 1997--she has kids' videos now too)
*Polymer Clay for Everyone, by Suzann Thompson (called The Polymer Clay Sourcebook in England, and ____in France)
Clay Techniques with a Pasta Machine, by Maureen Carlson

................FIGURES & MINIATURES, ....& KIDS, esp. .......................................
Got Clay Can Play, by Garie Sim, 2006
( ... emphasis on fun, using recycled objects, "science" & experimenting)
materials, tools & "add-ons," basic shapes ....why play with clay?
static items ...dinosaur (using film canister armature), pencil holder (bunny scene), porcupine with quills, ladybug paperweight, robot (jointed arms/legs --flex.straws & clay)
motion items : water globe (rainbow & dog inside), mobile (with pteranodons), flipping dog (around swing), volcano (can make it "explode"), suspended bear "dances" at end of line, submersible submarine with magnet inside, aquarium (magnetic, etc.)

*Creating Fantasy Polymer Clay Characters, by Dinko Tilov (2004)...(humorous, craggy char's)
*Seasons in Fimo, by Linda Welsh (Peterson)..'Six Simple Shapes Technique' breaks objects down into their most basic shapes which are combined (and seams blended)...ornaments, scenes, figures, etc.
Create Anything With Clay 1999?(Haab & Torres)--kids & adults, comes with 8 half-bars of Sculpey attached;
and their older book, The Incredible Clay Book 1996?(available at book stores, educational toy stores, craft
stores, and cheap at and; these are Klutz Press books)

Clay Day (Javier,Finwall,Clements)... 75 easy projects for kids, 2004 (see Shorter Books below)
*Clay Characters for Kids (Maureen Carlson) children's and/or sculpting beginners' book...2002-3
*Imagine Your World in Clay
(Maureen Carlson)..her 2nd book for kids or beginners....2005
*Totally Cool Polymer Clay Projects Book
(Marie Browning), 2004
*Kids' Crafts - Polymer Clay
(Irene Semanchuck Dean) ... all kinds of projects for kids and tweens
*Family and Friends in Polymer Clay: Techniques for Making Character Dolls and
Whimsical Figures from Polymer Clay, or How to Make Clay Characters (both by Maureen Carlson)
Making Doll's House Miniatures with Polymer Clay (Sue Heaser)
Making Miniature Flowers With Polymer Clay,
by Barbara Quast

................OTHER SPECIAL INTEREST...............................................

The Art of Polymer Clay .Creative Surface Effects
, by Donna Kato ... surface techniques involving stencils, stamps, paints/ inks, sculpting, inclusions, special effects, finishing + image transfers ...projects: beads, bracelets, pins, pendants, boxes ....essentials of polymer clay, color blending, Skinner blend, etc.
Polymer Clay Mosaics, by Sue Heaser ...all kinds of mosaic techniques: miniature pendants, pietre dure book covers, pebble mosaic picture frames, tile mosaic table tops, etc....beginning and advanced
All Covered Up!, by Becky to "cover" 2 shapes of papier mache boxes (& sculpt a character or mini scene to sit on the lid)
Handmade Polymer Clay Greeting Cards, by Candida Woolhouse ... designs for embellishing paper greeting cards with polymer clay objects.///well-suited for a paper-arts enthusiast who wants to add polymer elements to their pieces but doesn't know where to start, or for any crafty person who is unfamiliar with polymer clay. Elizabeth
*Making Gifts in Polymer Clay (Stacey Morgan)... "gifts"...For beginners and intermediate-level clay crafters, this book has a wonderful character of its own. Lots of fun projects, and some intermediate techniques taught, too... but the book is clearly written enough that an 8-10 year old child should be able to follow the instructions
*Create a Polymer Clay Impression, by Sarajane Helm... using stamps and texturing especially
*Fifty Fabulous Beads by Barbara Finwall and Nancy Javier, beads by Marie Segal (Leisure Arts)
*Creating Your Own Jewelry: Taking Inspiration from Museum Masterpieces-35 Surprisingly Simple Projects .....simple techniques for creating complex-looking "antique" jewelry (often jewel-encrusted gold pieces)... see below in Reviews for more about this book and about its use of metallic paint (Cris Dupouy, 2001 & 2004)

................DESIGN & original polymer clay "bible".........................................
*Foundations in Polymer Clay Design, by Barbara McGuire

*The New Clay: Techniques and Approaches to Jewelry Making, Nan Roche, 1991(for serious beginners)

There are three books that I always recommend to beginners:
...The Weekend Crafter - Irene Dean, Creative Ways with Polymer Clay - Dotty McMillan, Polymer Clay Techniques - Sue Heaser
...These three will give you enough basic info to get you started and clear up confusion ....and then WOW, projects to knock your socks off.
...None of them use difficult-to-find tools or equipment - with just clay, a basic tool kit, and a few extra supplies (Pearlex and leafing, for example) and you can make anything in these books.
... All of them are clearly written and have good photographs to illustrate the steps of the projects.
...And you won't "outgrow" them in two weeks, either - all of them contain projects that are more advanced and of course you can change and add to even the beginner projects to make them as complex as your newfound skills and knowledge and questioning will lead you. ...some are fast and easy, others will be a couple of days in the making .....IMO, you can't go wrong with these. :) Elizabeth

LIST of Many Books
* means there is at least one review or info below

General books
(these books usually cover many different areas within polymer clay)

(see also Shorter Books & Sculpting Books below)

*Art of Polymer Clay : Designs and Techniques for Making Jewelry, Pottery and Decorative Artwork (Donna Kato, 1997)
*Art of Polymer Clay .Creative Surface Effects by Donna Kato, 2007
Artists at Work: Polymer Clay comes of Age, by Brown & Haunani, 1998

Clay Techniques with a Pasta Machine, by Maureen Carlson, 2005
Create Anything With Clay 1999?(Haab & Torres)--kids & adults, comes with 8 half-bars of Sculpey attached; and their older book, The Incredible Clay Book 1996?(available at book stores, educational toy stores, craft stores, etc.; these are Klutz Press books)
*Create a Polymer Clay Impression, Sep 2001, by Sarajane Helm
*Creating Fantasy Polymer Clay Characters, by Dinko Tilov (2004)
Creating Your OwnJewelry: Taking Inspiration from Museum Masterpieces-35 Surprisingly Simple Projects (Cris Dupouy, 2004)
........same as *Creating Your Own Antique Jewelry:Taking Inspiration from Great Museums Around the World (hardcover, Jewelry Crafts, Sep 2001)
Creative Clay Jewelry, by Dierks, 1994
*Creative Home Decor in Polymer Clay
: 19 Elegant Projects, by Sue Heaser, 2001
*Creating with Polymer Clay: Designs, Techniques and Projects, by Ford & Dierks, 1996
*Creative Stamping in Polymer (2002), Barbara McGuire
*Creative Ways with Polymer Clay, by Dotty McMillan, 2001
*Encyclopedia of Polymer Clay Techniques: A Comprehensive Directory of Polymer Clay Techniques covering a Panoramic Range of Exciting Applications, by Sue Heaser, Oct 2007
Polymer Clay For Beginners (Everything Crafts series), Barbara McGuire & Lisa Pavelka, 2005
*Fast Polymer Clay: Speedy Techniques and Projects for Crafters in a Hurry, by Sue Heaser, 2004?
Five Artists Five Directions in Polymer Clay, by Jamey Allen, 1995?
*400 Polymer Clay Designs: A Collection of Dyamic & Colorful Contemporary Work, by Suzanne J. E. Tourtillott, 2004
*Foundations in Polymer Clay Designs, by Barbara McGuire, 1999
*Images on Clay, projects Roche, Gibson, Doroshow, McGuire, 2001? (~25 pg. book, see Shorter Books)
*Kids' Crafts - Polymer Clay (Irene Semanchuck Dean) 2003
Liquid Polymer Clay: Fabulous New Techniques for Making Jewelry and Home Accents, by Ann and Karen Mitchell, 2003
Making Gifts in Polymer Clay, Stacey Morgan, June 2001
Making Polymer Clay Jewelry, by Sue Heaser, 1998
*The New Clay: Techniques and Approaches to Jewelry Making, Nan Roche, 1991, reprinted in 1999 (the book that started it all; still the polymer clay "bible" to many)
*New Ways With Polymer Clay : The Next Generation of Projects and Techniques
(Kris Richards, 1997--she has kids' videos now too)
Polymer Clay Basics, Techniques, Tools & Projects, Monica Resta (now in English), 2000
*Polymer Clay Beads, by Grant Diffendaffer, 2008
Polymer Clay (Craft Workshop Series) by Mary Maguire (2004)
*Polymer Clay : Creating Functional and Decorative Objects, by Jacqueline Gikow, May 2001
*Polymer Clay Creations: 11 Easy Projects, by Marie Segal (2004)
Polymer Clay: Exploring (Explorations) New Techniques and New Materials, by Georgia Sargeant & Celie Fago with Livia McRee, Rockport Pub., May 2002.
*Polymer Clay Extravaganza, by Lisa Pavelka, 2002
*Polymer Clay for Everyone, by Suzann Thompson (called The Polymer Clay Sourcebook in England, and ____in France with a different cover), Rockport Press, 200l
Polymer Clay for the First Time (Syndee Holt), 2000
*Polymer Clay Inspirations (Patricia Kimle) Nov.- December 2004)
*Polymer Clay Mosaics, by Sue Heaser, 2003
Polymer Clay Mosaics by Krista Wells, 2004
*Polymer Clay Techniques Book, by Sue Heaser, 1999
Polymer Claywork (New Crafts) by Mary Maguire, 1996
Polymer, the Chameleon Clay: Artranch Techniques for Re-Creating the Look of Ivory, Jade, Turquoise, & Other Natural Materials, Nov. 2002 by Victoria (Tory) Hughes
*Step by Step Polymer Clay in a Day: Over 15 Exciting Projects, from Gifts to Accessories for the Home, by Emma Ralph (2003)
Weekend Crafter - Polymer Clay, 2001?, by Irene Semanchuk Dean.

Sculpting books
(see also the shorter Hot Off the Press Books below)

(see many more sculpting books in Sculpting > Books & Videos)

*Clay Characters for Kids (Maureen Carlson) or beginners, North Light Books, 2002-3
*Imagine Your World in Clay (Maureen Carlson) ... her 2nd book for kids or beginners, 2005
*Fairies Gnomes & Trolls ... (Maureen Carlson)...Nov. 2006

*Fantasy Polymer Clay Characters (humorous) (by Dinko Tilov) due out in March 2004

*Creating Life-Like Animals in Polymer Clay, by Katherine Dewey, 2000... and her Creating Life-Like Figures in Polymer Clay, 2004
*Family and Friends in Polymer Clay:
Techniques for Making Character Dolls and Whimsical Figures from Polymer Clay, (Maureen Carlson) 2000
How to Make Clay Characters, (Maureen Carlson), 1997
How to Make Perfect Dollhouse Figures, Kitty Mackey, 1998
Imagine Your World in Clay (Maureen Carlson) 2005
Making Animal Characters with Clay (Sherian Frey), 2000
Making Doll's House Miniatures with Polymer Clay (Sue Heaser). 2000
Making Miniature Flowers With Polymer Clay, by Barbara Quast, 1998

Making Miniature Dolls with Polymer Clay: How to Create and Dress Period Dolls in 1/12 Scale, by Sue Heaser, 1999
Making Miniature Villages in Polymer Clay, Gail Ritchey, 2000
I also have 2 excellent books that are based on bread dough creations but I translate these into polymer
The Sculpey Way ... 76 projects, whimsical figures and animals (..gathered projects from various other HOTP books by Anita Behnen, Shelly Comiskey, Shohreh Dolkhani, Judy Ferrill, Sara Naumann and Linda Welsh... this is the only "longer" HOTP book?... 104 pgs.)

NON-POLYMER (other clays & dougs), but useful
Dough Craft Over 50 Stylish Designs to Make in a Weekend, by Moira Neal
MEYER'S Bread Dough Menagerie Miniature Animal Favorites, by Barbara Ann Meyer
DB: add cold porcelain books Sculpting > ).

Shorter Books

The publishers Hot Off The Press and Design Originals have many soft cover books on polymer clay; most are around $6-8 each and about 20 pages or so in length (a few longer ones are around $13).... Michaels and other craft stores often carry a selection, or you can buy them online.

Polka Dot Creations carries quite a few of those booklets: general polymer clay, jewelry and millefiori, sculpting, advanced techniques, kid stuff, dough art, other crafts
Polymer Clay Express also carries many of these on gen. polymer clay, plus all kinds of others (click on the various types in the pulldown menu)

The first book(let)s that Fimo (Eberhard Faber) came out with were on simple bas relief plaques (mostly for kids) and also a kind of onlay using bits of molded clay, scrolled ropes of clay, textured clays, chains (necklace type), cabochons, mixed media, etc., all of which was mostly covered with gold or silver metallic powders.
Christina's version of this technique for a pin, using a faux stone (hers was an "opalgeer" --see lesson in Fauxs/Opals) surrounded by a piece of chain, leaves & vining, a few rhinestones, and a rope framing
...Nostalgic Broaches/Brooches of/from Fimo (Nostalgische Broschen aus Fimo), by Marlis Meyer is one of the booklets; I have it in English:

... 3D Art Pictures Made with Fimo . . . project book by Brigitte Bohme featuring relief designs (EFA Hobby)

HOTP (Hot Off the Press)

many of the HOTP books are sculpture related (not fine art sculpture, more whimsical), but some deal with caning and jewelry, etc., too.
Each one is written by a different person, and they can be a very good deal if you like what that particular one has in it.
The Hot Off the Press website's polymer books: (click on Polymer Clay)
..then click on each title to see the cover and some explanation on the cover again to see an enlargement and one item from the book.
......most of these also available at

Little Folks and Friends, by Linda Peterson... many diff. types of whimsical figures (animal & people), clothing... fireman, bride/groom, garden, mermaid, scarecrow, etc.

Annie Lang's Polymer Clay Characters, by Stacey Morgan...26 characters in the whimsical style of artist Annie Lang (smiling bees and bugs, turtles, snails, holiday elf)
Making Gifts in Polymer Clay, by Stacey Morgan ...25 themed figures ...skiing polar bears and snowflake pins, leprechaun & shamrocks, bunny on the beach, smiling witches and Pilgrims, simple formulas for creating one's own ideas, along with advice for making pins into buttons and magnets (or figures can stand alone)

Critters in Clay .....and Noah's Ark (animals, HOTP books, or a similar publisher?)

Polypens, by Linda Welsh Peterson, has many cute animal and people pens, with many highly embellished or sculpted base stands, etc.

Too bad HOTP doesn't have copies of lots of their oldie-but-goody books no longer in print (tho' see The Sculpey Way book above for a collection of some of them).... Some of them are available by rental from the National Polymer Clay Guild though for members (great reason to become a member!)

Design Originals
(Can-Do Crafts series?)

Polymer books:
or some may still be only on the "new" page:
(Their books are written by one or more people, but Suzanne O'Neill's (publisher) name is always most prominent.)
... also available at

# 5109 Images on Clay, by Barbara McGuire, Dayle Doroshow, Gwen Gibson, Nan Roche
(rubber stamps, colored pencils, gold leafing, wire, etc.) $11.99
# 5209. Masterpieces in Clay, by Sharon Cipriano.. (mostly old and vintage ) transfers, rubber stamps, beads, etc. (medium-length book but includes 30 gallery image transfers to copy and use yourself)
# 3344 Classy Clay with Rubber Stamps & Wire, by Kim Korringa, Debbie Anderson, Desiree McCrorey, Emi Fukushima, Toni Belonogoff
(rubber stamps, metal boxes, hinges, wire embellishments, etc.; accessories and jewelry) $7.99
# 5136 Stamping Polymer Clay & Wire, by Cheryl Nemanich, Lynn Krucke, Syndee Holt, Kris Richards, Marie Segal, Kathy Martin, Carol Heppner & Babette Cox
(jewelry, postcards, metal boxed, books, etc; rippling, antiquing, stamping, coloring,etc.) $12.99
#3381? Clay Techniques with a Pasta Machine, by Maureen Carlson, $7.99
stripes, mokume gane, marbling. Skinner blends & canes, other canes:spirals, checkerboard, 9-patch, Watercolor mixing)
# 2511 Spirit Stones, by Barbara Sosna
(bead bracelets, using molds?, color, wire? & Native American, etc.themes) $4.99

(paperclay...not polymer, but very applicable to polymer clay!)
# 3352 Expressions with Air-Dry Clay by Emi Fukushima (paper clay) (whimsical jewelry, accessories, figurines, greeting cards, scrapbooks using air-dry clay; stamping, coloring, finishing, shaping) $7.99

the following are mostly sculptural:

Seasons in Fimo, by Linda Welsh (Peterson)...(longer than most D.O. books?)
...ideas for all seasons...."dozens" of ornaments, scenes (some around a mirror, etc.)... whimsical figures ...'Six Simple Shapes Technique' breaks objects down into their most basic shapes which are combined (and seams blended)

# 5107 Clay World, by Kris Richards (whimsical bugs, critters, ocean dwellers, barnyard animals, zoo babies, etc.) $11.99
# 3331 Babies & 'Bums' by Michelle Lott (cute, rounded figures with accessories, interesting bases, etc.)$7.99
# 3327 Clay Creations, by Becky Meverden (34 characters... babies for every month of the year, sock monkeys, cats, frogs, mice, elves, ornaments) $6.99
# 3333 Professional People, by Michelle Lott (standing figures: computer guy, lawyer, tai chi, teacher, doctor, nurse, etc.) $7.99

# 3334 Special Seasons, by Michelle Lott (cute characters with theme of birthdays, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Valentines, etc.: mummy, rag dolls, pilgrims, Native Americans, birthday clown, etc.) $7.99
# 3332 Holiday Happenings, by Michelle Lott's (cute Christmas character ornaments: mice, snowmen, reindeer) $7.99
# 3268 Clay Cut-Out Kids (mostly bas relief,
ornaments using cutters, clay gun and craft knife) $6.99

# 3301 Clay & Wire Whimsies (all ages; birds, people, animals, holiday decor, spooky characters; mostly with clay bodies and long wire legs, some wire accessories) $6.99

........for more titles, see websites above

other publishers

Clay Characters 101: Create 20 Whimsical Figures With Polymer Clay, by Becky Meverden (Krause)

Do-It-Yourself Decor with Polymer Clay, but Lisa Galvin (Leisure Arts)
embellished candles, picture frames, decorated dragonfly case, a topiary, seaside shadow box, a tic-tac-toe game on a wooden tray with polymer clay ladybug and bumble bee playing pieces

Clay Day, by Javier, Finwall, & Clements... 2004 (Leisure Arts)
75 easy projects for kids... various techniques (some cut outs?)... beads, jewelry, keychains, games, frames, animals, flower pots

Ria's 3 dragon booklets (also castles and serpents) ... still selling them??
send e-mail from or (click on Contact Info)

Josh's 80 page book-let on sculpting fun animals, and dangle figures

Making Christmas Jewelry in Polymer Clay, by Bridget Albano ...(dangle Santa, etc.)
Creating Christmas Ornaments in Polymer Clay, by Bridget Albano

Other Relevant Books

Border's Books..."The Crafter's Recipe Book" by Jessica Wrobel. All I can say is WOW!!! I hadda have it. It's got some incredible ideas on how to do just about any type of surface decoration and although not writ ten for polypeople I can see where some of the stuff could easily be translated into PC. Carolyn

The New Ribbon Embroidery : Innovative, Easy Techniques for Embellishing Ribbon Embroidery With Creative Stitching and Applique, Paints, Dyes, Rubber . . . by Victoria Adams Brown, incorporates a number of media to enhance her ribbon embroidery & aims for a broad audience that includes quilters, dollmakers, fabric painters, miniaturists, knitters, and crocheters who seek new ways to embellish their work. She employs rubber stamping, stenciling, watercolors, silk painting, and polymer clay adornments to produce good-looking projects that range from wearables to wall hangings. There are clear, concise, step-by-step directions for stitching various animals and flowers, as well as thorough coverage of techniques such as making your own silk ribbon, ribbon dyeing and painting methods, and even burning ribbon into unusual shapes.

(more reviews at: )

Please consider writing a review (of any polymer book or video), or simply listing the main subjects covered from its Table of Contents for inclusions on this page, or for the National Polymer Clay Guild --address above; send to me or to the npcg (or both), or post in the newsgroup and I'll see and snag it for this page. Thanks! (gone with website revision)

The Art of Polymer Clay, by Donna Kato
... a more project-oriented book with excellent photos and instructions. ....chapters are Polymer Clay Basics, Millefiori: Making Canes and Loaves, Surface Treatments, Making and Using Molds, Imitative Techniques, Vessels, Floral Forms, and Figurines and Sculpture. The flowers she has both in the book and on the cover are amazing. Julia Sober

The Art of Polymer Clay .Creative Surface Effects, by Donna Kato
...surface treatment techniques: stencils, stamps, paints and inks, sculpting, inclusions, special effects, and finishing ...image transfers ...projects: beads, bracelets, pins, pendants, boxes ....essentials of polymer clay, color blending, Skinner blend, etc.

Clay Characters for Kids, by Maureen Carlson, 2002-3 ...
...I just got this book today and it's really terrific - I think kids are going to love it, and I think that a lot of adults are going to want this book, too.
Maureen creates 30 critters and creatures that range from simple to quite complex. If sculpting is a mystery to you, this helps you see how easily a complex figure can be broken down into shapes that are easy to form. After you get the basic figure done, then you can take it in your own directions. She even shows you how to accomplish different moods with poses and facial expression..... lots of great basic info about colors, color mixing, making shapes, combining shapes, changing expressions, etc. ...Tons of beautiful pictures, very clearly written directions and fantastical stories told along the way - she's amazing, she is! Elizabeth
...she also has a color wheel made up of little sculpted fish... plus, the "story-process" in the second half of the book. Elizabeth
(see also her second book like this: Imagine Your World in Clay, 2005)

Create a Polymer Clay Impression, by Sarajane Helm
(for a comprehensive review by Leigh Ross, see also
...chock full of photos!...
Part One:
Preparation, Finishes Baking and safety tips, Surface stamping, Carving, Other kinds of transfers, Making molds, Geometric and floral cane work, Reduction, The chrysanthemum cane, Square repeat canes, The rose cane, Covering existing forms, Using findings, glues and joinery, Stringing techniques, Beaded pendant and necklace variations, Sources and resources
Part Two: Projects in 9 styles
Vintage Floral: Flat applications, Lids Drawer pulls, Switch and plug plates, Magnets, Bottle opener, Napkin rings, Vase,
Victorian Roses, Candlesticks, Round and square rose box, Switch and plug plates, Armoire, Tray, Perfume bottles, Jewelry chest
Antique Ivory: Transfer boxes, Sewing box, Beads
Sea Treasures: Mermaid, Faux shells and coral, Treasure box, Buttons, Perfume bottles, Drawer pulls, Switch plate
Oriental: Two wooden boxes, Tray, Candlesticks, Picture frame, Noh pendant, Pins, beads, geisha box, Switch and plug plates, Drawer pulls, Doll and accessories
Art Deco: Dolls, Metal Box, Tray, Drawer pulls, plug plate, Baubles bangle and beads, Masks, Frame, and sampler Necklace and earrings, Pins, Jacket, Wall fan
Country Quilt: Tissue box, Whatnot drawers, Picture frame, Quilt box, Switch plate, Candle, Light bulb vessel
Purple Patch: Puppet, Desk set, Switch plate, Picture frame, Drawer pulls
Techno Tribal: Flower power flyer, Guitars, Mosaic deMigraine, Sunlamp, Eggs, Masks, Clocks

Creating Fantasy Polymer Clay Characters .... (sculpting funny characters) by Dinko Tilov (March 2004)
step by step lessons for trolls, wizards, dragons, goblin, knights, skeletons, a Santa, a generic guy, and other weird characters
...I have been working on a how-to book on sculpting funny characters..... will be about 12 projects in it (very detailed, I've tried not to skip anything) . . . . Dinko
...a great book!... his people and animals definitely appeal to kids -- and grown kids-- and he's a good teacher, the step by step photos very clearly presented. Diane B.

Creating With Polymer Clay, by Steven Ford and Leslie Dierks - another excellent technique-oriented book. The gallery pages are beautiful and some of the projects in here are really really cool. The butterfly cane still leaves me in awe. Chapters are Getting Started, Special Techniques, Canework, Jewelry Projects, Decorative Items, Useful Articles for the Home, and All in Good Fun. (Trina also got a few copies of this one too.) Julia Sober

Creating Your Own Jewelry: Taking Inspiration from Museum Masterpieces - 35 Surprisingly Simple Projects by Cris Dupouy
Mar. 2004... soft cover... this later publication by Stewart, Tabori & Chang may have better printing than the previous one?
--this book concentrates on making "antique" looking jewelry, often complex-looking jewel-encrusted gold pieces, based on pieces in museum paintings ....medieval, etc.,.....the techniques are fairly simple, using only small ropes and balls of black clay painted with metallic paint surrounding and embellishing purchased semi-precious stones (cheaper stones could easily be substituted, and many could be replicated with polymer clay instead)... one problem is that the author suggests using 'model paint' (Testor's, etc.) for all the coloring on the clay and solvent-based paints can be problematic with clay because they take a long long time to dry completely (oil paints) and solvent-based ones will usually become sticky after time (so perhaps use other techniques for creating metallic effects instead, or seal first with acrylic?... see Faux-many > Metals... or be sure to heat the piece after baking for 5-10 min. at 250 degrees or so to completely dry it if oil paintsl)
... great book on making jewelry with polymer clay...the book is beautiful. I finally saw it on the Amazon site. The author is French and this book was previously only available in the French language. Jacqueline
.....(this is the same book as Creating Your Own Antique Jewelry: Taking Inspiration from Great Museums Around the World which was published earlier by Jewelry Crafts, Sep. 2001 --hard cover, originally available in French)

Creative Home Decor in Polymer Clay by Sue Heaser (2001) I just got a copy of Sue's new book and it is gorgeous! The subtitle is "19 Elegant Projects..." and it lives up to its title. Elegant projects, as clearly explained as her previous books and her videos. The book is also a treat for the eye in itself -- beautifully laid out and photographed. ...I have already found myself making mental notes to incorporate Sue's hints and ideas into my own projects--not necessarily her specific projects. This would make a great addition to anyone's polymer clay bookshelf, or a nice gift -- I'd say it's ideal for the intermediate clayer but useful for all levels. cousins

Creative Stamping in Polymer, Barbara McGuire (2002). . . "24 projects ...Includes a color coded materials reference for inlcusions, release agents, paper, chaulks, metallic/interference/pearlescent powders, acrylic paints, etc., 124-pages
...The pictures are great and the step-by-step instructions are clear. Instructions are given for many different techniques. Some use ink to stamp the designs, some use the stamp to create an impression in the clay. Others use mica, foil stamping and embossing powders. Projects include jewelry, small book covers, decorative insets for boxes and many other varied projects. ....also, the projects are not bright, cutsey, whimsical items. They are more sophisticated, with simple shapes, relying on rich surface texture and images. sheryInd

Creative Ways with Polymer Clay, by Dotty McMillan (Oct. 2001)
Appliqué, stamp, carve, saw, and buff it... look of jade, turquoise, ivory, wood, and metal...lamps, bowls, buttons, beads, etc....the different clay types (including translucent and glow-in-the-dark), helpful tools, photo transfers, crackling, extruding, etc. Novices will love being able to plunge right into projects like the Chinese Good Luck Lantern, Segment Bracelet, Starburst Box, and Tiny Jointed Teddy Bear
.....To begin it's a beautifully done hardcover book! It's jammed packed with techniques/information and DO-ABLE projects for polymer clay aquainted beginners to those that have worked with polymer clay for years. The range in projects is VERY exciting! I loved every one, and I have no doubts that everyone will find that they too will enjoy and be tempted to try almost every, if not all, of the projects. It also includes a wonderful *Gallery* of some of the most beautiful polymer clay artwork by many polyclay artist. Very well written, easy to follow and beautifully photographed! In my humble opinion, this is a *gotta have* book for any & all interested in creating with polymer clay. Annie Casper
..... I just received a copy of it a couple of days ago. I was so amazed at all the beautiful polymer work in there. I have looked through it twice, and still feel I haven't seen everything. There is so much talent in that book, I am very happy that I had it ordered months ago. It was certainly worth the wait. Darlene
....Just wanted to interject a little note about Dotty's book, which I received and have been poring over since Saturday. It truly is one of the best books I own and I have 13 of 'em! There is not one project in there that I don't want to try...all the instructions (as near as I can tell by reading through them) are clear and orderly and I have barely been able to put it down. I'm in the middle of making a faux jade bowl now and can't wait to finish it. Thank you, Dotty....excellent job! Carla
....Elizabeth's review:

Encyclopedia of Polymer Clay Techniques: A Comprehensive Directory of Polymer Clay Techniques covering a Panoramic Range of Exciting Applications, by Sue Heaser (Oct 2007)
--not related to this site ("GlassAttic...polymer clay enyclopedia")... part of Encyclopedia of Art series
....over 50 techniques covered... for making boxes, mosaics, miniature models, beads, buttons, and jewelry... plus photos & basics.

Everything Crafts --Polymer Clay For Beginners: Step-by-Step Instructions For Creating Fun And Original Projects
(caning, stamping, painting, etc.)

Fairies Gnomes & Trolls Maureen Carlson (Nov. 2006)
....15 projects for creating clay fairies, gnomes, trolls and more whimsical creatures of fantasy how to create an entire fantasy land with secret door

Fast Polymer Clay: Speedy Techniques and Projects for Crafters in a Hurry, by Sue Heaser (small whimsical projects), 2004?
... (50 or more whimsical creations) ...projects can be completed in an hour....Miniature dollhouse accessories, Faux jade pendant,Mosaic barrette, Bookworm bookmark, Inlay picture frame, Fridge magnets, Stamped cards, etc....step-by-step instructions, tips and tricks for beginning and advanced clayers
... The first third of the book shows basic techniques for working with polymer clay. The instructions are simple and there plenty of pictures for each technique. The rest of the book is devoted to small, quick projects... sherylnd

Fantasy Polymer Clay Characters, by Dinko Tilov (2004)... how-to book on sculpting funny characters.. about 12 projects in it, very detailed, I've tried not to skip anything. There is a goblin, a generic guy, a troll, a wizard, a dragon and other weird characters. The only thing you might already have seen is the Bird With Teeth project, a remake of course. :) ...128 pgs. Dinko
...this is a very detailed (pics for each step) and helpful book for learning how to make these caricatured older male faces (as well as any faces since the techniques are transferrable), bodies and clothing! Diane B.

Fifty Fabulous Beads, by Barbara Finwall and Nancy Javier, with designs and techniques taught by Marie Segal (Leisure Arts)
...a "slick" publication of 60 pages and very nicely set up ...projects are basically fairly simple, but there are some really neat beads among them...for beginners and intermediate clay artists.... even the advanced artist can benefit. Dotty

400 Polymer Clay Designs: A Collection of Dyamic & Colorful Contemporary Work, by Suzanne J. E. Tourtillott (summer 2004)... (no projects) .... 400 individual pieces of polymer eye candy
...Beautiful work everyone! I recognized at least 85% of all the artists in there and could identify most without even looking at the pictures.... Jeanne Rhea

Foundations in Polymer Clay Design, by Barbara McGuire - This book was published at the same time as Sue Heaser's and is the visual equivalent of eating a box of Godiva chocolates. It's much more design-oriented than technique-oriented. Chapters include Value and Color; Form and Shape; Line and Space; Texture; Balance, Pattern, and Rhythm; Movement, Contrast, and Emphasis; and Unity. The gallery pages are just simply beautiful. I love this book. Julia Sober
....I just checked out Barbara McGuire's "Foundations in Polymer Clay Design" and it's fabulous. There are images from many artists with many different backgrounds and techniques. I think they add to the drool factor. What I liked the most about the book were the chapters on design and color. I've not had the opportunity to study either and I have learned a lot about why some of my pieces were disappointments. I found it loaded with eye candy, inspiration and projects that are clear enough for beginners that could easily be adapted for more advanced projects by more experienced clay addicts. Irish Red

Got Clay Can Play, by Garie Sim, 2006
( ...emphasis on fun, using recycled objects, "science" & experimenting, developing a creative eye & spirit, etc... kids or adults)
...materials, tools & "add-ons," basic shapes ....+ why play with clay?
...static items ...dinosaur (using film canister armature), pencil holder (bunny scene), porcupine with quills, ladybug paperweight, robot (jointed arms/legs --flex.straws & clay)
motion items : water globe (rainbow & dog inside), mobile (with pteranodons), flipping dog (around swing), volcano (can make it "explode"), suspended bear "dances" at end of line, submersible submarine with magnet inside, "framed" shallow-box aquarium (with magnetic fish, also movable on clear suspension strings)

Handmade Polymer Clay Greeting Cards, by Candida Woolhouse
...This small book has many cute and very well-executed designs for embellishing paper greeting cards with polymer clay objects. Molded and modelled or cut with cookie cutters or templates, the designs are easy to make. Instructions are clear and well-written and there are adequate photos/diagrams to illustrate the steps and some variations. Many themes included. I would think this book well-suited for a paper-arts enthusiast who wants to add polymer elements to their pieces but doesn't know where to start, or for any crafty person who is unfamiliar with polymer clay. Elizabeth

Images on Clay (projects in it by Barbara McGuire, Nan Roche, Gwen Gibson, Doyle Doroshow). It's 35 pages and has lots of neat ideas about stamping, transfers, etching, markers, glazing, carving, and mokume gane. All the projects have that ancient look. Nice booklet. Emily N.
Yes, Barbara's new book, Images on Clay, is excellent! Beautiful large colored photos, illustrated instructions, and projects ... I ordered it directly from Design Originals via their toll-free # (1- 800-877-7820) & received it by return mail. Karen S.

Imagine Your World in Clay (Maureen Carlson, 2005) ...80 pages.. .esp. for, but not limited to, ages 6-12
....make figures that look like friends and family ....wide variety of people and pets: sitting on stuffed furniture, etc., or with accessories like basket...
. also puppets... 80 pgs

Kids' Crafts - Polymer Clay by Irene Semanchuck Dean ... all kinds of projects for kids and tweens

Liquid Polymer Clay: Fabulous New Techniques for Making Jewelry and Home Accents, by Ann and Karen Mitchell
144 pgs ...first comprehensive book on liquid polymer clay... basic applications and decorative techniques ...22 projects
... diff's betw. LS and Kato liquid clay, transfers, tinting, " impression glazing " (antiquing with TLS and oil paint), marbelizing, cloisonne, stained glass, lampwork beads, clay "fabric," mosaics, silicone molds, as adhesive, plus some jewelry tech's

Making Polymer Beads, by Carol Blackburn
...huge range of bead-making techniques. There is a tiny bit of overlap with my other clay bead book, but not much. The pictures are great, instructions are clear.
There's a good and complete breakdown on the types of clay, tools, assembly basics.
There is a nifty set of pointers for making color-gradated beads and color mixing pointers. Good tutorial on Skinner Blends.
She also shows variations on the different techniques and provides some ideas on how to incorporate each type of bead into finished pieces.
Here's a list of the techniques: molding, extruding, working with foils & powders, applique, texturing, inlay, plain canes and kaleidoscope canes, ribbon weave, vera beads, faceted beads, Rorschach (symmetrical patterns, Natasha probably), transfers, stamping, mokume gane with and without translucent clay, mica shift. AND 16 faux material techniques.jilla

Making Polymer Clay Jewelry, by Sue Heaser
(review at (gone)

*Making Gifts in Polymer Clay, by Stacey Morgan
127 pages, 25 step-by-step projects (figures, clothing, onlaid undersea life, etc., organized into seasons)
What a terrific starter book! ...For beginners and intermediate-level clay crafters, this book has a wonderful character of its own. Lots of fun projects, and some intermediate techniques taught, too... but the book is clearly written enough that an 8-10 year old child should be able to follow the instructions. Elizabeth
This is the greatest book. Stacey makes sculpting comic figures look so easy! They are not exactly comic, more like Maureen Carlsons, but soooooo much easier! I have all of Maureen's videos, but I think Stacey explains it in pictures and language that work for me! I can't wait to get started! And she personalized it and signed it for me! Thanks so much Stacey, I recommend this book to everyone from newbies to oldbies! Marilyn

The New Clay, by Nan Roche - this was the first comprehensive book about polymer clay that I know of and covers tons of basic techniques for working with clay along with art-related things like color and design. I have a soft spot in my heart for this book since I was hooked on polymer clay from the moment I read it. It's a little outdated now because so many new products and techniques have come out since it was published, but it's still VERY worth owning. (You might want to contact Trina from this list about getting this from her, she just bought a bunch at a huge discount.) Julia Sober
(to see an interview with Nan Roche, and get a bit of history on the polymer clay movement: )

New Crafts: Polymer Claywork, by Mary Maguire - this one is almost all projects. There are some really funky and cool ideas in this one, and the step-by-step photos are really good. In fact, since I'm looking through it again as I'm typing, I think I may have to go back and look at this one again. Julia Sober

New Ways With Polymer Clay, by Kris Richards - I swore I had this book at one point, but I can't find it. From what I can remember, it's a sort of updated version of "The New Clay". It's very cmoprehensive, and includes newer techniques and materials (Premo Sculpey for one example), and has really beautiful pictures. It's put out by the same publisher who did the Ford and Dierks one, and it's just as visually delicious. As you can see, there are really a lot of books out there! And these are by no means all of them! The one good thing about all of these though is that no matter which ones you might choose, you're going to love them and drool over the great pictures and learn a whole lot. Good luck, and enjoy. Julia Sober

Polymer Clay Basics, by Monica Resta (for Amazon review, see Italian also

Polymer Clay Beads, by Diffendaffer
...shows some techniques for making hand-formed tubes/spheres/wedges/teardrops/"baguettes", mokume gane with layered effects and ghost image, pillow beads, carved beads, beads turned on a mini lathe, molded beads, beads formed from cutter-shapes... 144 pg

Polymer Clay : Creating Functional and Decorative Objects, by Jacqueline Gikow, May 2001
Vessels. Purses. Clocks. Pots. Furniture. Polymer clay can be used for much more than beads and dolls! ...unleash polymer clay’s functional side with this comprehensive guide. Besides covering the basics, like tools and supplies... she teaches in-depth techniques for making pinch pots, bowls, coiled containers, and crocheted objects. Chapters on covering existing containers, mold-making for vessels, free-form vessels, and constructed containers each include projects that reinforce the principles explored. - More than 20 projects, including a book cover, puppet, and lamp - Covers a wide array of techniques and creative approaches - Features pieces by some well-known polymer clay artists...editorial review at
.....I just received my copy I had on order months ago. I am so impressed by all the spectacular polymer work in there. I can see so much potential the book has to offer. Thank you for making such a beautiful book. It will certainly be one of my favorites. Darlene
....short review (by Martha Aleo):

Polymer Clay Creations: 11 Easy Projects, by Marie Segal (2004)
more of a beginner book with lots of techniques .... . .basic polymer info ......projects include Asian inspired jewelry, gold leaf frame with embellishments, candleholder, journal cover, etc ..... techniques include millefiori , mokume gane, simple molding, glazing, faux finishing, inclusions (embossing powders, glitter, inks, herbs, flowers).

Polymer Clay: Exploring (Explorations) New Techniques and New Materials, by Livia McRee, Celie Fago, Georgia Sargeant, Rockport, May 2002. idea was to make the projects reasonably simple but beautifully finished -- to teach important techniques so people could go on to do great stuff. All of the projects teach several kinds of lessons and techniques [3 major sections: 11 polymer clay projects, 5 Precious Metal Clay projects, and a gallery]
Transforming the Clay [focus on clay-only techniques such as caning, ghost image, complex blend] Chrysanthemum Heart Pendants, Elissa Powell [chrysanthemum cane, translucent clay] Textured Ikebana Vase, Mona Kissel [ghost image metallic technique, simple elegant form] Faux-Fabric Poof Box, Susan Hyde [complex blend cane, air-inflated box]
Creating the Structure [focus on structural techniques]
Leafy Mokume Gane Vessel, Jody Bishel [covering glass armature with wavy-blade mokume-gane] Storyteller Doll, Dayle Doroshow [multimedia assembly, figure, book arts] Fitted Jewelry Box, Dan Cormier [making a perfectly tight fitted cylindrical box] Everlasting Leaves Centerpiece, Leigh Ross [wreath made of imprinted pearl-exed flexclay leaves]
Enhancing the Surface [focus on surface decoration]
Molded Pine Pendant, Jacqueline Lee [precision molded jewelry; reminiscent of old lacquer] Mosaic Plaque, Margaret Reid [easy wet-on-wet Romanesque micromosaic; custom colors from mixing in embossing powder] Wind Play Wind Chime, Linda Goff [wind chime with faux enameled decorations and dangles of embossed metal] Book Covers with Freehand Transfers, Meredith Arnold [watercolor-look transfers; complete book production] Laminated Boxes, Ellen Marshall [freehand Lumiere ink designs on unbaked clay, applied to custom-made paper boxes]
Precious Metal Clay [shaping, carving, texturing, building, mending, fitting] ... rings, beads, picture frames, pendants ... combines PMC pieces with polyclay pieces, Celie Fago
The gallery : all kinds of mixed media pieces, jewelry, figures, household items ... many less well known artists. Georgia
... ! I just had to say- I am impressed! And I am not easily impressed. I'm not really happy with a book or video unless I can say "wow, I never would have thought of that". The projects are wonderful! Elissa's work is always awesome. And I have always been a huge admirer of Celie Fago's work. The book covers the basics and then moves beyond. Each project ends with a section of variations. I liked that! Also included are projects by Jodi Bishel and (finally!) Susan Hyde shows how to create her "faux-fabric". A project by Dayle Doroshow, _The Story teller doll. A totally inspiring and unique piece of art. Too many to mention, but lots of projects! This book is a must have! (oh did I mention the eye candy in the gallery?) Cindy
....There is a fabulous gallery in the back of the book of the work of some exceptionally talented PC artists. Nan Roche, Dayle Doroshow, Elise Winters, Dorothy Greynolds, Dotty McMillan, Celie Fago, and Gwen Gibson, to name but a few. It is a gourmet feast for the eyes! Elissa
...About 1/3 of the book is about PMC; that part is by Celie Fago. . . . some details on a few of the other projects: The ikebana vase is mica/ghost-image. The centerpiece is flowers as well as leaves (making realistic petals, not caning). The book covers use Prismacolor marker on cloth for the transfer. For the laminated boxes, PC pieces are glued to a cardstock box. . . . She has some gorgeous work in this book--artistic/creative (as opposed to "cute").There aren't pictures for every step, if you're someone who wants/needs that. The lengthy written instructions are fairly clear (though in a smallish typeface). There are a few techniques (like the ripple-blade MG) that confuse me, but I haven't actually tried them yet. Teri S.

Polymer Clay Extravaganza, by Lisa Pavelka . . .for crafters of all kinds... 20 projects that combine easy polymer clay techniques with a variety of mediums including mosaic, wire, stamping, foiling, millefiore, caning and metal embossing. From home and garden accessories to jewelry . . . votives, switch plates, flower pots, pins, picture frames . . . idea gallery.
...I just received Lisa Pavelka's new book. Polymer Clay Extravaganza. It is great for beginner's. Simple projects with very, very clear instructions. A variety of techniques. The type is small. Valerie is fantastic!!!! So many cute projects and they are all very easy to understand and follow! . . . .This book is great!! Kay B.
(...the "fabric foil" she refers to in some projects is just the foil that can be used on fabric --Jones Tones is one brand... look for the kinds of foil that are ironed on)

Polymer Clay For Beginners (Everything Crafts series: Sports & Hobbies category), Barbara McGuire & Lisa Pavelka (2005)
...covers some caning, stamping, painting, etc
, but mostly oriented toward specific "projects" ("starry clock," "haunted candle," etc.)
...all step-by-step photos only in black and white
(...Barbara's projects are mostly the same ones as in her good book Creative Stamping in Polymer Clay)

Polymer Clay for Everyone, by Suzann Thompson (called The Polymer Clay Sourcebook in England, and ____in France) (review in Polyzine) (review by Leigh Ross, at PCC) (interview and photos from Polyzine) (chat with Suzann at PCC)

Polymer Clay Inspirations, by Patricia Kimle (Nov.Dec 2004, Northlight)
...4 sections of projects, each inspired directly from other sources/materials: nature, fabrics, jewelry media, fine art media... including faux enamels, "painting like a watercolorist" approach, egg projects (one very Faberge-ish)

Polymer Clay Jewelry, by Debbie Jackson (summer 2004)
sophisticated and unique jewelry pieces....variety of jewelry-making techniques broken into four sections:
Additives and Embellishments, Textures, Liquid Polymer Clay, and Canes (15 projects)

Polymer Clay Mosaics, by Sue Heaser (summer 2003)
all kinds of mosaic techniques: miniature mosaic pendants, pietre dure book covers, pebble mosaic picture frames, tile mosaic table tops, etc....beginning and advanced
...she starts with some clay basics and then tells you how to prepare the tiles and clay, how to assemble a mosaic, and how to finish it. Really beautiful projects; very nice book! Elizabeth

Polymer Clay Mosaics, by Krista Wells (summer 2004)
projects include jewelry, mirror decorations, house signs, coasters, tabletops, garden items, etc.

Polymer Clay Techniques, by Sue Heaser
...covers many basic polymer techniques all in one book --clearly and succinctly (great for beginners or anyone)
...this one is almost a must-have if you're looking to expand your repertoire of techniques. Just about every technique under the sun is in this one.... Each has one or two pages devoted to it with simple directions and great photos. .... also has the Premo metallic special effect techniques in it, which just fascinate me. Julia Sober

Polymer, the Chameleon Clay: Artranch Techniques for Re-Creating the Look of Ivory, Jade, Turquoise, and Other Natural Materials, by Victoria (Tory) Hughes (Nov. 2002)
(how polymer clay can imitate 10 various materials including ivory, jade, coral, shell, onyx, and turquoise, through assorted finishing, shaping, baking, and molding techniques. Eighteen projects; gallery of pieces by Tory and more than 10 others)
... Wow-wow-wow-wow! ... I just got Tory Hughes' new book today, and wow, is it ever beautiful! The photography is gorgeous, the instructions are thorough and throughout the book, she encourages you to try variations and to not look at unexpected results as being accidents. Her sweet personality comes through in the whole book. Intriguing and rather advanced projects are taught with careful step by step explanations and lots of pictures and Tory's hand drawn diagrams. Amazingly realistic imitations of agate, lapis, jade, ivory, turquoise and others. Cecilia Determan got me started on trying to replicate Egyptian Faience a couple of years ago and I was surprised to find that faience is a material included in this book - Tory goes at it from a totally different angle than I ever have, with beautiful results. Lots of different art is shown by many different people. Majorly inspirational to see how different people approach the same subject, like when you do a swap! I have quite a few books in my library, but this has to be one of the best ever made about polymer clay - especially if you want to learn more convincing faux methods. It covers jewelry and boxes and books and bowls and frames - a lot of different things! I'm pretty sure that a beginner could work from this book because of the detailed directions, but I think that the people that are really going to grab this book the fastest are those that have some experience with the clay. It really fills a need for projects that are a bit higher on the difficulty scale. I would recommend this to anyone, though! This is a wonderful book and now I'm going back to my coffee and read through it again. Elizabeth (possibly a longer review at
....when I started reading it . . . its just something else. . . It is the "art way meets polymerclay," and "discussion meets book reading," and "either I tempt or irritate you to think" kind of book. I am not sure what my reaction actually is to the tone, some of it is so inspiring and some draws lots of other feelings. But I love the book. It is really good one. Not just a project, tips and "forget me" book but much much more. I think it is now one of my favourite books... It touches me, the artist in me, and makes me both inspired and also active. I still have it unfinnished, but I already have gotten a new attitude towards colours (the talk about "really looking at colours" was very inspiring) and also I think the part where she talks about goals and their importance in all creating, have made a good impression into my own thinking. I dont know if I am the only one, but if Tory Hughes ever starts to make inspirational casettes for crafters, I think she would definately make it. Her way with words is great, and the ideas and opinions she express are very good ones to hear for getting confidence and structure for own creating. And, in case it is not clear: I suggest EVERYONE to at least borrow this book from library.... The projects in this book are wonderful and great, but not at all as important as the things this book is able to give to the soul of artist/crafter. PöRRö

Totally Cool Polymer Clay Projects Book (Marie Browning), 2004 (Sterling Pub's)
....marbling, painting the clay, and image transfer.......beads, jewelry (such as an African mask pin), imitation scrimshaw, covered buttons, picture frames, game boards, etc.... 96 pages

Step by Step Polymer Clay in a Day, by Emma Ralph .....(in French and German also)
...easy-to-follow guide for 15 projects (gifts, home accessories, etc.), marked with skill levels, and many polymer techniques (which could also be used for other things)... projects include wine glass charms, millefiore box, napkin rings, clay and metal earrings, covered pens, lattice bowl, greeting card, mobile.... techniques sections includes canework, blending, texture, filligree...also gallery of project variations
...interview and info about book:

Weekend Crafter - Polymer Clay, by Irene Semanchuk Dean.
So I'll tell you a little about the book. As with all Lark books, there are lots of beautiful photos. The beginning section covers the very basics of working with polymer clay -- probably no new information for experienced users, but I've tried to cover most of what a beginner needs to know. There is a small gallery section between the intro and the projects, and it features work by Nan Roche, Elise Winters, Sandra McCaw, and more. And the projects! There are 20 projects with explicit (and photographed) step-by-step instructions. While any of the projects could be tackled by a beginner, I tried to ensure that they were interesting enough for experienced polymer clay users. Some of the projects are... Skinner blended textured salt and pepper shakers... a fake slate picture frame... a letter opener with a faux wood handle... a Skinner blended and embossed notepad cover... ornaments with Liquid Sculpey patterns... and my black and white mosaic face clock... and more. About half of the projects are mine, and the other half were contributed by Diane Villano, Heather Roselli, Jody Bishel,Harriet Smith, Debbie Kreuger, and Edie Siegel. These people dida great job and I want everyone to know! Their projects reallyadd a lot of flavor to this book. Irene NC
. . . all I can say is WOW! The pictures are awesome, the instructions are clear for beginners but not too painstaking for an intermediate like me, and the projects are cool. My favorite part of all ... is the project where we make boxes with metal cookie cutters! It gives me just a million ideas! I highly recommend this book to anyone :) Ronda

For books and booklets on Christmas, see Christmas

Sculpting book reviews

(for most books & reviews re sculpting, see Sculpting >Books & Videos)

Creating Life-Like Animals in Polymer Clay, by Katherine Dewey --her new book on more realistic sculpting:
The way Kathy illustrates and explains techniques in here book just really made a lot of things come together for me. I've always wanted to make real looking animals but didn't have the foggiest idea as to how to start. Well, now I'm off to making other animals using the techniques Kathy teaches. Maybe we all can encourage her to do a fairy book :-) Oscelyn

Family and Friends in Polymer Clay, by Maureen Carlson ...I just received the latest book from Maureen Carlson, ". Wow! If you enjoy making figures as I do (or want to learn), this is the book for you! In a nutshell (and as the cover describes) "it covers techniques for creating caricatures of the people you know." She covers everything including the basics of facial/ body proportions; how to recreate moods; capturing a persons "likeness" for realism; doll construction techniques... and on and on! This has to be my favorite of all of her books so far. Amy

(above is a kind of later version of Maureen Carlson's original How to Make Clay Characters?)
~Yes! The best tip I can give you is to get a copy of Maureen Carlson's book, "How to Make Clay Characters." This is an excellent book on sculpting all kinds of characters and covers faces in pretty good detail. Also covers clothing, facial expressions, using armatures, hands, feet and a lot more. Maybe you'll get lucky and find it in your local library as I did.
…How to make Clay Characters. I think its great. It shows in great detail step by step each figure. The first part of the book deals more with "character" faces on figures and the second part with "realistic" so yes, to your question. How to get those great faces. I love the end of the book on problem solving. One of the problems is "face it this little darling is just not cute" and then she procedes on how you can smoothe and shape the feature to make it "cute". NF
see Nf's dressed Santa figure over glass bottle (sort-of lesson), based on this book
(website gone)

How to do faces...there are some good books out there...checkout Susannah Oroyan's Fantastic Figures...

Books in Other Languages

(Christel Jensen) My book is in Norwegian and describes how to make clay figures with Fimo Soft clay. It is called Formidabelt The book also describes an airdrying clay called Das Pronto. I find the clay suitable for larger items (its much cheaper), but also used with the polymer clay ex. head and hands made with Fimo and rest of body with the airdrying clay. It is very little canework in the book, mostly figurines in various ways, covering funny glasses, soap dispensers, candles etc. Polymer clay has never been that big in Norway, mostly used by dollmakers. ...The book will also be sold in Sweden and Denmark in a crafts magazine called Panduro. Formidabelt (and my second book Mal paa glass - paint on glass) can be ordered from or ...

Modellare con la nuova pasta sintetica
( Polymer Clay Basics, Techniques, Tools & Projects), Monica Resta (now in English also), Monica Resta, 1999
Bambole e Animali in Cernit, Naoko & Andrea Fortunato, 1999
Tecniche e modelli Cernit, Maria Manzini, 1998
Creare con il Cernit, Lia Deotto e Maria Luisa Mancini, 1994
Monica's polymer information in Italian

Monica's polymer information in Spanish
...other sites in Spanish ....

Dutch & some German
: (reviews by Cecilia Shepherd) I would imagine that it would be hard for anyone in the states to order them directly but at least a couple of these are sold on an on-line "dutch" booksite. I believe they are actually the puplisher of a lot of art and craft books. Specifically ones that deal with dolls. The main page has an English version. Then click on the link "boeken" for books. Its mostly dutch books with some German ones.

Het Grote FIMO-BOEK van A Tot Z (Tjitske van Nus-de Zwart)...(The Large Fimo Book from A to Z) ...many "Dutch Darlings" (accomplished, ruffly, flowery little girl/boy/baby figures with many accessories, holding alphabet letters, etc.)
...see photos, contact info, and more links at

Sprookjes Figuren Deel 2 by Ria Odijk, (Fairytale Figures Volume 2), 31 pages ISBN 90-70519-59-3
I have not personally made anything from this book but think its quite detailed even for being deficient in Dutch. The Polymer Clay is used for hands, feet and face and the bodies are wire armature and clothe.. It starts out with diagrams on making a wire armature, including exact dimension and then showing how to build up that armature. Also included throughout the book are detailed drawings on proportion. Starting with a complete male and female figure next to a proportions grid, then later in the book detailed proportions for a face sketched out. Then each part of the face is built up step by step. It also includes instructions for hand and feet. The second half of the book is mostly examples shown with color photos. Although there is one pattern for the clothing of one of the figures

Here are the books that I have. De Draken Hoeder (The Dragon Herder) by Alida J. Saija-Wempe, 20 pages ISBN 90-5690-061-7
Even for those who don't read Dutch this book is usable. I actually made my first dragon using only the illustrations in this book. Each step of building the basic dragon are laid out from head to the tail. She uses all single color clay (B&W illustrations) for the actual building of the dragon and then they are painted. Although there seems to be no extra information on painting the dragons, there are a number of color photos throughout the book with different dragons and poses.

Exotishe Poppen van Keukenovenklei by Jopie Nijkamp (Exotic Dolls from Polymer Clay)
47 pages plus pull out patterns ISBN 90-5121-602-5 This book deals with makeing dolls of asian (chinese and tibet) origin. It has some examples of old and young asian faces but details on actually sculpting (at least from the illustrations) is limited. It also includes patterns for the clothing of the example figures.

Vrolijke FIMO Popjes by Greetje Jansen (Frolicking FIMO Dolls)
47 pages ISBN 90-5121-436-7 This book shows how to make a series of elf like figures. There is only one small section that deals with making the faces. The rest of the book's emphisis is on the clothing and props to give the figures different characteristics. Even these are lacking in detail and it seems that there is a lot of reliance on text and the photos to get the point across.

Er was eens ...Sp_____ en Fimo __ Cernit...(Once Upon a Time??) ...(by Dido Michielsen?) ...."book with fairy-tales made in Fimo (goldfish and frog prince, etc.). beautiful stories"

...Pâte polymère - Pâte Fimo par Suzann Thompson Editions Soline (1999 though available since January 2001) 10 Bd de la Paix, Courbevoie, France. ISBN : 2876773937 It may be bought from, or from (no picture here)
.......(also check books on Claudine's page:
La Pâte polymère : Volume 2, 17 créations aussi splendides que faciles à réaliser expliquées étape par étape (Broché) ...French version of "Get Creative with Polymer Clay", by Emma Ralph

(the following books sent by Louise who says, "There seems to be many books coming out in French lately. Many are for beginners.")
...Bijoux en pâte fimo ,Mathilde Brun, Fleurus ,2006. original , young projects, easy to do, mostly jewelry.
...Parures en pâte polymère par Mathilde Colas et Julien Clapot . 2005. Mainly canes , jewelry projects.
...Bagues en pâte polymère par Mathilde Colas et Julien Clapot, 2006. Exclusively rings to make with wire and clay.
...La pâte polymère au fil des saisons, Véronique Pou , Tutti Frutti, 2006. Original projects for beginners and mid range clayers. Objects not jewelry.
...Créer ses bijoux en pâte polymère par Edith Maccotta Soffiati, 2006.
...Les bijoux de Lilas en pâte polymère par Lilas Force, Lise Herzog, et Xavier Scheinkmann
(Louise also says, "Polymer clay is getting more and more popular in France , Belgium and other places in Europe and America that speak French. They call themselves fimoteuses because their clay used to be mostly Fimo . ...There is also a blog that gives a lot of information called Parole de Pâte .... also a blog for the French guild that has just stated recently
......(also see above for English version of French book by Cris Dupouy, 2004, Creating Your Own Jewlery: Taking Inspiration from Museum Masterpieces-35 Surprisingly Simple Projects (Cris)....same as *Creating Your Own Antique Jewelry:Taking Inspiration from Great Museums Around the World (hardcover, Jewelry Crafts, Sep 2001)

Fazendo Arte com Ceramica Plastica, by Beatriz Cominatto
. . .fazendo artes com cerâmica plástica que pode ser encontrado no stand da pintando e bordando ou diretamente no site da artista.

Creating Your Own Antique Jewelry : Taking Inspiration from Great Museums Around the World (English title) by Cris Dupouy, (Hardcover - September 2001), Harry N Abrams; ISBN: 0810990512. . . great book on making jewelry with polymer clay...the book is beautiful. I finally saw it on the Amazon site. The author is French and this book was previously only available in the French language. (There is now an English translation.) . Jacqueline

Polymer in MAGAZINES & e-ZINES

Polymer Only

PolymerCAFÉ Magazine http// ...(first issue Oct. 2002
....the only all-polymer hard-copy magazine... chock full of wonderful articles, mostly with lessons
....quarterly, print magazine "dedicated to exploring the art & craft of polymer clay...full-color glossy magazine...accepts advertising"
... subscription $15-17/yr..... and now available at Michaels as well as Barnes & Noble, etc.?
....for crafters, professional artists, and enthusiasts in polymer clay
...How-to Articles covering: Jewelry Accessories Home Decor 3-D Clay Stamping Techniques Kid's Crafts Fine Art Dolls\Dollhouse Miniatures Sculpture Precious Metal Clays
...Inspiration & Ideas from Readers Like You
...News on Polymer Clay Retreats, Classes & Seminars, & ...Events Calendar
...Art & Craft Show Business Tips, & ...Guild News
...Product, Book and Video Reviews, & ...Resource and Web Guides, etc.
..The publishers of PolymerCAFE use the lowest cost method of mailing available in order to keep the price down for subscribers, but the bulk printed matter rate also means that some magazines may take longer to reach some customers than others....Most will receive their copies within 7-10 days of ... but a few will take 2-3 weeks.... I'd recommend that if you haven't received your copy by a month after the first ship date, then by all means call them and they'll be glad to fix it. They're really terrific people and very oriented toward excellent customer service. And let me echo someone else's sentiments - this issue is worth the wait. Elizabeth
...(3-05).. in the not too distant future, it will be available at both Michaels and JoAnn's as well (but of course, subscription will still be the cheapest).

POLYInforMER (quarterly color newsletter of the National Polymer Clay Guild (for more info)

no longer active?...or temporarily suspended... ARCHIVES still available though
Polyzine (Polymer Clay Polyzine)... an "e-zine"....the only on-line, polymer-clay-only zine (first issue Nov. 2000)
...access is always FREE ... monthly or bimonthly
...for current issue, click on "Read the NEW Issue of pcPolyzine at
...for past issues .....
...for all prev. tutorials in issues....
We are also calling for submissions for future issues, especially from people who have never written an article:
--letters to the editor
--questions: beginner, advanced, polymer clay oriented
--craft as a business
--feature articles
--tips/suggestions (both for polymer clay and for the zine! )
--project articles
--suggestions for link of the month (?)
--suggestions for artist interviews

My perfect magazine would be printed. It would include articles from all the guilds each month, with articles written by anyone in that guild who had something to present. Definitely a few pages with freebie links. There would have to be a forum for new ideas where people could write in, lists of new books and videos out, a free swap list, a theme for every month, posted a few months ahead of time where readers could make a project to send in. I would love to have a section every month where one technique or color scheme were involved and folks could send in what they had done with that technique. Maybe a new cane, new use of powders or mokume gane, etc. One thing I haven't seen much of on any of the lists I subscribe to are listings of shows. I would love to hear about shows, listed by locale. They could be big ones or little ones. Every month would have a featured artist, whether one of the big names like Donna Kato, or someone unknown with exceptional style. And of course, contests sponsered by the big companies so we could get FREE clay and TOOLS! Kim

Well, it's not exactly a magazine but it could easily work in the same way . . . and BTW, the price is right (free). My website is over 1300 pages of instructions, examples, and all kinds of variations on basically everything people have come up with so far to do with polymer clay. If anything, there's too much info there . . . sort of like getting 20-30 years of back issues of an all-polymer clay magazine. So, instead of getting a magazine issue with 8-12 projects/ideas, once a month, just go to, click on any page at GlassAttic, then close your eyes and scroll down to any place on the page . . . count whichever idea/photo/technique you land on as one "article" . . . then repeat 8-12 times <g> Diane B.

Not-Only-Polymer magazines

these are not full subscriptions?? . .

Step-by-Step Clay Jewelry....(put out by Lapidary Journal beginning November 2003)...."Accomplished jewelers show you how to make projects using the new polymer and metal clays, as well as the more traditional porcelain... bookstores or online at ". . .(their other Step-by-Step magazines have had quarterly issues, so I think there will be more? of these). Jeanne (see regular Lapidary Journal mag. below)
Art Jewelry (special issue mag., put out by Bead & Button --only one "issue"?) .... It's a beautiful issue with metal work, PMC and some pc projects as well. I got mine at Michaels ,but you can also order a copy from their website . . I think maybe they're either working on new issues, or trying to feel out the audience first. Hope they do more. Gwen
...It's great, nearly every item I wanted to try. I think it is a one-off, they have done that before, but they might do another later if it was popular? Esther

full subscriptions

Bead Unique ...(quarterly)
.....polymer clay every issue (Patti Kimle is a regular), plus other clay articles
.....innovative & original projects for all levels of expertise (beginner to advanced)
.....beads of all kinds, used in many diff. ways (jewelry, altered embellishments, home decor)... also adorned textiles, creative threads, and jeweled fashions really is unique, and it's very well written... just what I was looking for .... Jeannie Havel
Expression (bi-montly) .....polymer clay (a project by Syndee Holt and Marie Segal) in every issue...sometimes more clay as well... also rubberstamping, jewelry making, paper & fabric arts (projects, highlighting, stamping, collage, origami and printing), and home decoration.
...(Feb 2005) I discoved that Expressions had more clay techniques and tech's. that could be used with clay than other magazines (like bead and button, jewelry crafts, ornament, belle amoire, lapidary journal). However, I also heard recently that Expressions will be changing their format from technique type articles to editorial type articles. may still have some technique type articles - just less of them and more of the editiorial type ones. Helen p.
Belle Armoire (Mar 01) I got the first issue yesterday and it is dropdead gorgeous. All about wearable arts---including polymer clay. This issue has several PC things, including an article about mask pins by Carol Heppner---fabulous!!! I want them.... The pics are tremendous, high quality photos. The articles are varied; lots of jewelry, clothing, art fabric....lots of goodies. . . . (and they are looking for submisions, y'all out there). Sarajane H
Jewelry Crafts . . Always has at least one but usually several articles on polymer clay and other related subjects (the other part is beading).
Bead & Button . . . . Has fewer articles on pc than the first magazine but also contains lots of ideas.
... at the Bead & Button website... now sell reprints of individual articles from some of their back issues. The cost is $2.95/article and they are in Adobe Acrobat for immediate download.
.... The link to the index of back issues is: Downloads are available from 1999 to the first 3 issues of 2002. I am not sure whether they will continue working back any earlier than that. . .from some issues that are no long available.Libby

Ornament 800-888-8950, Dont think it's online yet..but the url will be; "Pure inspiration; has fewer articles on pc than the two above, but if you are interested in seeing what the masters in jewelry and fabrics are doing, this is the place to see. Also has many articles on antique beads, etc."
Lapidary Journal . . . "Contains mostly articles on natural stones and metal working but does have articles on pc sometimes. I have almost failed to renew this magazine several times and then they come up with something really interesting and I renew. KAT"
...I used to get LJ when I was into stones and metal, but the more I got into clay, the less value I found in it. It wasn't just because I had changed materials either. Maybe it has improved, but the work they were featuring was starting to all look the same to me. They also seemed to have an obsession with opal for a while and I got disgusted with it after the third or forth article in one year. . . . I love Ornament and would not be without American Craft.. . . Bead & Button is great too. I like to visit the store racks and look for inspiring craft magazines in other mediums, especially glass and ceramics and if I'm feeling flush, I'll buy the expensive European magazines. I'm sure my preferences are influenced by the fact that my main focus is sculptural rather than jewelry. Jody
...I never work with metal but I get a lot of inspiration, as well as just an admiration for what others can do with torches, metal and glass...susan

I bought a copy of the stamping magazine Somerset Studios and there are lots of great ideas in there for clay, plus a ton of ads for neat things.. here is one.. he has paper molds but I'm sure they would work for clay too. Emily N.

I just received my Aug-Sept issue of American Craft, today, and on page 101 is a brooch by Elise Winters...a mixture of polymer clay, acrylic, vermeil. It measures 3-1/2" by 1/2" by 1/2'. I LOVE this magazine! There are always unusual creations pictured. I've only been a suscriber for awhile (this is my 5th issue), and so far it seems to encompass mostly glass. Also included is wood, porcelain, metal, textile, etc. I'm pretty sure this is the first time I've seen polymer clay shown (although not positive!). Judy J.
"American Craft" is the publication of the American Craft Council. In the Old Days it was called "Craft Horizons". It's kind of like National Geographic -- you become a "member" to get the subscription. They probably have a website... Polymer clay has been included before -- Kathleen Dustin was the first polymer clay cover artist, I think. But like Ornament, you have to be outstanding as an artist to get in, and that is in competition with ALL artists in all media. (Craft media, of course -- they don't include "fine arts" like painting, drawing, photography, etc.). Sherry
To subscribe to AMERICAN CRAFTS magazine, go to: Then follow the links to "magazine" and "subscribe", etc. Although I haven't yet taken the time to check, it appears that from "magazine", you also can take the link to "galleries", where it lists MANY, several with website galleries. As I said earlier, this magazine isn't for "everyone"! Many people who have looked at my issues have turned up their noses. There is MUCH, however, that thrills MY soul!!! Judy J.

Arts and Activities (for teachers) \
... Looks very interesting and I understand it has quite a few polymer clay projects as well. As a matter of fact the cover that is shown on the page (as of today) (the mask) is done by Rebecca Zimmerman. Very cool! It is a great magazine, one I haven't look at in some time. . . . In the FEATURES section there's an interview with Rebecca and pictures of her beautiful work! Mirella & Geo
...This mag has been a staple in the education world for years. There is always a copy in the teacher's lounge. The few times I looked at it (before) there wasn't much related to clay. Glad they are getting aboard. Trina

Writing for craft magazines

Every magazine pays a different price for articles. Anywhere from about $50 to $ 300 in the craft field. It's not a quick buck. . . Just remember that as a rule you must accept whatever they offer you, or you won't have a deal. You should query first if you haven't written for the magazine before. Try to grab their attention in the first sentence or first short paragraph. Tell them why people who read their magazine would want the information in your article. A how-to article's purpose is to teach so that's what you are going for. Give a quick run-down on the steps and materials needed. Add a short bio on what experience you've had with the clay as well as with writing (if you've had any.) Send a very good picture of the technique or item you want to write about. I often use such wording as: Readers will learn how to make exquisite treasure boxes using polymer clay." Stress such things as "An easy project with amazing results." etc. A good reference on hints to make your article saleable is The Writer's Digest magazine which you can usually check out from a local library. Also, the reference desk will have a recent copy of The Writer's Market that lists publications and their submission guidelines. Best of luck. Dotty in CA

CLAY ILLUSTRATIONS...for books, advertisements, etc.

Doreen Gay Kassel's various illustrations

Polymedia Studio (Bethany Culp) does polymer clay illustrations for textbooks, children's books, advertising, custom greeting cards, gaming companies, cover art, etc.
...they combine the 3D clay figures & items (sometimes also clay bas relief) with photography and/or with manipulated digital photos (usually as backgrounds for their clay)

Chris Sickels' various figures with clay faces and fabric and other materials bodies often used for illustrations ...

where are others?

TV shows

HGTV network
(Home and Garden Television channel, on cable)

Carol Duvall

The Carol Duvall Show has done quite a few programs featuring polymer clay. broadcast only as reruns on HGTV and DIY (different episodes are broadcast during the same time period at HGTV and DIY)
...cancelled in 2004, but shows archived at website as text-and-photos lessons, and also many as on-demand videos:
.listing of all shows and topics,1783,HGTV_3822_51,00.html
.......links to all polymer clay episodes --though list may include some segments on earth clay or an air-dry clay as well as polymer clay:
.......home page and schedule for this week's episodes,,HGTV_3352_2000136,00.html

.... there are now also free online videos of many segments available at (see below in Online Video Lessons--free for more info)
....(questions or comments about the show or its cancellation:,1783,HGTV_3080_4964,00.html)

All of the Carol Duvall shows (text-and-photo version) are archived and searchable (although the search can be difficult and frustrating!... may get better in the future?)
....each archived segment shows at least one photo of the item (often more photos of the steps required as well), and gives step-by-step instuctions (text lessons) written by the program guest
if you search for a show by its number, enter it in this format: CDS-xxxx (for example, CDS-1234 )

(other shows on HGTV with occasional polymer clay)

That's Clever (used to be Crafters Coast to Coast),,HGTV_23557,00.html
those, and others,8213,,FF.html?searchString=polymer&searchType=Aggregate&GoSearch=Search

DIY network
(Do It Yourself Network channel, on cable)

The DIY channel (which is not available for some people, even with cable) has some polymer clay here and there.

polymer clay episodes at DIY,GGLC:1969-53,GGLC:en&q=polymer+site:diynetwork%2ecom

They now show Carol Duvall reruns --her show is the largest group of polymer shows on the DIY site-- and archive them there (but not in video format?),2044,DIY_15079_EST,00.html
(these shows aren't the same ones showing at the same time period at HGTV)

(see Online Video Lessons below for their freevideos)

The show called DIY Crafts will feature many polymer segments beginning in 2004 (10:00 am EST and 7:00 am PST)... the first episode of the new show is "Jewelry" ...they are currently filming season 3 and 4, which once again will feature some great polymer clay artists. Angela
...,2044,DIY_14289,00.html --check the listings that say "polymer"?
.......format for an episode of this show is like this... DIC-222
(for more information on the entire DIY network, go to ).

Craft Lab,2019,DIY_27278_573,00.html


other shows (gone now?)

Home Matters on the Discovery Channel also has occasional segments on polymer clay.... Currently they don't have a way of searching by topic though (!), so if you don't want to surf the weekly list of shows you may be out of luck. Good show to watch on a continuing basis for lots of things though.


VIDEOS & DVD's (for purchase)


Many of the offerings which used to be produced as VHS videos are now being produced as DVD's.
...Some are new and were never videos, and some (such as those produced by Mindstorm and The ArtWay at PolymerClayExpress) are videos which are being reissued as DVD's.
(these seem to be the same prices as videos, but shipping may be cheaper?)

There are various publishers of polymer videos , and there are also various sellers. Some sellers sell only their own videos, other suppliers carry more than one line. Most publishers have a range of subjects within their line of videos. Videos (or video lines) also vary by length, price, number of techniques/hints offered, and sometimes quality of sound/photography, etc. Another variant is how many artists are featured on the video series; for example, Gameplan's videos features Tory Hughes almost exclusively, whereas Mindstorm has many different featured artists.

Why are some of the video's $40.00 and others are only $18 to $22.00? Are the $40.00 ones that much better? It isn't because of length...I have done time comparisons, so that doesn't hold up...
.... They are produced by different companies. Everyone has their own price. I find this to be true too. When people are trying to decide which videos to order from me, if they ask my advice then I'll tell them my opinion on which videos are more worthwhile. It's not always the more expensive ones. Besides the content, the quality of the videos also varies. Some don't show the item being created clearly. Some aren't photographed as well as others. Some include more content than others, giving you more value. Nuchi

video formats for NON-USA and USA:
PAL is the broadcast standard for United Kingdom, Germany, Australia, Singapore and Hong Kong
NTSC is the broadcast standard used in the United States, Canada, Mexico, and Japan. Laurel
...but there are also PAL-NTSC videotape decks (dual or single ) available in the USA. Barbe

(DVD's in particular)

There are various publishers of polymer videos , and there are also various sellers.
Some sellers sell only their own videos, other suppliers carry more than one line.
Most publishers have a range of subjects within their line of videos.

Videos (or video lines) also vary by length, price, number of techniques/hints offered, and sometimes quality of sound/photography, etc.
...Another variant is how many artists are featured on the video series; for example, Gameplan's videos features Tory Hughes almost exclusively, whereas Mindstorm has many different featured artists.

Why are some of the video's $40.00 and others are only $18 to $22.00? Are the $40.00 ones that much better?
.... It isn't because of length...I have done time comparisons, so that doesn't hold up... .... they are produced by different companies. Everyone has their own price. I find this to be true here too. When people are trying to decide which videos to order from me, if they ask my advice then I'll tell them my opinion on which videos are more worthwhile. It's not always the more expensive ones.
...Besides the content, the quality of the videos also varies. Some don't show the item being created clearly. Some aren't photographed as well as others. Some include more content than others, giving you more value. Nuchi

video formats for NON-USA and USA:
...PAL is the broadcast standard for United Kingdom, Germany, Australia, Singapore and Hong Kong
...NTSC is the broadcast standard used in the United States, Canada, Mexico, and Japan. Laurel
...but there are also PAL-NTSC videotape decks (dual or single ) available in the USA. Barbe

Video Suppliers & Producers' Series
(some will have many videos, some carry only their "own")

There are too many videos to list here, so you can also look on each category page for videos that deal largely with those topics
....OR, you can browse them all through the following videos supplier sites:

these carry videos from MANY of the producers (but not all videos that there are)
Polymer Clay Express, Maryland .....--new ownership 2000 (732) 431-1390, toll free (orders only): (800) 844-0138, 11 to 9 (also producers of The Artway Studio video series (sculpting, stamping, etc.) )
Polka Dot Creations (Lisa Clarke) 908-626-1531
Clay Factory of Escondido
: (800) 243-3466, Calif.) (Marie Segal's site

Nuchi Draiman-- (discount videos)

these carry mostly videos from THEIR OWN productions

MindStorm videos (Master Artisans series) (some for kids too), 5-min. clips; available in DVD (+$5)
Abbadabba Videos
(Innovations series) (Christine Alibert, Judith Skinner, Sandra McCaw, Klew, Lindly Haunani, Gwen Gibson) 877-744-0002 (tollfree) or 603 744-0002
Gameplan/Artranch (--Tory Hughes + others videos) ......... (510) 549-0993
Wee Folk Creations: & 888-933-3655), 8-5 CST, M-F, Minnesota (Maureen Carlson's site, her videos and some others)

...Tips Tricks and Techniques in Polymer Clay (double DVD) by Donna Kato
.... 3.5 hours 2 ... includes basic conditioning, Skinner blends, beads, translucent layerings, ikat, mokume gane, metallic effects, Kato Liquid Medium, how to make a box, and finishing techniques.

Klew Expressions: ...5 videos by Klew:
...Animal Imagery (petroglyphs), Bead Shapes & Design I, (and available Sept. 30th 2001: Bead Shapes & Design II, Creating the "Drum Bead", Techniques in Successful Caning and Reduction: including shading and the "leaf cane"). (Karen Lewis' website)

Garie, have you ever thought of doing video tapes of the things you do, kid and otherwise?? I think they'd be a *great* success! Diane B.
Garie Sim is interested in making some videos of his unique and traditional uses of polymer clay if there is anyone willing to share the business with him. I hope someone can take him up on his offer! ...but he is in Singapore and I don't know if he ever travels outside of it. Maybe someone travels out that way or has some suggestions for him. Take a look at his many inventive things in various categories at

other videos at PolymerClayExpress

Triple Treat: A Trio of Techniques with Mari O'Dell . . .(Artway) 1 hr. 40 min., A variety of techniques and projects that illustrate the seemingly limitless possibilities of polymer clay. In this video, Mari demonstrates how to use several techniques - toner transfers with leafing foil to make two pins and a polymer-covered box with an inset embellishment; Colored Liquid Polymer to create a stamped and backfilled pendant and tinted translucent layers applied to sheets of polymer to make a small pendant box.

Marriage of Materials: PolyShrink, Rubber Stamps and Polymer Clay with Mari O'Dell ( 1 hr 37 min) Another fun video that mixes up the media! This production just zips right along, showing you ways of mixing PolyShrink Art Plastic, Liquid Glass , Embossing Powder and inks with polymer clay to create fabulous-looking little pieces of wearable art. There is a section on faux "export porcelain" - a bat gargoyle guards a piece of this "porcelain" in a beautiful pendant with matching accent beads. Very convincing "pewter" and faux lacquer looks, too.... lot of new ideas for mixing media in this video.

Imaging Polymer Clay With Lazertran Silk with Terry Lee Czechowski ( 1 hr 30 min) In another fast-paced video workshop, Terry Lee shows you several ways of using Lazertran Silk - clear step-by-step demonstrations and many tips so that you can enjoy this product without the expense of trial and error. Four interesting projects will give you lots of ideas for projects you can make with polymer clay - tags, personality stand-ups, a collage with an easy relief method and domed pendants.

Tapestry Techniqes in Polymer Clay with Carol Zilliacus to design and construct jewelry and paintings using her tapestry techniques for polymer clay. .... techniques begin with variations on the Skinner blend, Carol demonstrates her crewel, needlepoint, paper stencil, carving and imprinting techniques ...a variety of finished pieces are shown ...methods put to work in different ways.

Non-USA suppliers

I am pretty sure that the format for video tapes is different here than in the UK, Europe, etc.?? regarding the videos, In the UK we use the PAL system, whereas in the US they use NTSC. they are therefore incompatable - However, many modern video machines and Television sets here have a setting to enable you to watch the US version. You will need to check that both your video machine and TV are able to watch the US version. Some do Some don't, check it out in the manuals i guess. Emma

in the UK you can order some videos through Sue Heaser's Polymer Clay Pit for PAL format. She doesn't have the info for them on her web site, but her catalogue has several videos and she can order many of Mindstorm's other videos as well. Shelly
It's Nuchi that I've seen has the PAL version of the videos...Jan . . .Her address is
I have just ordered several videos from Mindstorm. I am from Norway and we use the Pal system like many european countries. Mindstorm does make copies for Pal format. They will charge you $5 extra for each video. You can order from their site at Christel:-)

Hi all Europeans !... I also have watched videos that are in the NTSC- format (U.S.?) with various video- apparats. The older machines show the picture but in black & white (the videos still are usable if you just need to learn a new tehnique) but the newer video players tend to show the video quite OK. The only difference I see is the strongness of the colours. When playing NTSC video in PAL video machine you have this slightly grey film over the picture- effect. Hard to describe, but it is not as annoying as it sounds... It just means that if you have a friend in US that is very tired of her/ his polyclaying videos and want´s to send them to you, accept the offer. It is a possibility. And even if your own machine would not show it correctly, I bet you know someone who has a machine that does... But, of course, if you order a new one, take PAL. PöRRö (Finland)

To see many of the DVD's in one place, try these suppliers: (click on Videos... DVD versions are listed with VHS)

As with videos below, most DVD's will be listed on their relevant topic page here at GlassAttic for further info, but here are a few DVD's which are general, covering various topics:

Polymer Clay Treasures from Heart and Hand, by Lisa Pavelka (Apr 2005)
... business card cases, jewelry, versatility of clay ...etc.

BORROWING videos/DVD's (or books) --FREE


Video tapes and books are sometimes available to borrow from the public library.
.....Libraries have differing lending policies depending, but one thing they all do is Interlibrary Loan. If your library doesn't own any pc videos, ask about ILL. They can find the videos elsewhere and get them for you temporarily. (You might have to pay postage for them ($3-5) but it is still significantly cheaper than buying them). Gillian
..... It may take a few weeks, but it's cheap! Your local reference librarian will be able to arrange one for you. Jane
.....I order polymer clay books through my library all the time. Our little library has none (town of 1200) but through the wonderful Interlibrary system they can get almost any book I order within a week and I can have it for two weeks - and more if I request an extension - a great way to check out a book before you buy. . . . The only drawback is they can't usually get brand spanking new books - most libraries won't loan books until they own them for at least 6-9 months. Anyway, worth checking out to see the titles and dates - and then just order through your local library. Terri C.

Most (but not all) local polymer clay guilds have lending libraries which offer videos and books for borrowing
charge a rental fee
...(see here for lists of local guilds:) or
If you're not close enough to a guild to attend frequent meetings, you might want to consider joining the nearest guild anyway.
...That would make you eligible to borrow as many videos as they have, and you could probably join and rent *many* videos (paying the slow-boat postage both ways) for the same price you'd pay to buy a 1-2 videos.
......(That would also make you eligible to make the trip occasionally to attend special classes or clay days that the guild offers.)
... I'm sure most guilds would be happy to do that . ....In fact, you can probably join any guild you want (especially one with a large library :-) ) and make the same arrangements (check with the guild first though). Diane B.

RENTING videos/DVD's (some books)

California Paper Goods ....various titles in the series Mindstorm/Master Artisans and Abbadabba/Innovations lines (one for kids esp, and some on metal clay)
....... $4.75 for one week (including all s/h)... VHS or DVD? (click on all 3 pages)

Smartflix .... many titles relating to polymer clay (+ some metal clay)
.....$10 for one week (including all s/h)..... DVD's
...also many other Arts & Crafts categories of videos, some which may be of interest to clayers:
Jewelry Making/Wire, Dolls & Miniatures, Stamping, Beading, Sculpture, Mosaics, Photography, Misc, etc.

The National Polymer Clay Guild (NPCG)... members only
...must use snail mail for request and prepayment ...must list alternate choices or contact librarian to ensure availability
...books or video for $5 + $6-10? (for postage & insurance each way, dep. on no. of items... is Media Mail still available from p.o.?)
... for 30 days (for one video or 2 books/periodicals... more items cost more for rental but less than above for s/h/insur)

...does carry Tory Hughes videos


Nowadays, there are lots of places online where one can view lessons in video format:
....many will be at YouTube (or other video sites with lots of videos, often instructional, like Google Videos,, etc.)
....others will be at "craft" sites created by craft TV networks like HGTV and DIY...or at sites created by magazines, companies/vendors, and groups interested in that particular topic.
....individual people may also have video lessons on their sites or their blogs...and/or they may have "embedded" videos created by other people into their sites/blogs from places like YouTube which allow that

at HGTV and DIY websites

Segments from The Carol Duvall Show are now available online, for free, on demand at YAY!!!
........(all? are available both at the hgtv website and the diynetwork website)
...You can see A FEW of the segments offered by going to the Carol Duvall page at, then clicking on one of the few shows listed at top center --which may also bring up a few more).
...BUT, to see ALL the Carol Duvall video segments that seem to be offered on demand (543 Carol Duvall videos at this point), go to the Video Center Streaming Broadband Channels:
.......wait through the video ads
...... then put Carol Duvall into the Video Search box --not the regular search box-- and click Search Videos can add the topic you're interested in --like the word polymer-- as well as Carol Duvall, but that word or words may have to be in the actual title of the segment or description of the segment to work (there are around 100 polymer videos there now) on the segment you want to watch (NOTE that there may be many pages of results, not just the page you're on)
......wait through the video ads
......then wait for the video to buffer up and it should start playing automatically (...if your internet connection is slow, click on the Pause button and wait till the video is mostly buffered before clicking Play to begin watching)
...(click on the next segment you want to watch, or the next video in the list will play automatically...wait through the video ads )
...(if you want to go to the text-and-photos page for that segment, to see patterns or to be able to copy for example, click on the words "Free Step by Steps" just below the video screen)

This procedure is also true I guess for segments of Alex Anderson's Simply Quilts show which was also cancelled (use Simply Quilts in the search box), and perhaps others.

At go to the Crafts Video Channel:,2829,DIY_24936_53859,00.html
...then click on the name of a show at left (such as Jewelry Making, Craft Lab, Creative Juice, B Original)
......or enter search terms in the Video Search window find all the Carol Duvall polymer clay videos, enter Carol Duvall polymer into the Video Search box

YouTube + other websites

Clayers are starting to put instructional polymer clay videos at online video-sharing sites like YouTube.
Many of those on clay be found by doing a search for the phrase polymer clay or words like Sculpey or Fimo, etc.
....or by doing a search for the user name, if you know it.

NOTE re all videos:
...some videos may be only for showing one's work (or sellable wares), and that user may or may not also have actual video lessons makers have widely-varying levels of expertise, levels of understanding about the breadth and depth of polymer clay, and/or varying abilities to explain/teach, so keep in mind that the info may not be consistent with other clayers experiences, may have details left out, etc.
some video makers (especially at YouTube and Expert Village?) are doing many short (1-2 min) videos --often with very little and/or even incorrect polymer clay knowledge
...... these videos seem to be primarily for creating ad revenue since they often have ads on the screen during viewing and creating more videos allows for more revenue (one particular person at this time seems to be "expert**village" --not to be confused with the entire Expert Village website for how-to videos)... looking at the total number of videos offered by a user can be another clue to distinguishing them

YouTube ...
list of most polymer clay videos at YouTube: (can sort by Rating, or Date, e.g.)
(most) polymer sculpting videos
Search YouTube
....from or from most any page.... enter one or more search terms into the Search box

Search Playlists at YouTu
be (another way to find lots of related polymer clay videos at YouTube more quickly)
.......first enter a search term(s), just as above for doing a regular search
.......from the results page, click on Playlists (just above the list of results)
(the next parts are a little confusing, and sometimes bring up videos not exactly related, but polymer clay playlists created by YouTubers are still a good resource to play around with)
...this will bring up rows of users (names on far right) with the videos playlist they have which includes at least one video relating to your search term
......clicking on the name of the playlist or on the pic showing one video and the total number of videos in the playlist will take you to the page where the video is actually located
......or clicking on the name of the person who's keeping the playlist will take you to that person's page
......(from either of those pages, check out the lists of videos on that playlist on the right)

some individual polymer clayers at YouTube ....for each user name, sometimes click on View All Videos to see all their videos + ratings)
....hedgeapplecraft (Suzanne Ivester)
....MrsWright75 (Christie )
....weefolkcreations (Maureen Carlson)
....(Cindy Pack) (plus most clay videos on right side)
....AuntyAlias (NoraJean Gatine)**
....oneclay (Marina Draghi?)
....wvclaylady (

Google Videos ...
...includes all videos "at Google"? as well as being a search engine for videos anywhere on the net, I think
polymer clay:

individuals with one or more videos, but located at someone else's account (for example):
Margaret Maggio (mixing scales of 2 colors)
Daphne Hill (inro & silkscreening... Part 1 only?)

NoraJean's** videos are also at a diff. site (as well as YouTube, user name AuntyAlias) (some of NJ's videos are from previous webcam demos so the frame rate is slow & choppy... for those, best to let the whole video load, then move the scan button at bottom of video window with cursor to make the movement smoother and quicker)

at LiveVideo...
Christie, Dragonfly Lane
(spiral cane... mica effects... crackled metallic leaf... spiral cane & slices on beads + dots on beads... marbled beads)
Marianne's (bead shapes --ceramic, but could be polymer clay)

" Polymer Clay TV " episode released every other friday (these are free, though projects are not free--see below)
... (from
Polymer Clay Productions )
....every 2 weeks... video ("TV") clip with visual demos
of a technique and finished items made with it (related to the previous week's audio podcast-- "Polymer Clay Podcast" where a project is talked about, there are book & magazine reviews, interviews, etc.)
video episode may also have info on using other craft products with polymer clay, and/or be reports on visits to trade shows for the crafts industry re latest new tools/materials/techniques the "TV" episodes (and/or listen to Podcast episodes) from their website:
........or download TV --and/or Podcast-- episodes at iTunes (or through other feeds)

....they also have Polymer Clay Classroom videocasts for projects... those are sold at the site for $5 each or subscription, created bi-monthly
(all three productions by Ilysa and Kira of Polymer Clay Productions, from the Polymer Clay Guild of Etsy)

miscellaneous videos, from some PBS jewelry shows

other languages:

...abaloriomania (Celia)

blogs.... short videos may also be embedded in blogs (taken from YouTube and similar sites, or self-created, etc.)
(for info about blogs and polymer clay blogs, see Online Groups > Blogs)

clips from Mindstorm's Master Artisan series videos --NOW GONE, I guess
... You need to download Real Video to see these clips, but you'll get a good feel for what is involved in claying techiques from these (approx. 5 min.) video tutorials**. Sunny
....there are 15 of them, now at:
.. this link goes to the first one at the site, by Donna Kato... to get to the other videos which also have video clips, just keep clicking Next (15 in all)... click on the > button at the bottom of the TV set
....I cannot download the videos from that site.....I get an error message that states Internet Explorer cannot open the site, that the site might be unavailable so I should try later. Help? Elayne
.......That particular error message simply means all the bandwidth for that site is in use. It's like a circuit busy signal when you're using the phone. Only so many people can access a site at the same time. When there's a heavy load, the error screen pops up blocking you from the site temporarily. Pick another time of day and try again..... Mindstorm is a very popular website and receives quite a bit of traffic, so don't be surprised if you run into another "busy signal." --sunni
**see entire list of these clips on the Overview page (not in the > Animated Demos (online)


some REVIEWS & info.... (VHS and/or DVD)

NOTE: most videos are discussed on their own relevant category pages

(Mike Buesseler's) I just want to put in my 2 cents and say that another great tool (whether you can get to Mike's classes or not) is Mike's videos. Both his Metallics and his Landscape Cane videos are excellent! I am embarrassed to admit it, but when I first heard that Mike put out a Metallics video, I didn't think it would be worth getting. I had seen Pier Voulkos' metallics techniques and those of others and thought this would just be more of the same. Then I saw his video at the Detroit retreat, and it was so good that I had to buy one for myself, and decided I needed to add them to the list of videos I sell too so that more people could own them. Mike really did come up with some wonderful ideas . . . and he demonstrates some terrific projects on this video. His applications of the mica manipulation are very creative! I think the video's worth seeing just for the construction techniques Mike teaches, which can be applied to anything you make whether it's metallic or not. I especially like his application of hinges on his lockets. Great stuff! Nuchi

Transfer Magic...I just received Dotty McMillan's video today via UPS from Polymer Clay Express! WOW Dotty! I truly love the way you presented the lessons. You made everything so clear and concise. I can't wait to try your transfer techniques. Three Cheers for you, and I loved the "Bloopers" at the end too! <LOL All of this video is very impressive! Marilyn
.... Anyone who is planning to send for this video, be forewarned. It's virtually all regular Lazertran, not Lazertran Silk. -- Kelly

Gwen Gibson's new video "Faux Bronze Magic" …The title of this video is a bit misleading as a faux bronze finish is only one of the things she does in it. She spends the majority of the time on the tape transferring images onto thin sheets of translucent clay with alcohol (which works GREAT), backing them with leaf, and framing them using some reallly neat techniques. The "faux bronze" part comes at the end, where she patinas the frames using Chemtek's metal paints and oxidizers (Chemtek is now out of business, but the formula was purchased by Coloramics. My understanding is that the product is now called "magic metallics", and info can be found at Marie). Julia S

. . . for videos on caning, see Canes--Gen.Info, including Sarah Shriver's

Precious Metal Clay Silver in No Time - Beginners Workshop with Linda Bernstein
"Precious Metal Clay (PMC) is a clay-like substance that is worked with traditional clay working techniques. It can be sculpted, molded, carved, stamped and more! After air drying and firing in a kiln, it emerges as pure fine silver, gold or platinum. You will learn all the basic techniques of forming PMC into sheets, balls, and ropes: make molds, forms and learn how to carve it. Finally, you will learn finishing techniques including tumbling, brushing, oxidizing, polishing and burnishing. The four projects include a syringe work earring set, a stamped rope edge pendant, a stone set fold over bail pendant and making molded elements." Bette Abdu (Abbadabba Videos)



My personal experience has been that I would not have purchased all the books and videos I have if it weren't for the internet polymer clay community. The "free" info here has pushed me to wisely spend hundreds of dollars I might have wasted on something else. My quick ascent into the upper echelons of addiction (influenced by ya'll) has had a domino effect.
For the last four years I've taught polymer classes to my students at school. Other teachers have gotten interested and have bought books and had claying sessions with their students. Parents make special trips to school to ask me for quick tips on claying. Some, but not too many, are interested in online information, so I show them my book collection and tell them where to buy their own copies. OK, now, where do I collect my commission? LynnDel

In addition, while being brutally honest, there are 2 other instructional video companies (in addition to Mindstorm?).
One company sells their tapes for $40. The tape quality and subject matter is excellant,but I still think they are over priced. The other one sells theirs for about $30, and while the subject matter and the price is really good,I found the quality to be a bit off. So I guess you just have to weigh the good with the bad and decide just how much you want to learn what they're teaching. I can say that regardless ,I have learned a lot from each video I have seen. Just have fun, that's what counts.

NOTE: brand names can't be mentioned in books or on TV shows unless a specific brand is required to achieve an effect (some books include a blurb in each book about checking their web site for sources) . . . for example, Superglue will become cyanoacrylate glue, and Sobo glue will become heat-resistant polyvinyl acetate glue. For Armorall, I finally came up with non-aerosol automotive vinyl protectant. Plexiglas and Lucite are brand names, too, so they become simply acrylic. Irene SD