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LESS REALISTIC, SIMPLER, sometimes CUTE sculpting ....(figures, animals.)

Dinko’s (lesson) on funny bird with teeth ("boid")
*Dinko’s crazy critters & home page
http://www.geocities.com/EnchantedForest/Cottage/2780/galleries.htm (many, many Dinko characters, including Chess set)
birds with teeth swap (based on Dinko's bird)
http://www.polymerclaycentral.com/swap_bwt1.html or http://www.polymerclaycentral.com/chrisdinko.html
Karen's Featherbutts ...funny birds made with eggs to which clay feet, eyes and nose attached, and real feathers stuck onto bodies (wings, tail, and crest)

Johnny's PolyPals
buttonarcade's simple little 1 1/2" tall "monsters" (screaming with teeth, or with backpack)

*RebeccaK's fun amorphous monsters (also click on More Monsters)
*Sculpey's many lessons
various sculpting lessons at Josh's website (animals, xmas, etc.)

Becky Meverden's lesson on making a snowman figure with cap and sign

Becky's lesson on making a sock monkey (using pin armature) (Carol Duvall show)
*Karen's lesson on making a face-and-body figure by covering a wood egg (Santa, etc.)
Karen's dinosaur & frog with wood eggs/apples/pears underneath
http://www.clayalley.com/turnings.htm (dino only; the others may be added to pbase soon)
Suzy M's tiny figures (animal,etc), some personalized by hobby, message, etc.
http://www.curiouscreations.ca (click on Tiny Giggles)
*Pennydoll's many lessons on making small (baby) figures in scenes (accessories, ruffles, snow, toy train)
http://www.pennydolls.com (click on English flag, then on Fimo Workshops, then on individual photos for lessons)
Becky's lesson on making a simple baby in blanket
Shelly's lesson on a simple angel with dress (made with fabric & clay pasta machined together; Bunca thread hair, glued)
keepsake's simple angel/girl figures
simple figures with kimonos, etc.
Polka Dot's personalized simple figures for gifts (pregnant moms, famlies, grandparents, etc.)
Lisa's cake topper figures
http://rightbraincreations.com/ & http://www.pcpolyzine.com/2004january/cake.html
Amy's figures with books, etc.

*tiny petal-body fairy, Sue Heaser's lesson
lesson on making flower fairies (using petals from silk flowers for dresses... could be polymer heads, legs, etc., though)
Celadonia's woods fairies...chunkier... some have leaf or flower petal hair or hats

*Mary's expressive faeries and faerie house & simple-realistic body postures
(website gone)
Margaret's many angels (website gone)
Sally H's angel (and another angel) (website gone)
Pat R's simple & expressive girls, angels (website gone)

(.......for most scenes, see Kids > Scenes, Dioramas, Bases... Miniatures, and other pages)
**Elayne's MANY figures, scenes, animals, mostly on bases (also xmas, fairy tales, . . . . .!)
http://www.aspinningwheel.com/Little-Street/little-street.htm (many categories have multiple items)
Elizabeth's scene of home-burrow with furniture, etc. (for a jackalope)
L. Osborne (Cath's) underwater scenes (kelp, fishes, mermaids, etc.)

*Tara's many small scenes (look at dragons, penguins, etc.) (polymerjungle.com) (gone?)

*Victoria's cats scene (thumbnails)
Alan V's stylized cats with twist for body
Jean Comport's cat women and woman (and calico cat pins)

*Tamila Darling, figures, xmas
*Holbrook--FaLaLa ,santas, great snowmen, angel earring,more
*Pat R's "Chunky" Santas (& other Santas) (website gone)
*Jan Ohio's snowpeople (for different occasions, seasons)
Sandy's santas, dogs, frogs, figures (website gone)
Jack Schwend's many figures (Little Guys ...elves, Santas, clowns, etc.).. uses a small wood form which is round at the top for a "head," has an indented area for the "neck," and a solid cylinder at the bottom which acts as the torso... he cuts and tapers the bottom of the torso a bit so he can add legs from the upper hip area ... they fly/hang or stand... coated with several layers of Varathane which cause them to look almost high-glaze ceramic

*Marie:letters, animals,flowers, people!
http://www.clayfactory.net/marie/oldstuff.htm (all 6 Old Stuff pages)
*Dawn Stu's figures with accessories, clothing, hair, nursery rhyme figures, etc.

Tracy's Amish figures, old-fashioned clothing and accessories
Janet Ferris' African Amer. figure with apron and pie ("angel")
Linda WP's whimsical figures & animals
M.Reid’s hobbies gnomes

pigsnstuff's hobbies/occupations piggies, xmas, etc. tiny figures
Linda W's penguin, snowman, gingerbread boy
Designsfromtheheart's simple animal minis with diff. accessories (cow, pig, rabbit, cat, dog, bear, hen)
Pat S's mouse and mice, clothing... raccoon....piggie...and adorable, almost-bald little guy with flowers
Noah's Ark swap (caned and sculpted animals)
many animals (large and small "birds"...
octopus, dogs, leopards, rats... many more)
http://www.alexandrablythe.co.uk/contents.htm (look in: Previous Work, Commissions, & Recent Sales)
Christel's animals
Megaswappers' many Australian animals
African Critters swaps ...(elephants, hippo, etc. )
Crealand's funny animals (heavily varnished)... not really simple
Dinko's not-serious horse with rider in armor
http://new.dinkos.com (about 2/3 of the way down the photos) ......old http://dinkos.search.bg/gallery21.html (gone)

Omodt's cane slice-covered animals (dolphins, frogs, fish teapot)
Jan Ohio's nativity animals

*Pat-nipntuck's tiny clothed figures (pigs, etc.) (website gone)
Modelina's many tiny figures, animals, winter sports figures
HelenClayArt's riding hobby horse head and hobby horse
Dinko's horse
*Adorables' cats, dogs, animals, Thanksgiving people, etc.
dogs... swap at PCC (sculpts & canes) http://www.polymerclaycentral.com/pcc/swapdog.html
Meowy's many simple kitties .. all extremeties "pulled"... no joints
bas relief dog on frame (Puppy Paws Frame, at joann.com.. made with Model Magic, but same for polymer clay)
bas relief cat on frame http://tinyurl.com/5uc8u
Michele's cats, dragons, penguins, etc. (website gone)
Dawn Sch's animals ...critters http://members.aol.com/rhaiven/critter.html
Alecia's animals & wizard (dragon, dog, snowman, etc.) (website gone)
Varda's simple chess piece figures (male, female, horse, etc.)
http://community.webshots.com/album/5633878VQRmhdpZjP (gone?)
*Spooky's lesson on making a small simple wizard (beard/face, robe, etc.) http://www.polymerclayhaven.com/lessons/wizard.htm

Kindclay's many small figures and animals
sunni's mini lesson on making a colorful gekko (gecko)
Joanie's lizards, gekkos, and fish
Alan's lizards on leaves with simple ladyugs

frogs... Joanie's lesson on making her little froggies

Koi fish (sculpting in relief), made from canes (lesson)

*cforiginals' many animals (not simple, but not going for total realism either)
http://store.cforiginals.net/index.html (look all around, and clicking a second time will make photos much larger!)

*Karen's many animals & small figures from diff. countries
Bunny's lesson on making a rabbit and Easter eggs for a basket
Celidonia's wonderful, tinted-translucent bunny (and teddy bears)
Kris Richards' lesson on making simple teddy bear (in front of MOM lettering, or holding heart)

Linda P's lesson on making a koala bear (oversimplified lesson, but try to replicate photo)... at michaels.com
Marie's lesson on making a seated rabbit and chicken on a wood dowel (ears glued onto mini straw hats)
Tracy's animals
Phyllis' turtle with cane slices on shell
skygrazer's mokume gane cabochon-shaped turtle "shell"

Alan's owl eyes, beak
(Sarajane's bear cutout+, other projects--lesson)
Heather R's kids & animals
many funny, whimsical animals and figures (lampworked, but could be done in polymer)
*Marcy’s many figures..... in holiday & other categories
HelenClayArt's nativity animals, wedding bride/groom on bottom of stemware
*HelenClayArt's figures
Olga's small bodies (wall art?)

many figures
, etc,
(actually cookie jars or salt/pepper shakers, not polymer but good images--some seasonal)

Kristy's kangaroo with baby "nodders" (heads on springs) (website gone)

Ria‘s dragons and Pooh people
*Michelle’s excellent (many) dragons (website gone)
Nevin's Comic Sculptures 1

Faces/sperm, radio bugs (Victoria)

(....for bugs, dragonflies, insects, etc., see above in Other Items > bugs)

Julie’s "Wise Women" simple figures of pretty women & mermaids, streamline
d bodies, no faces... lots of hair, dresses/accessories

Alan's beautiful nautilus shells made from translucent and brown

many ornaments (hobbies, etc.) bas relief sculpting

~Emi's lesson for making variegated "fabric" with random tearings of colored clays and a bit of leaf here and there (run through the pasta machine on a backing sheet); she uses this to make a sculptural kimono pendant
Chicago Area Polymer Clay Guilds small kimonos

*Klew's drum&Aspen beads, leaf pods, necklace beads

Egyptian, Greek, Byzantine, Oriental, Hindu, Pre-Columbian art & objects... at Treasures of Ancients
all kinds of Egyptian objects and motifs... Egypt


ave yourself some time, and go to a few of these first) --->

--> *many excellent explanations of sculpting (realistic) at Katherine Dewey's site:
*Dan Perez' Sculpting 101: body parts & skin textures
http://www.danperezstudios.com (look esp. in Workshop and Model Shop)

--> many many lessons on sculpting & molding
many many lessons on sculpting, molding and painting after baking
*wire+ armature lessons for sm. figure & dragon
... also lessons on head, hands, bodies, clothing, etc. (Astralos)
http://astralos.p5.org.uk/index.htm (click on Course>Modeling> Armatures...or others...sequential pages)
Peter Konig's excellent lesson on making a creature from a drawing
http://www.conceptart.org/forums/showthread.php?t=18287 (5 pages)

Christel's lesson on making a body from by wrapping polyfill stuffing around a wire armature
Nora Jean's visual instruction (lesson)s on solid alum. foil only armatures
Rick's lesson on wire & alum foil, and alum. foil only armatures & bodies
Patricia Rose's lessons on wire and clay armatures

Maureen's lesson on head, hand, boots (from molds) and coat hanger body armature also, and pattern for robe

Amy's visual lesson on creating a figure with wire armature & Sculpey
sculpting & armature w/ SSculpey --lesson)

sculpting a nude older person

Maureen's older female face
Jenny P's older faces (look around) (website gone)
*the Buonaiuto's casual, uplifting, multi-ethnic older women, children, men, etc., heads and bodies, using realistic bodies for a change! (also look in Bronzes and One-of-a-Kind Clayworks)

many faces, bodies, . . . & dragons, and more
http://pcpolyzine.com/0301january/0301fantasyart2.html (click on all pages)

Celadonia's many lessons on sculpting (all? realistic fantasy faces, etc.)
http://www.celidonia.it/English/projects.htm (under construction)
June Goodnow's Native American (Indian) sculpts
head ,hands ,feet & basic armature photos (mom)

Sarajane’s hands
http://www.polyclay.com/beads.htm and http://www.polyclay.com/hands.htm
*Desiree's hands
Maureen's hand
*Angels Unawares’ lesson on sculpting hand and arm

Karen's very simple mittens
various methods of creating eyes and attaching hair--lessons?
lesson on making a caned eyeball for sculptures

Faun's tiny figures (some with wire hair); lesson on faces, hair, etc. (website gone)
Angels Unawares’ lesson on sculpting an (African) child’s head

PolymerClayExpress' lesson on making a cute but complete dragon, completely "painted" with mica powders
Marina's cute dragons in their broken open eggshells
*** look now at ---> http://www.marieidraghi.itinglese/edraghini.htm

Barbara's lesson for dragon (wire & alum.foil armature), and onlaid scales


fireEyes' lessons on dragon shapes (heads, eyes, feet&claws, Eastern/Western style); drawing, but applies to sculpting too (also sculpts and many paintings)
Tommie's saga re testing the new Kato Polyclay for sculpting to make a bird-like dragon (with various media for armature)
http://www.polymerclayhaven.com/lessons/dragonart.htm (gone)
*polymerclayexpress' lesson on making a small dragon (powdered, but wouldn't have to be)
Plankspanker’s wrinkly skins
Plankspanker’s lessons for dragon head, teeth, etc., & a body form
Plankspanker’s SOD’s: Dragons, Wyverns, Orcs, Demons, Aliens, etc.
fireEyes' dragons, wyverns, grey wolf, etc.

Marie S's cool wizard
Marcy's wizards with many onlays on robes, stars & moon on hats


*the Buonaiuto's casual, uplifting, multi-ethnic older women, children, men, etc., heads and bodies, using realistic bodies for a change! (also look in Bronzes and One-of-a-Kind Clayworks)
Toini's very realistic Art Dolls (sculpts of real people)
or... http://www.taidenuket.com

Jannie's figures and heads (olders too)

Cheryl's babies & baby face molds, and older figures,
lesson on making a tiny baby
Barbara Felts' realistic babies and children
Carol McBride's many babies and children (with wings... fairies)
http://onceuponadreamfairies.com/gallery2.htm (click on all categories)
Marlies' simple (somewhat realistic) babies

*Lisa’s sculpture-looking women (fabric!! nylon & batting?) ... African men, etc....plus how-to books
Bonnie's old world Santas
many Santas! (not the real simple type though). . . click on all the kinds

Picklesisters' older characters, Native American, tree spirits
http://www.picklesister.com/dolls.htm (gone?)
Leila's realistic animals & people, (Native Americans, etc)

One of a Kind's Native American, etc., older faces, bodies
http://hobbystage.net/art/misha/ (hobbystage no longer accessible?)

Fayette's many figures (older, young, etc.)

James Peacock's sculptures.. mostly historical figures

heryl's realistic small animals (mouse, otter, kangaroo, elephant,etc.)

Robert Houghtaling's Figgy Mountain Frogery (whimsical but realistic frogs, fish, etc.)
Katherine Dewey's realistic alligator head
horse sculpting & serious sculpting
Katherine Dewey's booklet on sculpting horse heads, "Equestrian Busts"


Mostly Fantasy figures (idealized women, fairies, wizards, trolls, animals)

(Art Dolls Webring ..225 websites)

Kim K's page of links to many doll sites

*Katherine Dewey's sculptures (and some lessons)
....Katherine's archives of sculpts (women, children, men ... also wizards, fairies, animals)

Angela's many realistic bodies (and heads) on fairies, etc.

*Mermaids, M’s in bottles, The Fantasy Within Collection
Marilyn Radzat's fantasy sculptures (faeries, angels, elves, & bases) --fairly realistic ..some polymer, some ceramic
Ann Cole's women sculptures, clothing, wings, etc. ...
Ginny L's many figures and heads & mixed media
Darlene’s mermaids, fairies, dolls
Lorie’s women, mermaids, etc.
Kara's many pretty women, children (fairies, mermaids, etc.)
one-piece-body angel with wings

Shane's angel figures (not exactly dolls, but not whimsical either)

Christel's troll dolls & other figures (most with fabric clothes)
Megaswappers' dragons swap (mostly but not all sculptural)
sunni's dragons with feathers for 2 wings and for "mane"

Ria’s dragons with gourd armatures
(click on Dragon Store)
Jan Ohio's elves (holding letters)
Ria's little wizards (some parts glow-in-the-dark)
http://users.bart.nl/~creation/ (click on Next Page -- Little Whizzies)
Eni's student galleries of fantasy structures (interior & exterior) and fantasy critters (not polymer, but lots of inspiration) http://www.3dworkshops.com
Jenny P's dragon, wizard with staff and cave

Figuredane's sculptures (movies, monsters, etc.)
Dawn S's centaur, male fae, root figure, etc.
*Tommie's darker sculptures & others' work--some "garage" style

Wayne the Dane's fiendish figures

Magestic’s "novelties (all kinds of figures from movies?...mystical, historical, cartoon)

Dawn S's many hags, fiends, ugly characters, etc. (look all around)

Adrian's dinosaur and rider, plus other skull, etc., sculptures (realistic)
http://smallmountain.homestead.com/files/dinorider.jpg and http://smallmountain.homestead.com/KleinbergenExhibit5.html

Peter Konig's fiendish figures and dragons http://www.peterkonig.com/pro_3d.html
... plus his excellent lesson on one from a drawing: http://www.conceptart.org/forums/showthread.php?t=18287 (5 pages)

Dolls &.... 3-D Art Doll figures
(overlaps with Fantasy category and Abstract figures)

(for more ethnic or spiritual figures, see Abstract figures and Jointed figures on other Sculpting page)

"What are art dolls?
...(3-dimensional) art dolls are not meant to be played with unlike most toy dolls. They are meant to be positioned and displayed as a work of art, rather than used by a child. ...They are not mass produced like most toys, they are unique and individual so each creation has a life of it's own and generally portray a snapshot of time be they historical, mythological or modern."

Julianne Sizemore http://www.mysticalis.com/aboutpc.htm
...art dolls may use all kinds of materials and techniques, and are often mixed media
.......some of the the possibilites may include:
natural materials, found materials (metal, glass, organic), stamping, painting, dying, stenciling, sculpting (any kind of "clay"), beads & charms, photo transfers ....gluing, sewing, cloth, fibers, needlecrafts, embroidery & quilting techniques, etc.

(....for the flatter, often more abstract and mixed media "art doll" figures, see Sculpting-bodies > Abstract)

Art Doll webring (dollart)
http://nav.webring.org/cgi-bin/navcgi?ring=dollart (113 sites 11/99)
*(many) dolls & figures --worldwide

Kim K's page of links to many doll sites

(most of the text of) Mimi's New Clays for Dollmaking
http://www.mimidolls.com ...http://www.mimidolls.com/DCC-Techniques/Index.htm
many links to lessons and other doll sites (polymer & also fabric dolls)
All About Dolls --many parts & accessories for sale (eyes, hair, etc.)
Cloth Art site http://www.martydoll.com/
National ArtCraft’s photos of many doll faces http://www.nationalartcraft.com/dollmaking.asp

Art Doll Quarterly magazine (look in back issues for lots of pictures)

Misc. OTHER . . . refile

fabric bodies with polymer faces, heads, etc .(where are other examples?... some in Sculpting-Bodies > Amulets or ___?)

Verlene ... some art figures (all types ... some whimsical, fabric clothes), plus skeleton & witch

realistic animal head dolls (with fancy fabric clothing)

Cindy’s characters plus shells, etc. (mermaids, fairies, etc.)

Nora Jean's lessons on making a star fish, abalone shell, kelp, and other undersea stuff
http://albums.photo.epson.com/j/AlbumIndex?u=1751108&a=13491510&f=0 (okay)
Jan R's mask pendants, formed over small river rocks
http://albums.photopoint.com/j/ViewPhoto?u=222109&a=8737905&p=29086124 ---I bet it'd be a great way to make light little insects too.... neat! Joanie
Sunni's onlay silhouette method, using a photograph, computer & thin clay
http://members.spree.com/sip/sunnidaze/me/claysilh.html (gone?)
Tamila's thick flower cane slices on telephone wire in pot
Polymer Clay Shoppe
(esp. the links page)
Sunni’s cat heads necklace
Tamara's animals, basket, realistic fruits,etc.
*JeanneCook:West, fancy & not
Comport, multi-media head/hat--Bulbette
Alice in Wonderland: transfer & allround
Anon-A-Mouse's little figures
Ria‘s dragons and Pooh people

Klee: dragons,heads,flowers,jewelry
tiny sculptures, etc. swap
Nora Jean's basket of landscaping and stream/waterfall
(gone, or now at norajean.com?)
terra cotta figures
http://www.k2net.it/sicilianartisan (gone?)
FAQ-Surface Effects,metallic,paint,rough,antique (info lessons)
Polymer Clay FAQ | Stone Clays (info lessons)

Jen's couches for doll (lesson here or elsewhere... see Kids)


more lessons and websites with figures can also be found in:
Christmas and Halloween,... also Heads, Armatures, Miniatures

Cassie Doyon's abstract, mixed media clocks (more clocks in Covering)



(see more reviews & info at Books on Polymer --move there??)
(also see reader reviews for most books at amazon.com)

Yes! The best tip I can give you is to get a copy of Maureen Carlson's book, How to Make Clay Characters." This is an excellent book on sculpting all kinds of characters and covers faces in pretty good detail. Also covers clothing, facial expressions, using armatures, hands, feet and a lot more. Maybe you'll get lucky and find it in your local library as I did.
…instruction (lesson) make Clay Characters. … I think its great. It shows in great detail step by step each figure. The first part of the book deals more with "character" faces on figures and the second part with "realistic" so yes, to your question. How to get those great faces. I love the end of the book on problem solving. One of the problems is "face it this little darling is just not cute" and then she procedes on how you can smoothe and shape the feature to make it "cute". NF

~I just received the (later) book from Maureen Carlson, entitled "Family and Friends in Polymer Clay". Wow! If you enjoy making figures as I do (or want to learn), this is the book for you! In a nutshell (and as the cover describes) "it covers techniques for creating caricatures of the people you know." She covers everything including the basics of facial/ body proportions; instruction (lesson) recreate moods; capturing a persons "likeness" for realism; doll construction techniques... and on and on! This has to be my favorite of all of her books so far. Amy
She's very thorough and even though the subtitle refers to making caricatures of people you know, she has a lot of stuff in there that leans toward the 'classical' kind of sculpture. I think it'd be a terrific book for a brand-new beginner to intermediate sculptor, and even advanced, if the person wasn't advanced in the area of creating "human" figures. Haven't read it all, of course, but it looks very comprehensive, and I've already picked up a few tips in just the quick skimming I've been able to do. Elizabeth
Cindy's explanation & review, in Polyzine http://www.pcpolyzine.com/february2001/bookreview.html

Clay Characters for Kids, by Maureen Carlson, North Light Books
...I just got this book today and it's really terrific - I think kids are going to love it, and I think that a lot of adult beginners are going to want this book, too. Maureen creates characters that range from simple to quite complex. If sculpting is a mystery to you, this helps you see how easily a complex figure can be broken down into shapes that are easy to form. After you get the basic figure done, then you can take it in your own directions. She even shows you how to accomplish different moods with pose and facial expression. Tons of beautiful pictures, very clearly written directions and fantastical stories told along the way - she's amazing, she is! Elizabeth
...has a color wheel made up of little sculpted fish... http://www.pcpolyzine.com/0203march/hia.html

Creating Fantasy Polymer Clay Characters, by Dinko Tilov: step by step Trolls, Wizards, Dragons, Knights, Skeletons, Santa, goblin, a generic guy and other weird characters
...I have been working on a how-to book on sculpting funny characters......It's due to be published in March 2004. There will be about 12 projects in it, very detailed, I've tried not to skip anything . . . . Dinko Tilov
http://book.dinkos.com (should be a great book... his peole and animals definitely appeal to kids and he's a good teacher)

Modeling with Polymer Clay, by David Kracov . . .(should have at least a little experience with sculpting) cartoonish but not cutesy style


Creating Lifelike Figures in Polymer Clay (by Katherine Dewey) .. how to sculpt realistic human figures... plus much more --selecting clays, making your own modeling tools, proportioning the figures, ethnic and gender subtleties, facial expressions and posing, costumes in clay, finishing touches, etc.
...see more reviews ...plus some of the actual pages of this wonderful book at:
...Sep 2004...the Art Institute of California has added Creating Life-Like Figures to its list of text books and will be teaching a course based
on the book
(click on "See More Pictures")

Making Babies, (a workbook by Katherine Dewey) ...(a companion to her Creating Life-Like Figures) ...covers proportions, begining with the face, followed by the torso, the legs, and the arms...proceeds with patterns for modeling these parts of the figure, similar to the patterns in Creating Life-Like Figures, but proportioned to the infant. ...patterns are in the 1/4th scale and produce an infant sculpt roughly 6 inches tall (and includes instructions to create infant figures in smaller scales) . . .no step-by-step photos but there are photos that illustrate important steps where there's variation from the companion book. With the adult figure book as a guide for specific modeling techniques -- how to blend appliques or use specific tool strokes -- readers should have no problems creating a life-like infant. There's a scale chart for producing smaller infants as well.

lovely book on sculpting children in Cernit brand clay ( by Rotraut Schrott). . . Marleen Engeler has one too, also concentrating in Cernit. Karen

For older faces, try Jack Johnston's books. Karen

And if you are looking for a general sculpting book, Hildegard Gunzel's is just the best!:) Karen

Sculpting The Figure In Clay by Bruno Lucchessi (sp?). . . I've integrated lots of their techniques into my own approach to sculpting. Leslie

Human Anatomy Online is a nice quick resource to jump to if you are sculpting the human body and can't find your copy of Fritz Schider's Atlas of Anatomy for Artists. You don't have that book? (shame on you it's less that 10 bucks from Amazon.com or your local bookstore!) http://www.innerbody.com/htm/body.html

I reccomend the book, An Atlas Of Human Anatomy ( or Atlas Of Anatomy For The Artist? )by Stephen Rogers Peck. This book makes make drawing, but has wonderful tumbnail sketches and explainations about how the body is designed. If you have no other book, get this one (Oxford University Press $17.95 softbond at Barnes & Noble).
Animal & Human (?) (the sculpture books of Edwourad Lantieri )
Dynamic Anatomy by Burne Hogarth;
Drawing Dynamic Drapery by Burne Hogarth;
Drawing Hands by Burne Hogarth;
Drawing The Head
by Burne Hogarth . . . . . Wayne the Dane Hansen

The best book I've ever come across for anatomy is 'Human Anatomy for the Artist' by Eliot Goldfinger. It's a little pricey (it's HUGE), but it's AMAZING. There's even a section on facial expressions! danielle

Human Anatomy Made Amazingly Easy, by Christopher Hart. Review of this book by Tommie Howell at
http://polymerclayhaven.com/reviews/human_easy.htm (. . . Christopher Hart has written a book that I think finds the perfect medium between showing not enough and showing far too much where anatomy is concerned. . . )

Good places for doll books are http://www.hobbyhouse.com and also Scott publications, but sorry I don't know their webpage address. Karen

The best book that I know for polymer clay dolls is Susanna Oroyan's Fantastic Figures... If you find it somewhere, GRAB IT! Bob McKinley's book is also superb...
In Fantastic Figures, she concentrates on unique dolls made from polymer and paper clays, especially those that combine sculpted clay with cloth bodies. Emphasizing innovation rather than imitation, she provides lengthy and detailed information on the clays themselves; on sculpting the head, hands, feet, and legs; on finishing medium and painting methods; and on constructing the body, clothes, hair, accessories, and even display stands and tableau settings..."
(see reviews at amazon.com)

......"In Anatomy of a Doll, master dollmaker Susanna Oroyan gave us a definitive work on cloth dollmaking. . . .

Check out dollmaking references. One very good one with realistic faces is Bob McKinley's book. His faces are incredible.
... One of the classic books on making dolls is "Dollmaking - One Artist's Approach" by Robert McKinley. It can be *very* hard to find, but this site just got some in and I finally got one! :) Not cheap at 29.95, but a *used* one went for $43.00 on ebay last week. Pat
. the book shows him using Super Sculpey but Robert stopped using Super Sculpey because he was experiencing too much breakage... and he switched to paperclay!!? Sadly he wasn't around long enough to try some of the newer and stronger clays that we have today.. . . you might try writing to Bill Nelson- to see if there are any remaining copies. He's available at: 107 East Cary St., Richmond, VA 23219 Kathndolls

Making Miniature Dolls with Polymer Clay: How to Create and Dress Period Dolls in 1/12 Scale, by Sue Heaser (also shows how to make clothing, etc.) ... click on cover to see larger version

~my favorite... "1/12 Scale Character Figures for the Dolls' House" by James Carrington. My favorite thing is sculpting dolls and figures, so that's part of why this book ranks so "off the scale" with me. Very clear lessons for creating dollhouse scale figures with tremendous life and humor and vitality to them, all presented with clarity and thorough explanations.
New material, here, including how to make molds for your basic figures, so that you don't have to start from scratch every time you want to make a doll. How to wire the doll and pose it and wig it for the effect that you're wanting to acheive. How to make the facial expressions that you seek. And it's all written with so much of the personality of the author coming through that you really want to have him over for tea. (Very British.) Elizabeth (see also his series of videos below)

How to Make Perfect Dollhouse Figures, by Kitty Mackey . . .figures for scenes and displays....armatures, hands and fingers, facial featues; how to use sculpting tools, maintain body-facial proportions, and how to paint figure realistically

Het Grote FIMO-BOEK van A Tot Z (Tjitske van Nus-de Zwart), in Dutch but many diagrams... "Dutch Darlings" figures (accomplished, ruffly, flowery little girl/boy/baby figures with many accessories, holding alphabet letters, etc.)
see photos, contact info, and more links at http://www.polymerclaycentral.com/bookrev3.html

Most of the text of Mimi's New Clays for Dollmaking is available on-line and free at:
http://www.mimidolls.com in the Techbook section. There are over 500 pages of free information for dollmakers, but not all of it applies to polymer clay.

The mimidolls website is probably the best one I've seen for how-to make dolls http://www.mimidolls.com.
...There are not a lot of doll-making tutorials that I've found, besides that, but there is an excellent list of links to doll artist's pages at http://everink.com/eve-da.html ... It helps me a lot just to see what others have done.

Way of the Doll: The Art and Craft of Personal Transformation, by Cassandra Light
ISBN 0-8118-0698-7, $18.95 Chronicle Books, San Francisco …uses a dollmaking workshop as a way to explore the maker's inner self, childhood issues, and so on and to express aspects of this in the doll form. Most of the dolls are realistic (more or less) and you may or may not feel resonance with the approach, but the concepts addressed in the book s are motiovational and the pictures are gorgeous…Sherry

Creating Life-Like Animals in Polymer Clay, new book by Katherine Dewey -- getting great reviews!
(from Katherine Dewey) The cat is the most difficult animal in the book, the mouse the easiest. Begin at the beginning. Every animal teaches. Each successive animal relies on previously learned techniques while it teaches a new technique. So, put the cat aside and go back to the beginning. The mouse teaches a lot about assembly and texture, but is small enough so that lessons are learned quickly. The rabbit and seal introduce foil cores that reduce baking times, and creating a compact sculpture as well as working on a larger scale. The bear and basset expand on foil core shaping, working with greater amounts of clay,and forming limbs. The fox and fawn take the limb techniques further. The frog and bird are two examples of very different animals made over similar foil cores and with similar armatures in the toes. They expand on texture techniques as well. After all of this, you're ready to tackle the cat, a very fussy creature made with slightly softer clay (it's that Granitex/Premo blend). Kathy, who wishes she'd written "Begin at the Beginning" in big, bold letters!
( For those who've bought "Creating Life-like Animals", I've posted a special page at http://www.elvenwork.com/bookerr.html that should prove helpful. There are 4 errors in the book. One is a typo, and the other three are pattern drawings that were printed either too large or too small. Print the page directly from your browser to get drawings that are just the right size and the typo correction. Katherine Dewey)

.....Katherine's long lesson on making her lifelike mouse on the HGTV site:
.....Christina's examples
.....(see some examples at Marsha's site) (website gone)

You might also look into Sherian Frey's book Making Animal Characters With Clay. They start out with really simplistic ones, but the ones toward the end of the book are very good. Her German Shepard police officer is the best dog head I've seen yet. Dawndove

Dragon Magic Sculpting booklet 1, by Ria van Son (DragonMagic Sorceress)
30-page booklet in color. Begins with easy project lessons for DinoDragons, DinoHatchlings, a Real Dragon and a Wyvern. ($8 + $3 shipping) http://www.dragonmagic.nl (click on photo of booklet at the Dragon Magic Store)
.....I just received it today and I have to say for her first booklet it is terrific. What great step-by-step instructions for us new at the dino & dragon thing. Barb

shorter books by Design Originals http://www.d-originals.com/polymer.html
# 5107 Clay World, by Kris Richards (whimsical bugs, critters, ocean dwellers, barnyard animals, zoo babies, etc.) $11.99
# 3331 Babies & 'Bums' by Michelle Lott (cute, rounded figures with accessories, interesting bases, etc.)$7.99
# 3327 Clay Creations, by Becky Meverden (34 characters... babies for every month of the year, sock monkeys, cats, frogs, mice, elves, ornaments) $6.99
# 3333 Professional People, by Michelle Lott (standing figures: computer guy, lawyer, tai chi, teacher, doctor, nurse, etc.) $7.99
# 3334 Special Seasons (cute characters with theme of birthdays, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Valentines, etc.: mummy, rag dolls, pilgrims, Native Americans, birthday clown, etc.) $7.99
# 3332 Holiday Happenings, by Michelle Lott's (cute Christmas character ornaments: mice, snowmen, reindeer) $7.99
# 3268 Clay Cut-Out Kids (mostly bas relief,
ornaments using cutters, clay gun and craft knife) $6.99
# 3301 Clay & Wire Whimsies (all ages; birds, people, animals, holiday decor, spooky characters; mostly with clay bodies and long wire legs, some wire accessories) $6.99

...Also, I love the paperclay books by Robert McKinley. . . . he is no longer alive but his two excellent books are still available...esp found used on ebay. Dianne C.

magazines & e-zines

Gremlins in the Garage (webzine) ... dedicated to figure kit modeling including coverage of science fiction, horror, fantasy, and anime from movies, books, comics, and cartoons. There are sections for reviews, articles, finished kit pictures, garage kit companies, and more.

The best resource for armature-making that I've found was an article in Modeler's Resource magazine, a publication targeted at "garage kit" model enthusiasts. Leslie
...I received a copy of Modeler's Resource in the mail today...In all, if you build garage kits, this is a great magazine. If you sculpt, it's also a great magazine, reflecting a very different stage where polymer clay plays a large part. If you're a sculptor, you might be interested in this magazine. If you paint your sculptures, this is a must have magazine. Katherine Dewey
.. "garage kits".... a grassroots, fan-based, international bunch of sculptors and painters whose passion is media-related scale figure model kits


Mark Sawicki Sculpting Characters with Clay . . . Hollywood clay animator Mark Sawicki ...creating your own crazy characters. Very easy-going . . . variety of techniques for making cartoon folk, using simple tools and basic shapes. ...goood for beginners as well

1/12th Scale Characters in Polymer Clay Basic Body Blanks and Mold Making with James Carrington ...imaginative and detailed figures in this small scale. In the first tape,... make the basic body shapes...also how to make two part molds...don't have to start from scratch every time...actual size diagrams to help you shape your doll blanks and proportion charts for the male and female figures
...1/12th Scale Characters in Polymer Clay Facial Features, Hands and Feet with James Carrington . . . "best miniature doll-making video I've ever seen. Very detailed and thorough -...start with the basic body blanks from video #1 and progress through four variations, two female and two male. .. no bland little dolls, here - these dolls are full of personality and expression.
1/12th Scale Characters in Polymer Clay Assembling, Painting and Wigging with James Carrington ...makeup and wigs ...... really makes this look easy and provides tons of information along the way http://www.polymerclayexpress.com/videos3.html (long tapes)

Jack Johnston has a 4 video series on doll making with polymer clay http://www.artdolls.com
I have those videos and they are excellent, J Johnston takes you through each step of dollmaking and makes it look so easy...his hand armatures are terrific as is his tape on soft body sculpture. . . . . . However, the videos that I like best are Richard and Jodi Creager's videos. They currently have one on Making Heads and another on Making Hands. They are the best that I have seen. I am impatiently waiting for their next two, which they have in production right now. Dianne

The Creagers have two (now 3) sculpting tapes (head and hands and legs-feet) out on creating very realistic figures. They go into EXTREME detail... and they do show instruction (lesson) apply the wool hair. http://members.aol.com/creagers1/videos.html
...My favorite (lesson) resources for sculpting so far are the Creagers' videos on sculpting heads and hands … Leslie.
the Creager's Heads and Hands videos….. I'm sure I'll own them soon but I want to wait till the legs video comes out (do you know when it's expected???) What is the fourth video from the Creagers? Becky
...I just purchased a set of sculpting tapes from Creager Studios (head, hands and feet). With purchasing the set, I received free a study they offer on both the left and right ears. Since the ears came free with the tapes, I also ordered the Caucasian nose and an elderly eye. Now I have an eye, a nose and both ears to work from while sculpting. I've been watching tapes for two days and can hardly wait to get my armatures ready to begin sculpting again!!! Jean/PA
...I received two of these videos as a gift and I absolutely loved them. Jodi is calm and confident on camera, and explains everything so thoroughly. And of course, their dolls are some of the best out there. Lots of personality, beautiful costumes, realistic gesture and expression. Just gorgeous! Elizabeth
...One place to order them is: http://www.cely.com/shop/mainshop.html
... The Creagers can be reached at creagers@aol.com for order information.

I spent last year exploring and learning about dollmaking. . . .I liked J Johnston's vids ok, but found Jodi and Richard Creager's series so much more helpful.
...I also was able to look at videos by Lisa Lichtenfieldt (she works with fabric) and her video was extremely helpful if you are interested in lifelike fabric dolls.
...You can do a web search for any of these dollmakers online websites. Dianne C.

~I've got the videos on miniature doll sculpting by Evelyn Lenz Flook... ...- you would now have to change the color mix of the clay, because you can't get Friendly Clay, but other than that, the videos are very comprehensive and perfect for beginners. I don't do everything the way she does, because she's making dolls, and I think of dolls as being "posable." A few points don't translate to one-piece figures. And I also don't have exactly the same tools she has. But, it really helped me figure out the steps and how I could do the armature and bake in stages..... You learn how to make 1:12 scale dolls, and there is a chart for making half-scale dolls included, too. You just slide it into a page protector, and you can check your doll against the scale chart periodically to keep it in proportion...It really helps to see different ways use tools, different sequences in how faces are built, etc. Elizabeth

Margene Crossan (?) showed us instruction (lesson) use the armatures. But she also went a step further and cured the dolls at several stages. That helped her keep the doll from slumping or from messing up one portion while working on another. btw, that was in her latest video announced here last week - Sculpting Characters :-) http://www.mindstorm-inc.com

Several videotapes...Maureen Carlson's Faces Faces Faces, lots of stuff at Mindstorm Videos, and my fave, Jody Creagers one on sculpting faces. You can email the Creagers at creagers@aol.com for more information. Check out Dolls Magazine or Contemporary Doll Collector , as the ads in the back can be very helpful for resources. And Dollstreet (just search on Dollstreet) has at least one on line class involving face sculpture in I think paper clay.

Wayne THE DANE Hansen (Figure Dane).... . . figure sculptor and teacher in this crazy hobby of monsters and movie characters….the human form has always been his focus. Renaissance sculptor, Michelangelo is his life long mentor ..he has a standing reputation as "The Dick Smith" of the figure kit hobby, freely disseminating his knowledge to all who approach him. THE DANE's two biggest highs are figure sculpting and turning others on to their own creativity through his videos, articles and at shows. His motto is "talent is secondary to desire."
...Wow! i wish they had that stuff when I was starting! Alas, that's why I started my teaching videos for other newbees! ...spent last 9 years enabling other sculptors to vastly improve their figure sculpting skills with my videos.
... I also offer free critiques and tech answering services. ..just e-mail me at figuredane@aol.com . Wayne
...Wayne's product descriptions http://waynethedane.bizland.com/index.html
...pricing for video (fig.sculpting+modeling) and for, orig. figure kits, etc. http://members.aol.com/modeldane/page2/index.htm
... Ebay now has my videos kits too . . . search siegaard seller name. Wayne
...his work is exceptional, and he is most kind and helpful in answering the often dumb questions asked by the newly sculpture-obsessed (like me!). Check him out! Bonnie
instructional videos on figure sculpting in polymer clay, and also tapes on building & painting figure kits... presents the entire instructional process almost uncut to the viewer... tapes run from 4 to 16 hours per each title in his line of over a dozen subjects.
...I just got two 8.5 hr video courses today from Wayne the Dane who does garage kit sculpting. I haven't had a chance yet to sit and watch them, but the are supposed to be very comprehensive so I'm hoping it will improve my skill. If they are as great as I hope, he's got a couple more I'm gonna invest in. Elise
... (I also sell) soft-edged steel spoon and bent conical shaper (not offered anywhere else and hand made by me--or see his instructions in Sculpting-Tools). .... I also offer the world's only POST BAKE Polymer Clay Smoothing Fluid.

Garie, have you ever thought of doing video tapes of the things you do, kid and otherwise?? I think they'd be a *great* success! Diane B.
....Garie Sim is interested in making some videos of his unique and traditional uses of polymer clay if there is anyone willing to share the business with him. I hope someone can take him up on his offer! but he is in Singapore and I don't know if he ever travels outside of it. Maybe someone travels out that way or has some suggestions for him. Take a look at his many inventive things in various categories at http://www.garieinternational.com.sg/clay/index.html

I found a link on James Carrington's site to the Dolls In Miniature magazine that I didn't even know existed. That magazine is a fabulous resource for doll-makers! I ordered a bunch of back issues from Viola Williams and subscribed to the latest incarnation just recently. There is a third source of back issues of the magazines on the 'net, too - it's had three owners. There are always good ideas and lots of patterns for miniature dolls. Elizabeth

(for books on flowers, see above)

Online DISCUSSION GROUPS (all these are FREE)

I get a lot of emails from people asking about sculpting techniques and I do answer them. Oft times the questions have been asked before. Because this is so often the case, we've opened a forum on Elvenwork where people can ask questions about techniques or share ideas. To get there, got to http://www.elvenwork.com/tips.html and click on the question mark. In no way is this a substitute for any of the polymer clay or sculpting forums; it's simply an adjunct that easy for me to access. I'll still spend a part of my day here and at every other related forum on the web. Katherine Dewey

(new sculptors -- "This group is for novice, small-scale sculptors and experienced sculptors who are interested in mentoring. The goal is to create an atmosphere in which beginners feel comfortable asking questions and showing their work to others. Mentors will be there to give advice, share techniques, and offer constructive criticism.) Wayne the Dane?
join and then spend a couple hours or so perusing all their files ..... the mentors on the list are professional model artists and garage kit enthusiasts who offer their expertise to beginners. those folks know multiple mediums and figure sculpting ....sunni
http://groups.yahoo.com/group/figuresculptor (sculpting figures of all kinds! Our goal is to promote and share the art of figurative sculpture and crosspollenate information and share artworks and questions about artwork execution, artist marketing and have fun! The only resriction is (no) hard core pornography! Sculptors in polymer and other clays, waxes, wood and stone are welcome! ) Wayne the Dane
http://groups.yahoo.com/group/FigurativeSculpture (intermediate-level small-scale sculptors and advanced to professional-level sculptors who are interested in mentoring....no longer novices (have completed several pieces and feel somewhat confident about their abilities), but still feel that they have a lot to learn. Mentors will be there to give advice, share techniques, and offer constructive feedback. Please don't join with the intention of permanently hiding in the shadows!... Mediums include, but are not limited to: polymer clay, paper clay, wax, plaster, plasticine, epoxy resin, metals, stone, and so on. Genres include, but are not limited to: small figures (human, animal, other), models/kits (horror, sci-fi, comics, fantasy, military, etc.), dolls/art dolls (mixed-media figures), action figures, decorative figurines, abstracts, and so on. Wayne the Dane.)
http://groups.yahoo.com/group/ArtisticAnatomy (includes all topics that might be relevant such as: form, composition, light, color and dynamics of movement,etc. as well as discussion of contemporary and classical Figurative artists and techniques)
Figure Sculpting Anatomy Group Class with Critiques. copy & paste into browser http://pub57.ezboard.com/fthemonsterlabfrm3.showMessage? topicID=442.topic
(gone?) http://groups.yahoo.com/group/figuresculptingandanatomy... (this Yahoo group will help you with bodies. The crew there is a bit zanny but ever so helpful. We don't have "chats" ..... we have group therapy (*rotflmao*) There are some very talented generous people there. Come join the fun. Deb S.)

... http://groups.yahoo.com/group/figurekits (sculpting, building and painting resin, vinyl and styrene models of figures --hosted by Wayne)
... http://groups.yahoo.com/group/garagekits (for fans and collector's of resin model kits aka Garage Kits.We will discuss new tech's,review kits and shows,video's related to the topic.To make it brief we WILL be an online magazine devoted to the hobby)
Gremlins in the Garage (webzine) ... dedicated to figure kit modeling including coverage of science fiction, horror, fantasy, and anime from movies, books, comics, and cartoons. There are sections for reviews, articles, finished kit pictures, garage kit companies, and more.

http://pub18.bravenet.com/forum/show.php?usernum=1505510207&cpv=1 Katherine Dewey's sculptor forum
news:alt.sculpture (newsgroup) some moldmaking and casting whizes there)
bit.listserv.clayart (earth clay newsgroup…) ADDRESS?????

http://groups.yahoo.com/group/polymerclayfigurines (we share marketing ideas, wholesale information, tips on successful displays at shows and much much more....most of us on the list are figuine artists making whimsical characters and critters )

DOLLS and Art Dolls:
email list at http://www.dollmaking.org. There are about 750 members, with about 20 posts a day average. It's a great place to pick up information on dollmaking and related arts. . . . "including everyone from beginners to some of the most famous dollmakers working today. Topics of conversation include marketing, supplies, costuming, and everything related to dolls. We discuss every type of doll, from toys to art dolls, in mediums including vinyl, cloth, polymer clay, porcelain, and even vegetables.."
(for makers and collectors of fine quality Artist Dolls. The purpose is to bring doll artists and doll makers together with discriminating collectors who are searching for the beautiful, the unique, the best dolls available today. Porcelain, resin, polymer clays, cloth and all other media are welcome. You are welcome to buy, sell, trade, search for or promote your latest creations or dollmaking materials, such as SFGW and doll molds. Exchange of dollmaking information is also welcome)
(polymer and air-dried clay doll artists. doll swaps, shows, tips on dollmaking and doll sculpting classes)
http://groups.yahoo.com/group/AGDolls (American Girl dolls, history, old crafts, antiques, fine sewing, period costumes, unique doll accessories and modern finds to start interesting discussions with other doll collectors. The emphasis here is on making doll clothing, accessories, and crafts for your 18" dolls. )

Where can I learn about clay modelling, clay animation, and... shooting?
...just type claymation (in a web search engine like google or yahoo... all kinds of sites will come up. :o) Lynda
....Here are some links that might be of help. Try the newsgroup rec.arts.animation . . . of course this newsgroup deals with all types of animation but just ask about claymation and I'm sure you will get some answers.
Also take a look at some of these web sites. They should get you started. http://www.klick.org/kids/techietalk/animation/claymation/
http://www.pwc.k12.nf.ca/projects/claymation/whatisclaymation.html Robert H.
http://lordjonray.com/film/ (LJR Productions & Toby Bear claymation)
Van Aken's home page is http://www.vanaken.com/clay.htm ...If you contact them, they could let you know if there is a supplier in (your part of the world. Dona
...Garie Sim used polymer clay food with faces for an animated TV commercial in Singapore