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Of course, anything made with polymer clay (or mixed with other media) can be given as a gift. This page deals especially with gift ideas for special people or occasions.

MEN's Gifts

colors & materials & themes

For both men and older boys, there are certain looks, colors, and themes which may appeal more to them than others.
see also Kids > "Other Ideas" for gift ideas especially for boys

As for color, neutral or darker colors would be traditional and safe
.....some gold or other metal looks might work, especially if they're used as outline or detailing. DB
dad's is black with some geometric cane slices on it. Virginia
...for colors, I like marbled or mica shift things best... and I have blended black, brown, bronze, ecru & champagne with gold metallic leaf. Fimobob

natural materials or simulations of them are good too:
... faux rock, granite, terra cotta... or marble
... faux gemstones like lapis, agate, cinnabar, turquoise, malachite, etc. (not clear gemstones)
....faux ivory .....faux shell
....faux leather
....faux wood ....wood "inlay," or marquetry ...faux bark or cork
....faux metals can be made in various ways with metallic leaf or metallic powders (can also be inclusions in clear liquids) or with paints/inks, etc.
........there are lots of little metal charms and other findings at bead stores that could be used as onlays or connectors (or use silver or black wire to make spirals, etc.)
(.....for how-to's on all those, see Faux--Many... Faux--Wood&Turquoise... Faux--Wood... Faux Ivory... Wire )

"men's" pattern designs are often abstracts... geometrics...small repeated patterns (for those, can always just reduce the heck out of almost any cane)

Of course, non-traditional men have even more possibilities . . . :-) Diane B.

themes are good too... any things they're interested in
....occupations... dogs/pets... hobbies... computers... nature/camping... sports... cars/boats/planes... gardening... science/math... poker/bridge
....a project they worked really hard on memories... childhood interests/events
....anything ethnic or ancient... architectural details or structure... historical stuff/maps/symbols... areas of the country/world
....anything indicating motion

Is there anything (polymer) that you have done before that he has seen and taken an interest in? Fimobob

(see more on some of these below in Misc., etc.)

--"change" bowls (you know, the ones they dump all the coins from their pockets into--works best if the sides are rounded though)
-- or other vessels... bowls, boxes, etc.
--picture frames (for work or home)
--upright metal letter holders --covered, or with icons, etc. (the ones shaped like napkin holders--saw some at Target and Office Depot)
--paperclip holders (with a magnet inside top)
--office supplies trays, pencil cups
--pen or pencil "stands"
--metal pocket knife blanks (Stanley brand, etc.)
--lighter covers
--clocks (large or small).. see website below in "Blanks"
--sports accessories??
--plaques (door or desk--elegant or humorous)
--bathroom accessories like slip-on liquid-soap covers, toothbrush holders, soap dishes, etc.
--letter openers
--TV remote control stand/holder--with "property of . . ." imprinted on it :-)
--covered pens or pencils
--"men's" rosaries (see Jewelry > Necklaces) or other religious stuff/symbols
--barbeque tools with covered handles
--(or covered handles for hairbrushes, shoe polishing --paraphernalia, other cooking tools, etc.)
--boxes with lids
--games/gameboards/game piece, chess
--cowboy-hat band decorations
--suitcase I.D. tags/frames (in a plastic sleeve?). . .
--lamps or nightlights (with shields, or freestanding)

jewelry and clothing
...for chokers for men, see Jewelry > Necklaces > Chokers-unisex may also wear cufflinks... earring(s)... leather and other wrist cuffs.... watchbands ... embellishments for packs, shoulder bags, jacket zippers, "reconstructed" clothing, etc.

"modern relics" as choker-pendants for men, by Leslie Blackford
...arrowheads embedded into/under various polymer clay tops, including as animal totems...a faux antler cuff, etc. (see all 6)

My first thoughts are of bookmarks.... or bookends, tie tacks, cuff links, maybe a vessel or bowl. Fimobob

In my mind I think I see a plaque, picture or nic-nak...something that has a marbled background
......the background is a sky blue/white on the upper portion and for a sea on the lower portion dark blue/sea green/touch of white .
.....then press a stamp of a sailing ship into the unbaked clay (...several, options with that, ink the stamp before pressing, do not ink the stamp but paint or emboss it afterwards, inlay a black or dark clay into the impression). Fimobob

Premo makes great can roll out a sheet, impress a stamp, cut into bookmark shape, bake, antique to make the stamp design come out. Make a hole before baking to tie a cord through. These are easy to mass produce, and I'm sure you could find appropriate stamps. Jules

Your schooner idea got me thinking of maps. I bought this great stamp that I have yet to use. It got a "travel" collage on it. The background is a map and then it has a passport, a sailboat? and a couple other small travel symbols.
.... In general it just sort of struck me that those antique maps (either real antique) or reproduction could be a "guy" thing with say maybe a PC frame to go with it. nf

for all those dads out there (at least speaking from experience), they like to have pictures of the kids (or grandkids). . nf

The men in my life seem to like covered altoid boxes. ...- he keeps tylenol, advil, breath mints and consecrated oil (for giving blessings) in a teeny glass bottle in there. (The pills and breath minths go in little teeny bead baggies) It fits right in his suit pocket and he never has to dig through his briefcase when he feels a headache coming on anymore. It also keeps him from just dropping the whole bottle of tylenol in his bag as he is running out the door and thereby losing track of it later. ...lots of dad's friends have commented on his goodie box to me. dark colors work best. dad's is black with some geometric cane slices on it. Virginia

How about tie tacks, money clips and business card holders? Might be a good time to break out the Granitex for that rugged,"Manly" look.
...pen sets could work too. Jody B.

Another thing I did that was a BIG hit was a polymer clay frame for my brother's computer monitor. He works by the Monterey Bay aquarium, so I did a underwater scene, complete with fish, seaweed, clams and the requisite sea dragon at the top!!! Syndee

for holding small memos ....Confabulations' "computer buddies" faces with wire loop "antennae" (attach to computer with Velcro)

Terry's Balinese desk set for husband: (filigree) box, notebook, pen & stand

many kinds of notebooks, photoalbums, or other book covers could be made entirely from clay, or be made alone then glued to the existing covers
... photos could be added, and/or various themes or colors, etc., that would relate to men (see Books > Covers, Notebooks, etc. for more details)

Kellie's TV remote control "corral" (stand-up container of faux leather) ... remote held upright
....the fairly thick copper sheet is stamped ("tooled") with 2 patterns (one a overall "weave" texture)... both antiqued
....the resulting sheet is torn across the top, then wrapped around a form (and overwrapped a bit)..... and baked
... form is removed, and a bottom created (she made 2 layers of bottom so she could put a weight between them to keep the container from tipping over) ...

Boston Clayworks blanks of all kinds:
...keychain (even some with hidden screwdriver bits), money clips, and golf divot markers ....

KyleDesigns blanks:
...various metal tins, most fairly thin & square/rectangular (not "wholesale" but can buy bulk)
... toothpick/needles/drill bits vertical holder with hinger flap lid... business cards holders, pencils holder, co*dom holder, compact, lipstick holder, pillboxes

polymer clay fishing lures
...Don Lokke makes various kinds of lures from polmer clay (crankbaits, topwater lures, spoons, flies, "jigs")
......(he sells several CD's with lessons --first one is basics on making lures, plus color mixing & layering, texturing, making and using molds, making hollow forms... others have more projects for specific types of lures and one is just on mixing colors)
.......I have marketed my CD's on eBay for over 2 years ..$20 each
... ....... ... (gone) CD's are more detailed than the advertising and recommend the proper baking times considering the thicknesses of each design. 15 minutes is plenty for some of the small jigs or flies... crankbaits take more time and may take multiple sessions. . Don Lokke
...Sculpey III may not be suitable for thin or projecting or thin parts of lures though because of it's brittleness after baking (FimoSoft may be somewhat problematic too ...Kato Polyclay, FimoClassic, Premo or Cernit would be better).
...the people I know who made polymer clay lures had flyfishing husbands who tie their own lures....they had some very good results with Sculpey SuperFlex clay (now called Bake and Bend) which is basically Sculpey with more of the flexible Elasticlay (now called MoldMaker) added, the plasticiser. The clay stays very rubbery/bendy after baking, makes things look livingbait-ier on the hook... Sarajane
Sculpting > Sculpting Other Items > Bugs for various kinds of bugs to make with clay)

For making a tabletop Christmas tree (possibly themed) for single men you know (who don't decorate), see Christmas > Other Ideas

(....see also websites below in Misc. Gifts)

Tommie Howell's article on men who work with polymerclay


--post-it note trays & notepads & clipboards (see Misc. below for lessons)
--paper-clip holders
--small pictures
--holiday themes for teacher to wear
--maybe a string of Natasha bead "kids"
--covered staple remover

Maureen Carlson's blackboards

for apples, chalkboard, worm, etc. (also faces, hands, people, garden, etc.) (click on EZ Release Molds)
Marcy's teacher pins (apples... books... chalkboards, etc.)
Juli McCarthy's canes kid faces... pencils... chalkboard... box of crayons necklace--for sale
Josh's apple head, with dangle hands/feet on ribbons
Shala's lesson for making a tiny openable "apple" box pendant (hinged & closed with cording) by covering a large marble (then removing it)
Darlene's apple Candy Jar for teacher (see Covering > Glass for more info) (website gone)

apple CANES.. could use apple canes for jewelry or to cover or make things like:
cabinet knobs, salt and pepper shakers, containers of various kinds, glass votives, etc
Marie's lesson on simple (half) apple cane, then using slices from it on cup, frame, cabinet knob, etc.
lesson on very simple apple cane (half) --no background, odd-shaped... used as thick slices or as buttons
Darlene's lesson for making more realistic apple cane (with leaves and highlight spot)

..for more lessons and tips for making apples and candy apples and caramel apples, see Miniatures > Foods > Fruits

(.....could also make dried apple heads, or applehead dolls --could simulate with clay too)

polymer items attached to braided fabric (tubes) necklace ... best for younger-grade teachers
--Tracie's framed watch pendants (& kids) (website gone)

I covered some of those pencil tins and filled them with covered pens as teacher's gifts last Christmas. ~They worked very well except for one small thing. Because the metal was painted before they were formed into boxes, the paint on the inside corners was stretched. Looked fine new, but after I wetsanded, those spots rusted a little. I think they'd have been fine if I'd touched them up with a little clear nail polish before starting. Jody B.

I made 40 or so personalized pens for the teachers at my school -- covered the pens with polyclay and sanded them, rubbed on a drop of Diluent with my finger (let sit a few minutes till tacky), then stuck on the names I formed with raw Premo extruded string in script. Worked great. LynnDel

(I'm making a spiral chain for each teacher, with the appropriate name in alphabet beads woven into the chain.) I'll then attach a polymer clay decorated pen to each chain, which will be 36" long, so the owner can write without taking off the chain.. . . Just passing along an idea for those of us who have lots of gifts to give, and not a ton of money to spend on them. I think I'll make a few extra for the crossing guard, the dancing school teacher and "emergency gifts" for folks who stop by during the holidays. Kathy N-V

And Premo makes great can roll out a sheet, impress a stamp, cut into bookmark shape, bake, antique to make the stamp design come out. Make a hole before baking to tie a cord through. These are easy to mass produce, and I'm sure you could find appropriate stamps. Jules

I made a number of magnets for the new whiteboards my son's teacher received one year. . . . .some were little figures (like a rabbit to represent the class bunny), some were cane slices pressed onto balls or fat disks of clay , one was an "aquarium bead" to represent our aquarium.... I also made transfers, etc., to stand for the themes they'd studied that year (Native American, etc.).. . For some I formed the clay around the magnet and used a little white glue, superglue, or liquid clay to hold, some I glued on after baking. Diane B.

Very small cane slices could also be glued to the ends of push pins for bulletin boards (see Kids-Beginners > Other Items > Pins and Tacks for more info on push pins).

many kinds of notebooks, photoalbums, or other book covers could be made entirely from clay, or be made alone then glued to the existing covers
... photos could be added, and/or various themes or colors, etc., that would relate to teachers (see Books > Covers, Notebooks, etc. for more details)

--(see also above, and below in Gifts-misc.)


molds for men (sports, etc.), teachers (apples, chalkboard, worm, etc.) or anyone (faces, hands, people, garden, etc.) (click on EZ Release Molds)
pigsnstuff's (piggies dressed as) different hobbies, occupations (click on PigTails)
Marcy's occupations figures ... also sports
Marcia's funny occupations... clay + wire
Oscelyn's penguins dressed as bride/groom/gridesmaid, nativity, wizard, graduate, etc.
onlays (animals, hobbies, etc...resin?)
Day of the Dead figures themed by hobbies, etc.(Dia de los Muertos)
Gilda's figures with various clothing (firemen, doctor, sports, etc.)
Cathi's open "book" sitting upright on a wood plaque ...with matching scene, figures, parts of story, in front of pages (on plaque).... (for kids or anyone)
Bernie's bookends with scenes (water, fish, dock 90-degree,double-panel, bookend; suspension bridge with buildings; etc.), or theme items

Fayette's bitty bugs, some with themed settings
Celidonia's many little base-type scenes with mixed media (some with themes) for tiny figures, etc. (look all around)

Bernie's bookends with themes (fishing scene, hobby tools like ball, golf club, etc.)

For making gift or special-occasion cards, see Cards

For special Christmas ornaments given as gifts, see Christmas > Other Ideas

Or for making a tabletop Christmas tree (possibly themed) for any "singles" you know who are too tired or stressed to decorate .....or for the elderly..... or for men living alone who don't decorate computer puns xmas tree, for example
also see Christmas > Other Ideas )

Johnny Kuborssy suspended a cane slice inside a bar of handmade glycerin soap.

luggage tags (with or without cording or chain to connect to luggage) are a great idea, especially nowadays when so many bags and black and look similar

wine glass charms....usually decorative wire rings with beads, which are placed temporarily around the stem of a wine glass to distinguish between personal drinks at a gathering of a variety of wine charms:
(see all info on them in Beads > Misc. Uses for beads)

blanks of all kinds for covering with clay, from Boston Clayworks :
Pens (including flashlight pens) Keychains (including screwdriver bits), Bottle Stopper, Clocks, Magnifying Lenses, Perfume pendants, Compacts, Card Cases, Letter Openers, Kaleidoscopes, Yoyos, Candlesticks

for things like clip ems (to hang from purse, jacket, backpack,etc), belly swag jewelry, eye glass leashes, etc, made by stringing polymer beads (or leftover beads) into short or longer lengths (possibly intermixed with purchased findings and beads)..... in Jewelry > Misc.&Clip-ems & also Eyeglass Leashes
... also zipper pulls or keychains, see Beads > Other Uses ... and Kids > Jewelry and also Christmas for other suggestions for kids

iPod case (cover) --a thin box, open-topped... in this case also hung from neck with beaded necklace as a carrier... aluminum foil form used as a temporary armature, by beadizzygrl
...for photos and lesson, see Vessels-Rock > Other Small Vessels & Containers

teens: We went for fun and funky over cutesy for (my) book. Some of the projects are definitely more for the younger kids, but many would be very suitable even for older teens. Let's see, there's a picture frame, a locker mirror, a clock, a lidded pinch pot, a covered Altoid tin, switch plates, lots more.... Irene (see Irene's new book when it comes out in Books on Polymer)
.... ahem ...and a glow-in-the-dark celestial mobile. Diane V.

for fans or teachers or students...."school or team colors" jewelry, or other items,
Christie's examples
small figures wearing football clothing, & helmets

(proud) women over 50 .... "red hat" items for those involved with the Red Hat Society --"fun and friendship over 50" (can't sell with the RHS name though because of copyright-trademark issues)... jewelry, or anything with the colors (traditional "outfit" is purple clothing with a red fedora-type hat ...which may be embellished with feathers, flowers or anything fun)

for nightlights, or freestanding lamps, or translucent screens and shields in front of bulbs, and also covered lamp bases, see Covering > Glass (some are plastic also, but still in that large section)

lessons on making your own notepads ...with inexpensive padding compound or white glue are in Misc. > Notepads . . .also information on some interesting things to use for pages, and ways to use the pads

more office gifts . . . ...Fanciful Brass' letter opener is on page 74 item #2743 and the price is $1.38 Dave
...for more office gifts, see Covering > Things to Cover > Blanks for pens, badge holders, and more (and "Blanks" sub-category below)
...for those who eat lunch at work, I ike to cover the handles of a knife, fork & spoon which can be kept in their desks. Carla

note holders
upright, freestanding ...stick one or more stiff wires into an interesting clay base... bend ends into open spiral shape to hold note
...Glenna's note holder with square wire spiral sticking up from clay base (covered with sculpted clay roses and leaves)
... clay faces, with wire loop "antennae" for holding small memos ...Confabulations' "computer buddies"
(can attach faces to computer, door, or even dashboard with Velcro)

other types:
....Mark Sawicki's lesson on a partly-covered clothes pin as note holder (same link as his pointing finger lesson, just below)
......he takes a clothespin apart ...embeds one half in clay which he sculpts to resemble an alligator with teeth
......removes the half clothespin...bakes... then glues a whole clothes pin back into the depression (after drawing bottom teeth on the bottom half of the new clothespin) .....could add a magnet or two to the back also?

Mark Sawicki's pointing-finger and arm magnet... to point to important notes on a frig or whiteboard,1789,HGTV_3237_3893971,00.html
(see lesson and notes in Other Materials > Magnets)

many kinds of notebooks, photoalbums, or other book covers could be made entirely from clay, or be made alone then glued to the existing covers
... photos could be added, and/or various themes or colors, etc., that would relate to the recipient (see Books > Covers, Notebooks, etc. for more details)

pencil or pen cups or trays or stands
....Jean S. & Janet both used thick, domed ovals of clay (covered with patterned clay or surface technique), with holes in them, to stand a number of pens in
... ...Jean also put tool ends (like Xactos) or paintbush ends in hers, plus she had long slots for holding blades
(for covering cans, glasses, etc., with clay to make pencil cups, see Covering > Glass or Metal )
(for making shallow trays for holding pencils, pens, etc., see Vessels > Bowls, Trays, Plates)

silverware or other utensils ...( handles covered in polymer clay)... okay for dishwasher (don't use Sculpey III, too brittle)
I made a really nice serving set for my son (with a Christmas theme) and he loves them. Carla
...covering the handle of a paring knife also helps with you have arthritis in your hands. Flo
...various covered handles
(...see also office gift possibility in previous paragraph)
(for more examples and photos of covered handles, and info on how to cover them, where to buy, etc., see Covering > Metal > Some Metal Objects)

for lesson on making an eyeglasses case and other eyeglassses paraphernalia, see Jewelry > Eyeglasses

wedding gifts... or decorations, etc.
Anything made with translucent and white; or translucent, pearl and white; or translucent, tinted translucent and white can look wedding-ish or lacy (see "lace canes, and Translucent Effects on the Canes--Instructions page)

...Flo's covered dessert forks for 50th anniversary celebration (gifts); handle covered completely with gold clay, water tattoo (transfer) image at top, and a bit of tiny roses and trailing vines
....snowflake wreath with individual large "snowflakes" which are embellished in all kinds of ways... recipient was a bride planning a winter wedding, who has elected to remove the individual snowflakes to give to her guests as a remembrance of her wedding.
...made to raise money for charity by the San Antonio Guild
(see more in Christmas > Other Ideas)
...cake toppers (bride and groom figures on cake) (Lisa Calhoon's more personalized cake toppers. Kim2

(see more on making cake toppers in Armatures-Permanent > Aluminum foil, etc.)

bridal shower favors. .... I did about a hundred of them. yikes. I made little pendant/ornaments. I made up some of the Kato ("blooming") pansy canes and a couple of leaf canes first. Then I made sheets of background clay... pressed a texture into them... and used an oval cutter to cut out a bunch of oval backgrounds & put a little twisted snake border on them. Then I put holes in the with a straw.. placed a few leaf slices around the edges.. put two pansy slices on each one... put a little center of black in the pansy centers & was done. I textured the pansy canes a little to... just a couple of lines up the center of each petal.. using my finger to form a curve in the petals at the same time. They went over VERY well! I was kinda shocked... as I wasn't even sure I liked them!! LOLOL!! People kept sneaking back to the basket to snitch leftovers... even a couple of the men. Joanie

money for their birthdays . . . I am constantly trying to come up with creative ideas to give our nieces/nephews/grandchildren . . . I made a large fortune cookie with ecru clay, adding shading with chalks. I used folded paper to make an opening large enough to slip a twenty dollar bill into. While it was baking I used a template and made a paper "take-out" box and decorated with a Oriental stamp that means happiness. Then I made a coordinating card that basically said her fortune for the day was that her "riches would increase by the end of the day and she would be older and "wiser". Jan S

money for birthday... Flo's simple mini-scene (set up in front of a folded sheet of cardstock, with graphic of Disney characters at a birthday table) ...the mini table holds a mini-cake and 2 party hats
... dollar bills are used to wrap tiny "presents," hang on the wall, and as stuffing in tiny envelope lying on a chair

simple baby in blanket (Becky's lesson on making),,HGTV_3256_1389570,00.html
Jenna's lesson on making a somewhat realistic but simple baby's head/face, attaching it to an oval ball of clay as body, then wrapping in "bunting"

Ruth's bay in blanket with writing, etc.
Flo's naked baby on quilt-blanket
Kristie's baby in rocking crib with quilt and teddy bear
...Jody B's babies in star-shaped bunting (ornaments)
...Penny's simple babies in diapers, etc.
(see Sculpting > Websites > More Realistic for more realistic babies)
...Heather R's lesson on using diff. colors to fill in baby-themed push molds, then placing the baked molded items onto stacked clay-covered papier mache cubes ("Baby Blocks")-- freestanding, or could also make into a lamp base?

.....I've covered real baby shoes with canes. Then I use fabric stiffener on a real baby sock, put it in the shoe (after curing, sanding, etc.), fill it with styrofoam and put a little floral arrangement in it. They're really cute for baby showers and that sort of thing. If you use a boy's high-top baby shoe, you don't need the sock. I buy the shoes at Goodwill and test-bake before covering to make sure they won't melt. Suzanne
...for Becky's lesson on making a baby bottle shaped frame for photo (frig. magnet), see below

many ideas for gifts for babies and children at Marie Segal's site, in various areas): (OldStuff galleries 1 - 6) (galleries 6 - 10)

gift baskets can be handled many ways with polymer clay.
...The container itself can be entirely created, covered, or just embellished with polymer ... depending on the size of the "gifts" included, these containers could be anything from regular baskets or even trash cans, through terra cotta pots, down to small bowls or boxes.
...And/or the gifts or items included could be polymer (clay, tools, texture sheets, etc.)... or they could be specifc to exploring one particular technique
......or the gift could be something you made from clay, and the rest of the gifts could be the instructions and supplies for making another one (if you want to get fancy, include a series of photos or a video of your steps) get loads of ideas about themes or gifts for containers, search, etc., using the phrase "gift baskets" or "gift basket"

Valerie's "bouquet of (covered) pens" for hospital staff

portable pin cushions made by covering film canisters for sewers or quilters (see info in Covering >Plastics>Film Containers)
...(plus coverd needle cases and/or polymer heads for the pins?)
....Jeanne R's woven reed round box and lid (for mini "sewing supplies").. made with twisted ropes spiralled like Balinese Filigree over a form....also her various sewing supplies (plus sewing tomatoes and strawberries) made from clay and

see bathroom accessories in Outdoor > Bathroom & Kitchen items

I have been making wrapping paper for quite some time with FAX paper on the roll by scanning my daughter's drawings, and then printing them onto the FAX paper with my inkjet printer. The rolls are the right width to fit the printer, and then you have unlimited length as long as you leave the paper on the roll without tearing it off until you're done...(author?)

Once you get the hang of making "clay couches" (see Beginners-Kids > Sculpting for more info & lessons), you can change the shape of the back (or sides/arms) of the can make a little quilt to use as a throw can adapt them many fun & unique ways..... I like doing them and they're terrific for gifts, too! Carla

I give polymer clay miniatures for holiday gifts, and plaques for Thanksgiving and Christmas (which I don't even celebrate because I'm Muslim) as well as for Kwanzaa and then Chaunakah.
....It's polymer clay minis or jewlery, little covered boxes or tins.
... They can like it or not. I'm tired of the tyranny of holiday gift giving angst. Just because merchants make a third of their income over the winter months don't expect me to go running like a lemming to spend my money.
... I say give gifts all year around ...and get your polymer clay items in all the homes of all your friends and family because it's good marketing too.

Do something personal or customized for the receivers of your polymer clay gifts.
....For cat lovers make a wee cat sculpture for a paper weight.
....For golf fans, cover a tin with landscape cane ...and fill it with good golf tees
... My Jewish family and friends love my attempts at Judaica craft, especially since I'm Muslim, it tickles them to pieces
.......also, Naama's Judaica items (dreidels, menorrahs, mezuzah cases, hands) .... (+ pg 10)
her lesson on making a mezuzah case over a tube of green paper?
... I continue to add to the Kwanzaa miniature scene for my DIL and grandsons... each year add things like fruit, flowers, pottery, etc
...... and as we set up the mini scene, we talk about the qualities of the days of Kwanzaa, like Umoja, which is unity.
... For my mother I'm doing a heart paperweight, but with a red/black color like with the bento boxes, and then have gold and black and pearl stylized Japanese designs. "Japan is in the heart" will be written on the back, because after 50 years, she's still homesick
..... My older sister was a beader and then her wrists gave out and she gave it up. I made a bowl by putting canes over an aluminum bowl, took it off the bowl and mashed seed beads on the inside in a flower pattern, like sand painting, and then cured it and set with Future... she loved it. It was totally impractical item but she loved touching the beads inside, she misses them.

personalized simple figures for gifts (pregnant moms, famlies, grandparents, etc.) from Polka Dot
Suzy M's tiny figures (animal,etc), some personalized by hobby, message, etc.
(click on Tiny Giggles)
for computer programmers, etc., I created computer pun ornaments
(there are more personalized ornaments, I believe, on the Sculpting page in the websites listing, or on the Christmas page)

Flo's (clay-covered) matchbox pendant has a long row of connected tiny photos which can be pulled out of it (photos are accordion-folded when inside closed box pendant)
(see many more matchbox pendants in Covering > Papier Mache, Cardboard )

(personalized, enlarged, and possibly disgusting things relevant to a job or interest)
.... once he and I made some pinworms from polymer clay for a "joke" presentation to a research doc...the doc loved them so much though that they hang right next to his Nobel Prize!!! syndee
there are probably other people in the science field (including nurses, researchers, etc.) too who would go crazy over various representations of micro-organisms, parameciums, etc., and love them on jewerly, pens, whatever. ;D
....for info on a polymer clay maggot or larva, see Halloween

Make your gift have a special meaning.
...Take family photos ....then do transfers of them onto plaques ...and/or set them in frames and add decoupage images around the sides that will mean something to them "Oh that's Aunt Sally as the sea shore, remember when we went to Atlantic Beach in 1959? Bits of our lives when used as a collage is very powerful family juju.
....Do some up as a wall hanging, image transfer and interesting textures and clay and paper collage... you can do some very personalized polymer clay gifts that they won't be able to find anywhere. Plus it will ring with resonant harmony for them because it deals with their lives. Nora-Jean
.....I like to use my old photographs in shadow boxes.....line the back with velvet and put in the pictures
.........also put in the box anything that relates to the picture... flowers, baby shoes, old jewelry, books, etc (made from polymer or not)... (an example, I took a picture of my dad where he was at the beach using his metal detector. I included in the box some of the stuff he found and threw away. There was a bottle top, a child's car, an old chain, a penny and a fork. szaftoo
.... to make a stamp of some relevant words, I'm going to type them up (or write them with very black ink) and send them to Ready Stamp (see Stamping)...... you can fit a bunch o' words on an 6 x 7" sheet! Joanie

I love the idea of taking something associated with a person (or place or idea) , then customizing it for the holidays (or any other occasion)
...or mixing it with any other association (occupation, hobby, personal characteristic, geographical region, house)
...... (e.g., a dentist, railroad enhusiast, New Yorker, or baker ...who likes books, or who vacations in Alaska, or who likes to paint or work on cars ... or combine for a particular holiday or celebration)
... or mixing two interests together (feminism, kids, 50th anniversary or turning-40 or 21, volunteering interests, colors from sports, etc.) Diane
my "Santa Flamingo" ornament was inspired by a neighbor who collects flamingo stuff.... I thought this might be something she didn't already have...I took a basic flamingo, added a Santa hat... added the beard (plus boots and wreath around neck). Laurel

can cut out the shape of a state, country, or other geographical area (or house, pet,etc.) from a sheet of decorative clay (state of Florida from a cane-slice sheet)

for making flat or thong bookmarks ... see Books > Bookmarks

Becky's lesson on making baby bottle frames (for frig. magnets) with a bottle-shaped cookie cutter (& oval cutter for picture) & two magnets,1789,HGTV_3236_2251270,00.html

Lisa's lesson on making a refrigerator magnet for birthday favors (or other gifts) by cutting a hole big enough for a button magnet in the layers of a clay-sheet-and-backing-sheet, then super gluing the magnet in the hole onto an onlaid sheet of a transfer or other design

small refrigerator frames .could be made with a sheet of baked polymer clay adhered to the magnet "sheets" which have an adhesive back ...other magnets may have to strength to hold on top of the clay as well?.
...magnet sheets are available at crafts(?) or office supply stores
.....(regular magnet sheets will NOT go through your printer, but special magnet sheets can be purchased which will go through a printer, or a regular printed sheet can be pressed to the back of the magnet sheet after the release paper is removed)
. . . or you could use a transfer

a mini photoalbum or locket could be made and then hung as a pendant with swing-apart or hinged clay pieces
(...for details on both these ideas, see Pendants > Other Pendant Ideas and also Hinges)

sheets of baked clay can also be good for postcards, or game boards, gift tags, gift cards (glued onto cardstock or construction paper), etc (see Sheets of Pattern)

Clear decal-type or other transfers could also be attached to glass, metal, or other surfaces
.......(e.g., small glass or plastic bottles with decals would look neat). .
..they could also be attached with a backing of clay, or metallic leaf and/or clay. Diane B.

(for coasters --lessons, ideas, photos-- see Sculpting-gen > Other Items)

any kind of stand (plant stand, etc) or display base for a special item
....ceramic tile, with feet added to the to the bottom (polymer or wood beads, corks, or drawer pulls --crystal, brass, etc.) Lindaa
... (could use polymer around edge too)

a memo pad could be created from a tile this way
.... stamp on tiles with Fabrico ink -any picture, or the word "memo" ...bake 15 minutes.... add a small piece of velcro on the tile, and on the other side of the velcro stick a black erasable marker (used for white boards) and ta da!!! you have a memo pad to sit beside your phone for messages
.....btw, the tile erases just like white board, but the ink where you stamped doesn't come off--it is baked on. vbfll
...will a sheet of baked polymer clay erase too, like this??? especially if it's very slick from having been baked face down on glass? DB

I'm a teacher and love the idea of an altered clipboard ...I like the idea of having a decorative border too so when used, the decorative border isn't covered up by the paper ...a clipboard is something we all use. crafter liz outer border area, or the whole board, could be veneered with polymer...or a polymer border could be made around a decoupaged photo, etc.
...and/or a pencil holder, etc., could be attached to the clipboard, etc.

hospital patient, illness, surgery, long physical therapy, etc.
....make a polymer angel (or any figure) ...maybe he can pin it to his pillow or sit on his hospital tray... this way all the positive things you want to have happen will be in the angel as you make it, and they will be winging their way to him as you work on it. Granny Patty
...any little item or sculpt which can sit on a bedside table, etc., would be good as well, especially anything which could be useful there .......e.g. a bowl, pencil cup or "eyeglasses cup," or coaster, small clock, etc.
...see personalizing things above
...reminders of their family or favorite things to do (in polymer frames, as little vignettes, as icons like tiny quilt or golf clubs, etc.)

going through a difficult time of any kind
...polymer clay "Bottles of Hope" (or "Bottles of Caring," etc.) are ususally given to those with cancer, but they could be wonderful for anyone just to show that your thoughts and wishes are with them
...these are tiny bottles (but could be other things too) decoratively covered or partly covered with clay
...they may also be turned into little figures or other items, etc. ....some people like to put a tiny note inside them

"word" stones: Years ago I bought a piece of glass that had been etched with *words*... the kind that speak to you on many levels. I started a word list of my own way back then... and thought they'd work up real well in polymer, but never did it till now. I used different faux treatments than you did... and I used stamp sets to create the words & symbols (could be runes)... sanded, buffed & antiqued 'em... but basically it's the same idea. It was fun & I agree... it would be a wonderful item to donate to troubled people. They make a good *focus* point to bring your mind away from your particular trouble & back to something that's positive, or important, in your life. Joanie
....I'm thinking of typing up my favorite words and sending them to Ready Stamp (see Stamping).... that way I'd have the full word in a single stamp! You can fit a bunch o' words on an 8 1/2 x 11 sheet! Joanie
...what about number, letter or shape stones for kids learning to read, math, etc.?
I gave some words to our secretary in one of the handmade felt pouches and she keeps it on her desk, every morning when she comes to work she picks her word for the day (without looking first). I do the same thing but at home, and its amazing how the word seems to be just what's needed for that day. Joyce
...That's VERY cool! I was working on some words for sister & my niece who's getting married soon. I think I'm going to make them a bowl as well... or some sort of vessel to hold them. I'll suggest they start their days off that way too & see how it works out for them, thanks! Joanie
...Years ago I bought a piece of glass that had been etched with *words*... the kind that speak to you on many levels. I started a word list of my own way back then... and thought they'd work up real well in polymer, but never did it till now. . .
...they make a good *focus* point to bring your mind away from your particular trouble & back to something that's positive, or important, in your life. Joanie
......could be given as general gifts or to someone getting married soon, a special person, AIDS or cancer, etc. patients, anyone troubled
word stones (these made with inclusions ... words have been stamped on) . . . aka touchstones
Cindy P's round beads onlaid with slices from different canes. . . one or more slices are a caned word like laugh, power, etc.
Sally J's spirit beads with words and petroglyphs transferred? onto bead surfaces
Cindy's runes stamped onto clay with leaf (variegated gold and copper) using metallic powder, then covered with thin translucent clay
......I have made sets of rune stones with just glow-in-the-dark clay, or mixed with other colors.
(see more on these in Letters-Inks > Stamps,Molds)

tabletop mini Zen Garden create a feeling of calm.... stress relief active kind of "meditation"....
...each is usually comprised of a shallow tray of fine sand** (symbolizing the empty mind), along with a few small rocks & 1 rake at least
...the basic idea is to doodle in the sand with the rake, creating patterns ........and/or to move the little objects around into different positions
(see much more on making these in Misc > Tabletop Zen Gardens)

for anyone.... could make up a kit for a polymer project (or any other craft) to give as a gift as well.

(for adding an area of polymer clay)

Boston Claywork's complete kits for covering various items with clay (all parts included)
...clocks (desk and wall), kaleidoscopes (8 1/2" and mini),
key chains
magnifying glasses, wine stopper ... pens/pencils, and "perfume" pencils, and more

artclayworld . . . Twist Ballpoint Pen -Necklace Perfume Vial Holder & Atomizer?-Key Chain -Ceiling Fan Pulls - Letter Openers -cabochon Bookmarks & Purse Mirror (lessons for covering each item) ...

Confabulations' pendant magnifier loupes, front could be covered with polymer clay, etc.; the loupe swings out from behind it

Fanciful Brass (many charms, plus other items) The letter opener is on page 74 item #2743 and the price is $1.38 . . . We have a lot of offices locally and I think letter openers would make great office gifts...Dave

sunni's dog "necklace" collar --maybe with a Christmas or other holiday or indivdual theme? --be sure the collar is for adornment only & that the recipient pooch isn't one who eats everything! (the cording is that stretchy clear plastic fishing line looking stringing material)

(I covered my cell phone face plate with patterned clay). . .I've had loads of compliments on my "new" phone, and several people have asked me to make faceplates for them. If I can get a decent rate, I'll make them, otherwise I have some really cool ideas for Holiday gifts. Kathy N-V (see details in Covering/Plastics/Misc.Plastic )

many items to put a flat polymer sheet into . . . (like a transfer or cane sheet or, mokume, etc.). . . keyrings, coasters, bookmarks, banks, mugs, paperweights

see also adhesive magnet sheets above