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Jewelry, metals, beads-bone, shells
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Supply Sources (all kinds)
many from Joanie/Kraftey

Also, please see each relevant category page
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what they carry, and opinions about them.

( there may be websites for some companies where none are listed below)


LOCAL Retail

Polymer clays can be purchased at craft stores... hobby stores... art supply stores
...and sometimes at large discount stores... bead stores ...some toy stores (at the latter, they may be available only by kit).
...seldom are all the clay brands (or all colors) available at the same store, however!

Michaels, etc.
40% off coupon ... Michaels usually has a 40% off coupon in the local newspaper every 2 weeks (...every week during the holidays) ... it's good for one week
.....(Joann's and AC Moore also accept these Michaels' coupons)
.......each coupon is good for one (non-sale) item though, so not so good for clay unless you want to buy a box of SuperSculpey or a multipack of Premo, etc., or a pasta machine, or kit of Pearl Ex powders, for example
.........with the Premo multipacks, I like getting the extra tools or stamps included for my students. Barbara
.....the coupon appears either in a special Sunday color flyer (bottom right of flyer's front page) next to their 50% coupon for framing... or in the past has also been in the front section of the newspaper
......you can take a look at the entire, current sale flyer for any store to check for specifics from this page:
http://direct.where2getit.com/cwc/apps/w2gi.php?template=search&client=michaels (enter zipcode, then click on your store.... then click on Browse This Ad to see more than the first page!)
(not working?->) or clicking on the MAP on this page:
http://www.michaels.com/art/online/static?page=storepromotion, then enter zipcode, etc.
......the store locator is a tab on either of those pages as well, for directions, hours, etc.
clay sales...Michaels also has week-long general sales which often include all brands of polymer clay (this makes the clay fairly cheap --down to 99 cents per bar--now appears to be $1.25 per bar, 2007)...these sales are happening fairly frequently these days!
....I went to 2 different Michaels during a sale and still have one more store to go and get my share of polymer clay (sometimes the early birds get all the clays I want).. . I stocked up major..almost $60 worth, at $.99 for each bar .. . . I also got liquid clay and a neat set of Pearl Ex powders they have too with my coupons. . . . . PLUS, before I left the store I grabbed another sales flyer so I can go back and use the 40 & 50% coupons again. . .
...be aware that only the early birds get the translucent, gold and silver though! brenda
.......however, you can also ask for a raincheck during their sales for any colors they don't have, in any amount --which is like having your own personal coupons to use later -- but you don't have to ever use them)
...You can find all Micahels' classes and free demos by going to http://direct.where2getit.com/michaels/, then entering your zipcode AND state, and selecting a store from the results if there's more than one. .

Hobby Lobby carries Premo and Kato? ...plus some other supplies

Aaron Bros. carries Sculpey?(or Premo?)... no longer carrying Kato, I guess... plus some other supplies
...sign up with them online for freq. coupons (40 or 50%--can't remember). Karen H.
located mostly in western states, but also VA,MD,GA,TX http://www.aaronbrothers.com/app/locator

some Joann's fabric stores also carry some polymer clay (in the craft area), but some may carry only kits ..plus few other supplies
...(some) Joann's may also have started carrying large blocks of both FimoClassic and Premo in basic colors (another use for the coupon! Trina)
(Joann's and AC Moore also accept Michael's coupons... and honor their sales too?

Walmart has a very low price on the one clay it sells (Sculpey), but many people prefer other brands because of the weakness of Sculpey clays (at least my good-sized Walmart doesn't carry individual bars though).

....also, see below for a few Non-USA retail suppliers

MAIL ORDER (by phone, or online)

For Christmas and my B-day I'm simply asking for a gift certificate to Polymer Clay Express! Marie

In answer to your question, which suppliers will have the best prices can depend on just which clays you want, how much of them you want, shipping and handling charges, and often whether there are "specials" being offered at the moment (which there often are); for a couple of places, it also depends on whether you can purchase wholesale or not.
The best bet is just to look online or call the main suppliers, and then see how you come out with exactly what you want to purchase at that particular time.
All are pretty much cheaper than retail though (and Kato Polyclay may be the cheapest for regular colored clays). . . unless you happen to want Sculpey and are close to a Walmart, or there's some great sale going on somewhere like Michaels (don't forget that clay will almost always be fresher if mail-ordered though).
Some of the suppliers offer more personal help, or make a little more effort to solve problems that might arise, etc. ...or maybe they just always seem to have gotten up on the right side of the bed --I'm not thinking of anyone in particular on that point, I just find it matters to *me* at the post office, grocery, etc. You'll have to decide for yourself if any of the suppliers seem more in line with your style, or whether that even matters to you.
...Once a continuing relationship is established, some people find it easier to just continue with the same familiar setup and folks; for some though, money is really tight so they're always shopping. (Where you live could matter to the shipping time too, if that matters.) Diane B.

Polymer Clay Express:
http://www.polymerclayexpress.com/list.html -- Wilma Yost, in Maryland (732) 431-1390... toll free (Orders only): (800) 844-0138... Inquiries: 301-482-0435, 11AM to 9PM...most clays .. not all Fimos though . . .Premo = $9.75 ... Kato Polyclay ....Sculpey .....Cernit ... + air dry clays
(if you have trouble with that address with your machine, try http://www.polymerclayexpress.net which is their alternate site without the java script navigation bar. ...just for the few people who experience browser problems. Libby)
Clay Alley: http://www.clayalley.com --Karen...Premo, Kato, Cernit... some doll polymer clays...some air-dry clays and epoxy clays
The Clay Store http://www.theclaystore.com ...Premo, Fimo, Kato, Sculpey, ProSculpt ...also Premo Trans/bleach... and Makins air-dry clay (also in lg. pkgs)
... soon to have t-shirts, coffee mugs, etc., re polymer clay
The Clay Station
http://www.theclaystation.com ... Kato and Premo...( they will ship 5 lg. bars (12.5 oz) of Kato clay to you for the 1-lb. priority rate (only $3.85!!) ... they pack them in a Priority Mail flat rate envelope (cardboard envelope 9.5" x 12/5").
Clay Factory of Escondido: http://www.clayfactory.net , (800) 243-3466, So. California... Cernit (& Makins air-dry clay) ....Premo & Sculpey being discontinued 2007-8... no Fimo

Wee Folk Creations: http://www.weefolk.com/sell.htm ...(retail & wholesale)...January 1, 2005 going out of business sale... all craft items at 20% discount, including all polymer clays (no minimum requirements).....
until stock is depleted (aftewards, only gifts & collectibles by mail order)
...Minnesota, most clays (photos of their Fimo colors are tiny and somewhat confusing ...see Characterics > Fimo for a better handle on the groupings since there are so many; their Premo colors are tiny too though the 13 oz versions are all a sample yellow pkg)... see better photos at FimoZone below
Puffinalia http://www.puffinalia.com/clay.html --Linda (caneguru)... Premo, TLS, Miracle Mold, . . . I sell the special Premo colors that can't be found in stores (Bleached translucent, Sap Green, Navy Blue, Medium Brilliant Red (was Xmas Red)
......will also sell any Premo color in a 1/4 lb size at $2.75.
Prairie Craft: http://www.prairiecraft.com/Merchant2/merchant.mvc?Screen=CTGY&Category_Code=KP
(800) 779-0615, Colorado, Kato Polyclay + tools, materials
..."the most economic way to ship most items is via U.S. Postal Priority Mail for domestic orders... as low as $4.95; less than 20 lbs the rate is as low as $8.95 (good for US territories, Hawaii, PR and APO addresses). ...We do not wish to make money on shipping and handling. When shipping exceeds more than $2.00 over the postal rates we will credit your account that amount."
. . . "In the summer heat, Prairie Craft will now rotate its Kato Polyclay stock through our refrigerator and ship in an insulated carton at no additional cost... We do, however, recommend 3 day shipping." (still true?)
Polymer Clay Your Way ...http://www.polymerclayyourway.com (gone?)......Rickie Beth's supply business for Kato Polyclay (and perhaps soon for Premo):
...LOW prices!!!!!... for example, I am selling the 3 oz. blocks of 'spectral' colors for $1.85) and the 12.5 oz metallic blocks are $9.00 (lower than list price)... also 8 oz. of the Kato (liquid clay) clear polyclay medium for $8.90 (lower than list) & Repel Gel... also other polymer tools and products..... I will work with you in every way and offer excellent customer relations ...no minimum order. Satisfaction guaranteed. ...I can also ship to other countries, and will keep the cost down as low as possible! Rickie Beth (toll-free number, 866-827-9925)
Lynda's Artistic Haven ...http://www.lyndasartistichaven.com/pcsupplies.html ... Kato Polyclay

Munro Crafts ...http://www.munrocrafts.com (Fimo, Sculpey, Premo, Kato + some tools)
(..equiv. to other online prices--- 25% off of "retail" price for under $100 order is
... but over $100 (or $200 now?) there's a big discount 40-50% off retail)

(used to be Accent Imports) http://www.fimozone.com/ and/or http://shop.store.yahoo.com/fimo/index.html:
....many clayers report
difficulties with this company ...all Fimo products, plus other things; wholesale only? 800-989-2889 (correct #?)

Just wanted to clear up a misperception about shipping from Canada. Here in Canada, we can send a small packet "airmail" to anywhere in the US quite reasonably....a parcel weighing under half a pound would be approximately $4.00 US....surface transportation is about $3.00 US.
So lightweight products especially, such as molds, cutters, tools, foils etc, are certainly feasible. ....you may be pleasantly surprised! . Marg
......(for non-U.S. and Canada suppliers, see just below)

AMACO (American Art Clay Co) ,  4717 West Sixteenth Street,  Indianapolis, IN 46222, ( Fimo's & also Friendly Plastic)
...Fimo clays and other polymer supplies: http://www.amaco.com/jsps/amacohome.jsp (click on Arts and Crafts at top)
Fimo Classic (colors) http://www.amaco.com/pdfs/AC5.pdf?
Fimo Soft (colors... not separated by group-line) http://www.amaco.com/pdfs/AC4.pdf?

Polyform products, Dept. C.R., 1901 Estes Ave., Elk Grove Village, Illinois 60007-5415, 1-708-427-0020    (708-678-4836)???, (for Sculpey, super sculpey, sculpey III, super elasticlay, granitex & Premo?)

Sculpey III multi-packs at eBay . . . Carolyn sells 30 half-bars (1 oz ea) of Sculpey III clay for $14.99 (Buy-It-Now price), or in auctions beginning at $8.99. http://www.ebay.com (click on Search, then enter Carolyn8258 in the Search-by-Seller window)

Prizm http://www.prizmart.com sells quite a few PC supplies ...$8.49 for 1 lb. Premo...they don't have online ordering yet but you can order a catalog from their website.They have flat shipping rates - $7.50 for up to $100, so if you're able to drop that much at a time it's a pretty good deal. Lisa

Bolek's Bulk Crafts http://www.bulkcrafts.com (Premo and Sculpey) ...low prices on small bars, both brands, but $5 handling charge on orders under $100.

Craftswholesale, http://www.craftswholesale.com/index.html:: Premo, Sculpey, Rub 'N Buff, imitation leaf, clay guns, cookie cutters, "button"/Kemper cutters, embossing supplies & templates, etc., etc.! (same price for retail Suzanne Designs, 2 oz block of Fimo costs 1.30, (512) 478-5109.

Midwest Clay Company , 1229 Champlaine Court , Schaumburg, IL 60193,  Tel:(708) 539-5485, Orders:1-800-492-0806.

Jerrys Catalog,    1-800-UARTIST, carry quite a few colors of Fimo, and it's cheapest if bought in the 12 oz blocks. They do carry all of the colors of Cernit,and some Sculpey. If you call them, they'll send you their catalog.

Too Bent Fish Inc.,    P. O. Box 80126 ,    Phx. Az. 85060.,    Tel:602-392-0806, Fax:602-392-0816,    Orders:1-800-492-0806. Recommended by The Clay Factory when they stopped carrying Fimo

~ASW Express,    5325 Departure Drive,    North Raleigh, NC 27604,    Phone orders: 800-995-6778,    Fax orders: 919-878-5075, Good prices on supplies.
Super Sculpey 1lb: $5.69 (ASW#60-0744); 24 lbs: $115.97 (ASW#60-0745)

Knead-o Paperclay 17.3 oz: $3.99 (ASW#60-0746)
They offer free shipping for orders over $100.00, and charge $9.95 for orders less than $100

Pearl Paint Co., Inc. , 308 Canal St NY,NY 10013, 1-800-451-7327

Della Robbia Miracle Clay?

Handcraft Designs, 1-800-523-2430, email: hdclays@aol.com. ...possibly the only US source for LaDoll, and Premiere (which are stone ground mineral clays with an exceptonally fine grain.).... Japanese air dry clays. (for Crafty papeclay, see below)
...I've seen it. It is a very very fine paper clay and resembles porcelain. Never used it, although the folks I know who work with paper clays say it is fabulous. Linda
(see more in Sculpting-gen > Clays)

for "cold porcelain" clays, see Sculpting > Clays > Other Clays > Cold Porcelain)

(see below for more info, and Books Re Polymer Clay for books from other countries)

Non-USA polymer supplies, etc.

+ ordering from USA suppliers ....for delivery to countries other than USA

In some cases, ordering from the US may be the best bet, even if you're in another country. It depends on where exactly you live and whether you're close to one of the non-USA suppliers or not (if not, you may pay more anyway). . . see "Major Ones" near the top of the page for US suppliers)

(Alaska ...Polymer Clay Express' shipping rates to Alaska are fantastic! They know about shipping in the flat rate boxes and after talking to them I can get quite a bit in the same box with the pasta machine for the same shipping price! Nancy)

from U.S to Europe & UK ...while the Polymer Clay Pit in England http://www.polymerclaypit.co.uk has mail order supplies, for buying larger quantities, I find it's cheaper to buy directly from the US.
....Just watch what your countries allowances for importing are because it can work out cheaper to buy several smaller packages and have them sent separately than one larger pkg.... that way you only get clobbered for postage rather than postage plus tax --it's the tax here in the UK that's the awful part). ShelleyM.
...I am from Finland (that is in Scandinavia) but I still buy all my Premo from States. My preferred mailorder business is Clayalley. http://www.clayalley.com I have had the packets in Finland in 4 days when it takes 2 weeks even from Finnish companies to deliver. Besides the price is very good. (Very happy customer talking, have nothing whatsoever to do with that business) PöRRö
...I usually get my Premo (bleached or whatever) from The ClayAlley - Karen's prices are excellent and she takes an immense amount of trouble to make sure the goods arrive safely (for example, I once had a bottle of pinata ink leak in transit possibly due to low pressure in the airfreight plane... since then, Karen has very effectively sealed any bottles I buy by removing the droppers from them, inserting a sheet of polythene, then re-assembling the bottles --a potentially very messy procedure) - the stuff wouldn't dare leak after that!(and it doesn't). Alan
.. Wherever you decide to buy from, may I suggest that you ask them to use the Global Priority Pouches (pouches not boxes!) if they will. The larger pouches cost $9.00 to send to most countries from the US, and will carry up to 4lbs or less for the fixed postal price. Alan
......re sending pkgs by Global Priority. . . we (in the U.S.) can send up to four pounds in a Global Priority envelope to lots of overseas countries for $9.00 ...$7.00 to Canada.
.......(for clay) there is a catch---you will need to get someone to put it through the pasta machine and flatten, and stack in sheets so that you can get about 3 lbs in one of their envelopes (pouches?). I've been doing this for some friends and it saves a lot.
........example: sending 3 pounds 15 ounces (must be less than 4 pounds!) to France in this envelope will cost $9.00, but in a regular box it would be $23.10 air mail letter post. (I've been doing about three packages a week just for friends and I'm not charging for my time, extra for packing or for more than what I pay for it). Since we are moving, I can't really commit to it right now, but will do an occassional one if someone wants me to. (who?)
...I think if someone has not yet tried Premo clay (that's what I use the most and can get the best deal on and does not take very long to prep to ship) then I will be happy to do a package for actual cost. I can condition a whole block of one pound clay, cut the sheets for shipping size and put paper between layers in less than five minutes with using the machine. (who?)
......For those who need lots of diff. colors, I've been cutting off 5" x 8" thickest pasta layer of all colors wanted, and weighing the package when it is packaged and charging only for the pound rate as if of one color. They pay a tiny bit more for their clay as I weigh with envelope. So . . . I will consider doing it for anyone at the time that it is requested. I won't be starting a business doing it---as I had rather clay---but will help someone get started until they can find a good source where they are. Jeanne (Rhea?...at heartof clay.com)...

(ALSO Hawaii:)
Svetlana Vovina, Honolulu --moved from Russia to Michigan/Ohio to Honolulu (polymer clay teacher--no supplies)
http://the.honoluluadvertiser.com/article/2001/Jun/04/il/il01a.html (also click on each photo for enlargement)

suppliers outside USA

Canada ... most seem to be in Ontario!?
http://www.crosswinds.net/~clayamies/sources/sources.html . . . (gone?)
....I found it easier to find these if I used Google.com to search for: polymer clay Canada --Nan in Seattle area
....Picture Perfect Renditions: . . . Marie Redmond's Polyform products (Premo, Sculpey and Super Sculpey , Studio by Sculpey, Granitex, Superflex, Sculpey III, Liquid Sculpey, tools, videos, books, and push molds), Ontario
http://www.marieredmondartsandcrafts.com .... email: marieredmond@rogers.com
.......... I have personally ordered from Marie several times and found her service excellent and very fast :) Vicki in Vancouver
...KJ Crafts, Nepean, Ontario .... Premo, Sculpey (Polyform products) http://www.kjpcrafts.com/
...Shades of Clay . . . Kato Polyclay products and other clay accessories -- http://www.shadesofclay.com
...Ashburnham Craft Supplies: (gone?) http://www.canadiancraftsupplies.com/ashburnham.html 120 Hunter St. E., Peterborough, Ontario, Canada, K9H 1G6 Phone: (705) 742-6083 - Fax: (705) 742-3005, E-mail: ashburnham@sympatico.ca: Fimo, Sculpey and other craft supplies.
...John Bead Corp. Ltd. 19 Bertrand Avenue Scarborough ON M1L 2P3 tel (416)757-3287 fax (416)757-1009, Fimo, Premo, large and small blocks, full range of colors, tissue blades, sculpting tools, instructional books, plus a full range of beading supplies, including findings and cords. There seems to be a lot of stuff on the West Coast, like in BC. Kim2

from Canada .... to the U.S.
...Just wanted to clear up a misperception about shipping . Here in Canada, we can send a small packet "airmail" to anywhere in the US quite reasonably....a parcel weighing under half a pound would be approximately $4.00 US....surface transportation is about $3.00 US.
So lightweight products especially such as molds, cutters, tools, foils etc are certainly feasible. Check out the Canadian suppliers and ask about shipping costs....you may be pleasantly surprised! . Marg

...Staedtler Mars Ltd. 6 Mars Road, Etobicoke, Ontario M9V 2KI Tel: (416) 749-3966 (Fimo)

...Sue Heaser's online store is The Polymer Clay Pit (she also mails to Europe)
...local retail: Hobbycraft (FimoClassic, FimoSoft--including FimoSoft glitter clays... Kato Polyclay... Sculpey clays... some kits
......also at The Range

Denmark ....various suppliers http://www.geocities.com/pcdenmark/PLDanmarkDK.htm

Norway ...Christel Jensen now sells Creall Therm clays (a clay from Holland) and finishes
http://www.littletreasure.no (no longer selling clay?)

Belgium/France/Holland: Hubinont S.A. / Rue du, Manege / 18 B-1301, Wavre Belgium, attn: Georges Hubinont, (011 10 420540)fax (01110420555)

Scandinavia... a crafts magazine called Panduro http://www.panduro.no also has exclusive rights (?) to sell Fimo and Cernit in Scandinavia.

http://www.bricokid.com/catalogue.php?fam=FAM00007&ssf=SSF00056 (Fimo)
http://www.colori.be/Pate_à_modeler.html (various clays)

Spain... I know that there's a shop in Madrid that sells Premo and Sculpey (and maybe also Fimo) and they sell also on -line! Alicia
...http://www.manualidadesybellasartes.com/fimosculpey.html (Premo, Fimo, Sculpey... and info, lessons)
Monica Resta's polymer information in Spanish (books, clay, projects, etc.) though she's in Italy

Germany: Honsell art products GmbH:, Breitweisenstrasse 9 / D-70565, Stuttgart, Germany, attn:Reiner Honsell (01149 711, 7804006) (01149 711 7804008 )fax
---a more reliable sorce of clay in Germany. Low and behold I found one.
http://www.citypoint-shop.de/, This has a whole bunch of craft stuff including Fimo and what not. It doesn't have all the colors but at least it has all the basics and its possible to get in large quantities. NF
---I also found the eberhard faber site which I believe is new because I've searched for it before and never found it. their site has an english …The site is http://www.eberhardfaber.com/ -NF

Italy: Monica's polymer information in Italian (books, clay, projects, etc.)

Turkey: (local, & online)
...Sabuncu ...Gunsazak Bulvari, Goncalar Mah. No: 39/A Girne Girisi Karsiyaka 0232 382 1860-61 ...sells Premo for 3 YTL (a little over $2) if you pay cash, more if you charge it... they had a few other supplies but not many for working with polymer clay.
...Pratiker is a large store kinda like a Home Depot ...they sell Fimo for 3.50 YTL
...Ahmet Aga Mah. 879 Sok. No:5 Kestane Pazari Kemeralti 0232 425 8452-425 85 93
...Mithat Pasa 0232 244 4585 - 243 32 35 .......Bornova 0232 348 0223
...man from Izmir I saw on the forum Kosuyolu.net ...sells Fimo for about 2.25 YTL ("halojenite... mail adresim halojenite@hotmail.com izmirdeyim cep: 0 555 375 78 80")
...another option is to order from Europe... I have been able to get orders from the Polymer Clay Pit in England with very little problems. ...it does cost a little more to order from them, but I have been very happy with their service and selection
.......re ordering supplies from another country ... the value of the package must be under 100 Euro or it will get tied up in customs. ...also, envelopes come better than boxes. Sandy

New Zealand:
Petra, Zigzag Polymer Clay Supplies, http://www.zigzag.co.nz,
sculpey III Premo and Fimo as well as a full range of Moulds, foils, Pearlex, tools about 35 book titles and most current videos--- full mail order service, My name is Petra and I operate Australasia's only dedicated polymer store.
. . . If you have any questions re Polymer etc down under just drop me aline I am, always happy to help. Petra, petra@zigzag.co.nz
. . . interview with Petra http://www.geocities.com/polyzine/december2000/downunder.html

New Zeland. . . Du-Kit brand of polymer clay: contact the supplier in NZ, Peter Dyne of Golding Handcrafts - he can arrange to send Du-Kit world wide: epdyne@compuserve.com

Heather Richmond's Over the Rainbow Polymer Clay supplies: http://www.polymerclay.com.au
Fimo, Premo, Sculpey, tools, powders, wire supplies, etc.

Australia ....Modelene brand of polymer clay . . . contact name is: Max Chapman, email: camaw@com.au
He says they are planning distribution in other countries in the near future.

Singapore - Asia...various brands and sizes of clay, plus supplies, etc., at Garie Sim's website

Philippines - Asia
...ATC (retail)... Premo & Sculpey
...Hobbes (retail) ...Sculpey
.craft store in robinson's galleria, ortigas... clay 150 php per bar, and other stuff. melotee
TheSculpeyman (retail &"delivery") --thesculpeyman@yahoo.com...ms 09176269790 (QuezonCity~Manilla)
.......Premo: 2 oz only (Php145 --poss. better deals on bulk orders) --Black,White,Beige,BurntUmber
Blue5562, CobaltBlue5063, Yellow5572, Red5259 ... Green, Orange, Purple, Violet
Gold, Silver....Translucent5310, GlowInTheDark ....Translucent Liquid Sculpey
......Sculpey (boxes, single color): Original Sculpey, SuperSculpey, SuperS.Gray, Ultralight--stronger

South Africa or nearby? ... ron.armstrong@pixie.co.za . . . Yes we can supply Fimo clay @ R 9.75 + vat + postage Ronald

more info and sources? from the British Polymer Clay Guild's website

Kato Polyclay. . . "We're working on (export to other countries). We got a lot of international interest but, as you probably know, there are some issues we have to resolve - like how to make certain the clay will not turn into rocks as it chugs across the pond. Robert is working on that" . .. Donna Kato

Ordering clay in the heat of summer

(Some people warn against ordering clay in the heat of summer because it could get hot enough to partially cure while sitting around in a delivery truck --or previously in a hot warehouse).
Has anyone ever actually had clay harden in a UPS truck? It's over 100 degrees on a regular basis around here, and I order clay all the time in the summer (Premo from the Clay Factory usually, but also Fimo, and cane ends) -- since that seems to be the main time of year I have time to work with clay. Sometimes it even sits on my doorstep for a few hours -- in the 100+ degree shade. Have never had a problem. The clay in my un-air-conditioned workshop hasn't seemed to suffer, either (unlike the human in the workshop). I freeze the canes, primarily to make them sliceable. LynnDel
I have, during summer shipping cross- country to and from San Diego, and in the truck when we moved, too. Over 110 F it starts to harden. There was a problem with some Elasticlay that got too hot in the factory once too --but they replaced it! Sarajane
I lost 4 lbs via mail from East Coast to Wash. state Priority Mail but mail delivered in afternoon, full sun, was 95 here and sat in mailbox 2 hrs. ..It crumbles and will not mix into other colors and crumbles and crumbles. Last order (mo ago) Priority Mail 3 day, had it delivered to mail stop where delivery was 1st thing in morning. Came OK. Dar

...You could always get it delivered to your work address ...not only will someone be there, but I also get it sooner ("bus." deliveries are usually faster too). Vikki
...You might also look into getting a post office box. I had one when I used to work away from home and was recieving lots of UPS shipments. It was around 10-15 bucks a month (cheap!) and they would sign for my packages, and even call me when they arrived. Karen H.
...You could request the company from which you purchase the clay to require signature confirmation at delivery. That way, it wouldn't sit in your mailbox or on your doorstep, as you'd have to either pick it up from the post office or UPS, or ask for a re-delivery at a time that you are home. Karri
....I leave a note for my UPS delivery person on my door when I'm expecting a shipment of clay as to where I'd like it placed if I'm not home. It hasn't failed to work yet!!!
....You can always leave a tarp or some other "shade maker" to place the clay under in case you're not home.
....I've also left a cooler with ice thingy's in it, but the boxes need to fit into the cooler (most only-clay orders will). I would never count on the special instructions making it through the UPS system and to your driver - they MIGHT.....but the cost is too high if they don't! Jan Ohio
...Do you have a friend or neighbor that could pick it up for you or have it delivered to their house? Obviously one who is home most of the day. Lynn

Has anyone asked USPS or UPS for advice on how to pkg clay to keep the temp from affecting it? It seems there would be a trick to it, but you also have to look at the costs involved. Would styrofoam act as insulation? Many layers of wrap? Newspaper? Kim K.

(for cold or hot effects on storage of clay or canes, etc., see Storage > Cold & Heat)
(for cooling clay when working with it during summer or with hot hands, see Conditioning > Cooling Clay)

MANY Different Supplies all at ONE SITE


Google now has a catalog search engine which has a number catalogs relating to polymer clay.
...start at the Arts & Crafts catalogs page: http://catalogs.google.com/catalogs?category=/Arts+%26+Crafts
click on the catalog you want to look in ... then click on a page for closer viewing
(to enlarge the picture and increase the text size, click anywhere on the page... or scroll to the top or bottom of any page, then click on the "single page" icon, or on the little magnifying glass icon)
NOTE: there are usually more pages available than show on that first page of results... for "next," click the ">" arrow at top or bottom of pg.
SOME EXAMPLES of catalogs:
Amaco http://tinyurl.com/5adf8
Aves Products, Clotilde, Design Originals books,

info re looking at catalogs http://catalogs.google.com/googlecatalogs/help.html

Not catalogs

Sunni's list of links to all kinds of suppliers

miniature cookie cutters (1-1/2"), paper mache boxes and shapes, glass bottle charms, wood turnings, Weldbond glue (great stuff - glue, sealer, etc); Premo for $9.00 lb (see above under Mail Order for Premo discount for online polymer clay group members), hinged mint tins and some jewlery findings. . Karen's Clay Alley http://www.clayalley.com

Munro Corporation. They carry such a multitude of things! http://www.concentric.net/~munrocrp/

Factory Direct Craft Supply (loads of different things) http://www.factorydirectcraft.com/ (800) 252-5223

Bolek's Bulk Crafts http://www.bulkcrafts.com . many different things (no wholesale)...
e.g., soap molds, candy molds, key rings, wood turnings, craft books, filigree halo, silica gel, magnet strip & sheets, lanyard hooks, many beads..., safety pins, beading wire, angel wings, angel kits, all kinds of cording and lacing..., Christmas lights, crimp beads, rattail cord, metal macramé rings, tea balls, tree topers, beading needles, t pins, sequin pins, sequins, glitter, doll heads, all kinds of glues..., styrofoam, straw hats, chenille stems..., straw wreaths, candle making supplies, wood doll heads, doll stands, eyes for dolls and animals..., animal noses, wood burners, all kinds of bells..., pom poms, chip baskets, side combs, paddle wire, felt, feathers, Velcro, wicker mats, floral tape, brooms, Spanish moss, super Sculpey, wreaths, raffia, paper twist, plastic canvas, paint caddy, music boxes, potpourri supplies & oils, flavoring oils, fragrance oil, candle making supplies, gel candles, delta paint, poly brushes, etc.

Woodworks http://woodwrks.com has *MANY* many items that can be covered with clay, as well as items to be used with normal woodworking like hinges . . . too many things to list here!! DB

Craftswholesale.com: http://www.craftswholesale.com/index.html:: Premo, Sculpey, Rub 'N Buff, imitation leaf, clay guns, cookie cutters, "button"/Kemper cutters, embossing supplies & templates, etc., etc.! dollmaking, all crafts, etc. (same price for retail)

*National ArtCraft: http://www.nationalartcraft.com/, MANY kinds of things (including snowglobes, clay-fillable watch faces, etc.)

Wacky Wagon: http://wackywagon.com/productf.html, lots of things (make list)

Lee Valley http://www.leevalley.com/woodwork/newprodu/sept99/storbotl.htm
...lots of other interesting tools that are usable for polymer clay, such as wooden items that can be covered, carving tools, gold twist pen kits and other stuff. It's a really dangerous place to go shopping! Vicki in Vancouver

Sue Becks Wacky Wagon > http://www.wackywagon.com/
lots of things that can be used with polymer: paper eyelets I've been looking for for ages,
some great stencils, and a wide variety of punches. Oh, and some neat cookie cutters. Dotty
...3 D Crystal Lacquer Products "Adds a touch of glass to your items", it comes in clear and a whole bunch of colors…

~Activa Products, Inc (Frank Strauss), P.O. Box 472  Westford, Ma 01886-0012,  508-692-9300,  508-692-8796 fax
Celluclay, rigid-wrap, flower art, forever natural, instamold, permastone, mighty tacky glue, scenic sand, incredible workable wax

UMX Fashion Supplies http://www.umei.com .... Purse hardware: Handles, Frames, Magnetic Snaps, Buttons; Fasteners: Plastic Buckle, Snap Hook, Hook, D-Ring, Tri-Ring, Square-Ring Cord Lock, Cord Stopper, Cord Fastener Lanyard Supply, Accessory, Parts Suspender Clip Series Snap Buttons, Fasteners, Rivet - Stud & Post Fashion Buttons, Clothing buttons Fashion Buckles, Belt Buckles Key Tags, Paper Key Tags, Zipper Pulls, Zipper Sliders & Tabs, Fashion Trims-attachers, all kinds of Chains
...key rings, zipper pulls, and snap hooks as well that can be beaded. ..purse handles that you can put beads on... Betty

lanyards ...cording with attachers on end, badge holders, badge clips...some retractable, zipper lanyards, ball chain necklaces, keyrings, cord locks, buckles, snap hooks, etc.

colored ball chains and clasps
http://polymerclayexpress.com/findings.html ....
http://ballchain.com ...metalliferous.com

American Science Surplus
You can request a catalog online - email...jarvis@sciplus.com (American Science & Surplus)
or visit their website.... http://www.sciplus.com/

Thomas Scientific,  http://www.thomassci.com/, 99 High Hill Rd., I-295, Box 99, Swedesboro, NJ 08085-0099,Call (800) 345-2100 to order, or ask for their artists' catalog.
tissue blades (microtome blades). . . Unfortunately however, they don't seem to have their actual items online. Orders still have to be placed by telephone (or possibly FAX or e-mail), and you have to have the actual ordering number on hand or get if from their hard-copy catalog --though probably they'll know what "microtome blades" are without a number.,
I just ordered a box of 25 Microtome tissue blades from Thomas Scientific. They do have a web site but no shoppig capability there. The box of 25 blades is catalog # 6727C18 , The box is $36.35 + $7.50 for s/h = $43.85 or $1.75 per blade.

Oriental Trading Company
(lots of misc. party and decoration items, masks, much miscellany, etc.) http://www.oriental.com/home.html 800-228-0475

for covering:
---polymerclayproject's complete kits for covering various items with clay (all parts included)
...clocks, key chains, magnifying glass, wine stoppers, pens/pencils, "perfume" pencils
--artclayworld's many blanks
...hinged Mini Box (1 5/8"), Snap Tight Double-Mirror box (2 1/2"), Necklace Perfume Vial, Twist Ballpoint Pen, Magnifying Glass, & Atomizer?, Key Chain, Ceiling Fan Pulls, Letter Opener, cabochon Bookmarks, & Purse Mirror

(lessons for covering each item) ...


BTW, another mail order source for it is the MicroMark catalog (also, http://www.micromark.com). Warning! This catalog is *full* of potential polyclay, tools and toys. It can be hazardous to your pocketbook., MicroMark, 340 Snyder AVE. ,    Berkeley Heights, NJ 07922-1538 ,    800-225-1066 ,    1-908-464-6764 ,    Fax:1-908-665-9383
They have lots of great tools, 6000 grit sanding sponges,brass rods... call for a catalog. (fun by itself!) MicroMark makes a tiny torch that runs on butane (refill with cigarette lighter butane), that should give you the temperatures you want.

This is a great site for all types of medical tools and instruments..

Henry Schein,  5 Harbor Park Drive  Port Washington, NY 11050,  1-800-372-4346 (orders), 1-800-472-4346 (customer service), (dental supplies)

Conger Dental Supply,  1-800-255-3983

William Alden Company ,    1-800-249-8665 , Push drills... They have 3 types I think would work for beads. One is by stanley and sells for $19.99, one is by fiskars sells for $9.99, and one is also by stanley but a professional model and sells for $34.99. All have different sizes of drills bits that come with them, they range from 3/32" to 11/64" just right for beads.


(please see Jewelry for many more, plus info on each supplier)

Rio Grande http://www.riogrande.com/Products

Rings and Things 800-366-2156

Fire Mountain Gems. http://www.firemountaingems.com/ Also check the web site for specials. 800-423-2319
or http://www.firemtn.com?

River Gems & Findings, 1-800-443-6766., anodized aluminum and niobium wire, as well as anodized titanium and niobium findings

Metalliferous, http://www.metalliferous.com/ (1-212-944-0909), anodized aluminum and niobium wire, along with a wide selection of brass, copper, silver, nickel and other metals (business card holders, and more?).
Metalliferous has slightly better overall prices than River Gems, but I've ordered from both and had good experiences with both vendors.

Eclectic Etc.Beads & Supplies (EE) http://www.eebeads.com/toc.htm (table of contents)
"... EE sells a little bit of everything for more variety in your work...specialize in selling smaller amounts so you get only how much you need and actually end up paying less..."

-- Memory wire can be purchased from: 1-800-426-9984, also sell findings, stones, beads, boxes, sterling & gold sheet & wire, tools, etc...., excellent service, really nice people, don't need a resale number . . . or Fimo

http://www.parawire.com/ for all kinds of wire (and see Wire page, for more)

Reactive Metals, (1-800-876-3434)
anodized niobium wire and findings, as well as anodizing equipment and supplies.
Reactive Metals tends to be less expensive on its niobium than the other sources, but they don't carry anodized aluminum, which is much less expensive than niobium.
BTW, anodized metals are easily marred. Be sure to wrap your pliers with tape if you intend to do any sort of wire-wrapping techniques with them.

http://www.twisteez.com --wire twisting device

Eloxite Corp (Your complete rockhound and jewelry craft supply house!") http://www.eloxite.com I'm sure you can order your catalog online and they have 14 pages of buckles. you should find and they have good prices, too.

I recently found a great source for brass charms (and I had been looking everywhere). Haven't ordered from these folks yet, though it looks great. http://www.fancifulsinc.com/Catalog/CatalogPages.htm

Metal Chips (Stainless Steel, Copper, Brass & Aluminum) Sizes and shapes of chips vary from sm. fragments to curly, corkscrew shapes, and anything in between. Unusual and charming… my husband owns a metal working shop. The scrap pieces that the shop produce are PERFECT for collage!, To Buy: If you would like a "mixed bag" of assorted metal chips, (quart size ziploc bag) we charge $10 plus $3 shipping to anywhere in the 48 states of the USA. Shipping extra to Hawaii, Alaska, Canada and overseas., To Trade: I will trade for artistamps, old mail, stamps, (international, used or new) rubberstamps: ethnic/tribal, goddess & dancing, beads, ethnic looking jewelry, masks, handmade and/or beautiful papers and envelopes.If interested you can contact me directly at: dancingforever@hotmail.com Shoshana
black rubber o-rings from H & D Distributors, Inc.-- Not online as far as I know
( 214) 351-1251-- rec'd about 4 days. Oscelyn
....Ask for Grace--designated to deal with the "jewelry people"...two sizes of rubber buna cord, 1/16 inch and 3mm (about 1/8 inch). I've also bought four sizes of O-rings: size 003 fits *very* tightly on the 1/16" cord, size 004 fits on the 1/16" cord but moves pretty easily, size 006 fits tightly on the 3mm cord and on the 1/16 cord if it's doubled over, and size 009 fits on the 3mm cord doubled over. (doesn’t leave marks on light-colored clothing like Rio Grande’s ) Irene
(see Jewelry/Buna Cord for benefits of Viton cord vs. Buna)
(see also Misc.below for tubing, etc.)

Discount Bead House, PO Box 186, The Plains, OH 45780, 1-800-793-7592

Shell Horizons seashell and beach glass supplier, plus more

OTHER METAL ITEMS (not containers)

Lee Valley Hardware
(box rings, pulls, & lots more) . . ..Hardware for : Bed, Casket, Computer, Desk, Door, Entertainment Center, Escutcheons, Fasteners, Feet and Legs, Handles and Pulls, Hasps, Hinges, Hooks, Jig & Fixture Parts, Handles & Knobs, Nuts/ Bolts/Bushings, Joinery, Kitchen , Knobs, Lighting, Magnets, Locks, Project, Shelf Supplies (Melamine Edge Banding, Adhesive-backed felt and velours, laminate trimmers, etc.), Supports, Stays/Chains/Swivels, Table, Wheels and Casters

They have lightweight keychain assemblies . . . and many mini items and some really nice candle sticks that could be used as a base, plus they sell the brass candle cups for the holders, plus much more?. http://www.marylandchina.com Betty/TX

(really ceramic, not metal?) If you have an appliance dump near you, refrigerators have a large amount of magnet in the rubberized seal. I've been able to glean enough magnets to quit buying them retail. Barring that, check out hardware stores, electronic stores, and teacher supply stores. Risa
(Lee Valley Hardware, see URL above) They are called rare earth magnets, and I use them all the time. They are VERY strong - I use the smallest size (1/4" round x 1/4" tall), which is rated to be able to hold up a 2 lb piece of steel. At any rate, I make polyclay magnets out of them, and one of these little suckers will hold a thick photograph or several sheets of paper without any chance of falling off the fridge. If you buy 50 or more at a time they are $.28 Cdn, or individually they are $.40. Compared to the ...craft magnets, these are a great deal. Oh, and they also offer larger magnets, if you need a REALLY strong magnet! Vicki D.

For metal tins, bottles and containers, see just below

Glass, Ceramic, Plastic, Aluminum

For understanding sizes at sites like these, here are a few guidelines for equivalencies:
1 oz = 6 teaspoons
1 oz = 30 ml
1 t = 5 ml

(........also see American Science & Surplus, and Thomas Scientific above for more .......)

Essential Supplies .... plastic bottles...these types of "PET" plastic are clear/not translucent, colors, "for durable container with excellent gloss, and the clarity and sparkle of glass. ...resistant to breakage, have excellent properties of carbonation retention, have high oxygen barrier, are light to handle and transport, and can be recycled..The only draw back is the maximum hot fill is only 120-140 degrees
...Western Plastics (glass, plastics, polycarbonate) http://www.western-plastics.com/
...something intriguing called Colored PVC Capsules (Heat Shrinking Capsules for Decorative Bottles) http://www.sunburstbottle.com/product600.html
...plastic and muslin bag type containers (for selling things?) http://www.sunburstbottle.com/cat5.html

SKS-Bottle (glass, plastic, metal) ....tins & many other containers, pumps, etc., inlcuding lip balm tubes

Cape Bottle (glass, plastic, ointment tins), http://www.netbottle.com/index.html
Sunburst Bottle Company (lots of glass, plastic, aluminum, etc. bottles, jars, ) http://www.sunburstbottle.com/index.html
brushed aluminum ...spray, pump, and screw-cap bottles . . . they *could* go in the oven! http://www.sunburstbottle.com/cat1.html

Specialty Bottle Company (http://www.specialtybottle.com/) (206) 340-0459, --- bottles and Jars available online:, Amber Boston Rounds, Amber Vials & Iodines, Cobalt Blue Bottles & Vials, Green Bottles & Vials, Clear Vials & Corked Bottles, Hexagon Jars , Oval & Faceted Jars, Plastic Bottles, Swingtop "Keeper" Bottles, Sprayers and Droppers... 1 Gallon Wide Mouth Amber Apothecary Jars - Great for storing herbs & spices -limited supply
bottle price without the cap: -------------,
....Just wanted to plug these guys a little. There are perhaps places that are slightly cheaper, but these folks are some of the nicest people to deal with. I live in Seattle and can actually go to their storefront. They are a small operation with a minimum of employees and the people that actually own the place work right alongside everyone else in the store room and at the counter. They are really a great group of folks and I have always gotten wonderful service from them in person. Spooky T

Essential Supplies ....Bottles, Jars, Vials, Plastic Bottles for lotions and potions ...Glass Jars for food and fun... Vials for perfumes and pills... Plastic Jars for cosmetics, bathsalts, etc..... Glass Bottles with corks, caps, sprayers or pumps

Couronneco (wholesale) http://www.couronneco.com/glass-bottles.htm
...glass bottles& jars in various shapes and various sizes, colors (including 1-7 oz)...+ other containers

Lavender Lane... tins & many other (plastic, metal, glass..pump & sprayer & containers, glass eyedroppers, etc.)

RaDe's (plastic & cloth bags & boxes, tins, plastic and some glass containers, lip balm tubes, etc.)

metal tins in particular
Altoids and smaller tins (hinged) http://www.clayalley.com/
Puffinalia store...prob. $0.50 for the small and $0.75 for the large. http://www.puffinalia.com
SKS-Bottle...med & small size Altoid type tins (in bulk) http://www.sks-bottle.com/340c/fin7b.html
KyleDesigns... various metal tins, most fairly thin & square/rectangular (not "wholesale" but can buy bulk)
... toothpick/needles/drill bits vertical holder with hinger flap lid... business cards holders, pencil holder, co*dom holder, compact, lipstick holder, pillboxes
Atlantic Sales catalog of tins http://www.atlanticsales.com/tin_cat.htm (click on ALL the pages!)
Cape Bottle ointment tins http://www.netbottle.com/Specialty.html and http://www.min.net/~helen/Basil.html
Lavender Lane... tins & many other http://www.lavenderlane.com/store/default.asp?type=Retail&parentid=2 (plastic, metal, glass..pump & sprayer & containers, glass eyedroppers, etc.)
aluminum cans with screw-on lids for sale http://www.stampington.com/html/aluminum_cans_black_box.html

teeny bottles: You can also get little bottles from suppliers of scientific glassware. Most readily available are slightly smaller than the 1 dram vial
http://www.jandw.com/vials.htm ....there are cheaper sources out there. I just have no idea who they were now
...Plus are you looking for screw cap vials? shell vials are much cheaper but you need some kind of cork to go with them. Nanette
....here is a site with even more sizes to choose from: http://www.wheatonsci.com//html/to/pg-224700.html K&N
.... http://www.eebeads.com ..... http://www.eebeads.com/_findings.htm ... They're on the very bottom of the jewelry findings section
.....contact Howard at http://www.rosejewelry.com Robert
Lee Valley carries several sizes of tiny glass bottles with corks. Here's the link to the page on their online catalog: http://www.leevalley.com/woodwork/newprodu/sept99/storbotl.htm
....I've got some of the smallest (3ml) bottles, and they are quite inexpensive -- only $2.40 US for a box of 12 bottles.
.... Lee Valley also carries lots of other interesting tools that are usable for polymer clay, such as wooden items that can be covered, carving tools, gold twist pen kits and other stuff. It's a really dangerous place to go shopping! Vicki in Vancouver
Parrish Relics various sizes and shapes ... no tops: http://www.parrishrelics.com/glassvials.html

(see more in Pendants > Tiny Glass Bottles)

Container Store catalog....kitchen, office, storage, etc., items to cover wih clay at very affordable prices
http:// www.containerstore.com

Ted Pella is a microscopy & lab supplier...their boxes are described as 'slide boxes' and 'pill boxes' ...and come in 4 sizes; very well made
Small [5.2 X 3.5 X 1.3cm] 144/$27 (all outside dimensions) .... Small [6.5 X 4.1 X 1.8cm] 144/$34.50
Medium [7.6 X 5 X 3.2cm] 72/$27 .... Large [9.7 X 7 X 3.7cm] 36/$19.5

...Sharon's "genie" bottle, http://www.geocities.com/thisbirdfeather/miscella.htm "Sweet Antiques Gallery" , 1-800-370-3645 , For neat glass bottles
...Indiana Glass/Colony Glass , 4460 Lake Forest Dr #200 , Cincinnati OH 45242 , Phone: (513)563-6789 , (800)446-9103 , for Beverage Sets, Bowls, Platters, Glass Drinkware, Glass Mugs, Glassware (Drinkware/Serveware), Vases, Tabletop, Candle Holders/Stands, Potpourri
Ginny's shaped bottles, reasonably priced http://imagesinthewind.homestead.com/stuff.html (gone)

Rynne China Co. : blank china pieces to cover, Limoge style boxes with the glue on brass hinges for $2.99 ea.or $2.39 for a case lot of 12, and small tooth fairy boxes for 50 cents! ...They supply china painters but have many vases, boxes and perfume bottles . .
http://www.rynnechina.com Rynne China Co., 222 W. 8 Mile Road, Hazel Park, MI 48030 1-800-468-1987
....regarding hinged and lidded boxes of all sorts and sizes, Maryland China has a great assortment and reasonable prices.. http://www.marylandchina.com/ Betty/TX

http://www.sweetc.com/ (look in "catalog," near the end) for stiff and other boxes --Sweet Celebrations

also see Many Items in One Place above

(see category just above for more plastic)

Try Acme Plastic which is in West Paterson, NJ. The info operator gave me two phone numbers, 1-800-234-1991 and 973-256-6666. They will sell you acrylic rods (like CZC use to reduce canes) but they also sell a lot of finished acrylic products like frames, tables, magazine racks, walking canes?

You can reach Jule-Art at 1-800-833-8980 -- they have a great catalog for all types of acrylic stands and display items.

Western Plastics (glass, plastics, polycarbonate) http://www.western-plastics.com/
Cape Bottle (glass, plastic, ointment tins), http://www.netbottle.com/index.html
Sunburst Bottle Company (plastic as well as other containers) http://www.sunburstbottle.com/#

small Plastic Bags (ziptop and not)

I got my small plastic bags (with ziptops and without) at my local packing store (where they have boxes, large and small, bubble wrap, little bags, etc.) . . . must be more places to buy these . . . what about jewlery supply places like Rio Grande, etc.,

. . . you can buy 100 zip-top bags at Michael's -- any size -- for 79-cents a package. Charlene

http://www.clmorgan.com/ziptop.htm - tiny to small plastic ziptop bags; their smallest is 3/8" square!, largest is 3x3"; come in several colors and also patterns --typical price is 300 bags for $21 (mix and match sizes in lots of 100)

http://www.boxcity.com/Ziplock.htm (can buy smaller amts. --zip or not)
http://www.ourshippingsupplies.com/bags.asp (can buy medium amts. --zip or not)
http://www.saket.com/clearpoly.html (1 1/2x2 is smallest; minimum order $40, but cheap) http://wvplus.com/phoenix/

Lamp Specialties ,1-800-call-lamp , Fax 1-800-722-7061 , Lighting stuff and little plastic bags


papier mache boxes http://www.woodcrafter.com/mall/mall_boxes_papermache.asp (reg --and also Christmas themes and houses, tissue box, hinged treasure chest)
papier mache forms for covering with clay http://www.fruit-of-the-hands.com (gone?)
Provo Crafts is a big manufacturer or papier mache. I'm not sure if they are online though...
D&CC (Decorator & Craft Corporation) 428 Zelta, Witchita KS 67207, phone: 1-800-835-3013
Their prices are a bit higher than some; all sorts of paper mache and tintique stuff (mentioned in back of Kris Richards’ book; she covered birdhouse) http://www.craft-king.com

Creative Paperclay(R) Company 1-800-899-5952

Knead-o Paperclay 17.3 oz: $3.99 (ASW#60-0746)

~Activa Products, Inc (Frank Strauss), P.O. Box 472, Westford, Ma 01886-0012, 508-692-9300, 508-692-8796 fax

Celluclay, etc.

~Handcraft Designs1-800-523-2430; Possibly the only US source for LaDoll, Premiere and Crafty. They are all Japanese air dry clays. Crafty is a paper clay while the others are stone ground mineral clays with an exceptonally fine grain.

ASW Express,5325 Departure Drive, North Raleigh, NC 27604,  800-995-6778,  Good prices on supplies.


Woodworks http://woodwrks.com has *MANY* many items that can be covered with clay, as well as items to be used with normal woodworking like hinges . . . too many things to list here!! DB, . . . like puffed hearts and other shapes. These are unfinished wood cutouts. They have many mini items and some really nice candle sticks that could be used as a base, plus they sell the brass candle cups for the holders. Betty/TX


...The Compleat Sculptor, Inc.,    515 West 24th Street,    New York, NY 10021,    212) 243-6074
....... great for sculpting supplies...have carving tools, sculpting tools, shellac, moldmaking products, casting products, and marble, alabaster and stone (which can be used for bases instead of corian). They have a nice looking catalog. http://www.sculpt.com/
......."Van Dyke's ....have sculpting tools, surgical insruments, airbrush paints & supplies dremel supplies, plasters, mold making supplies, epoxy compounds, non hardening clays, self hardening clays (no polys) ...ask for both their "taxidermy" and restorers" catalogs. Most items wholesale priced. 1-800-843-3320 Woonsocket, SD
Kemper Doll Supplies... also a great line of synthetic wigs ...909-627-6191, 1-800-388-5367
...Dollmakers Suppliers List, http://www.dollmaking.org …Lynda
...Cloth Doll Supplies (faux wings, buckles, etc., etc.), http://www.sistersanddaughters.com/
All About Dolls --many parts & accessories for sale ....eyes ... hair... etc.)
(in Eyes category, click on each to see variety of iris types )

...Jack Johnston (doll-making supplies?), Toll free: 800-560-4958 , May offer discount to on-liners... ask Jane when you call! Send him a photo of your dolls and he will write back with a free critique.

various kinds of craft eyes and eyelashes
.....at Darice http://www.darice.com/ecom/Category.aspx?ct=CRAFT%20EYES&oid=31275
.....at Harvey's Hobby Hut http://www.harveyshobbyhut.com/craftstore/craft_eyes.asp
.... at Chatsco http://www.chatsco.com/eyes&acc.htm
...Real Eyes  1-800-635-7933
...Hamilton Eye Warehouse  1-805-529-5900; The eyes in that small size range from 2-8mm and cost about 8.00/pr. They have a nice round shape.
...Masterpiece Eye Company    1-800-256-EYES
... G. Schoepfer, Inc.    1-212-736-6939 --eyes
...Jane Walker's handmade glass doll eyes .....very well done, but they work best for 1" scale dolls. Dianne C.
OneStopPolymerShop... 2, 4, 6 mm glass eyes... blue, brown, green
Try these places, too, for glass eyes (Sunni):
All For A Doll http://www.allforadoll.com/index1.html
Collectible Doll Co. http://www.jeannordquistdolls.com/eyes.htm
G.E.M. Doll Emporium http://www.gemdoll.com/doll.asp?cat=4
EZPose Flexible Doll Bodies & Supplies http://www.ezpose.com/supplies.html
Perfect Eye Too; http://www.perfecteyetool.com/tool.html
Porcelain Dolls.Net http://www.porcelaindolls.net/
....various glass eyes: http://www.allaboutdolls.com/eyes01.html
Hand Glass Craft: glass eyes and tools for making eyes http://www.jeannordquistdolls.com/eyes.htm,
.... fish eyes for a project... these guys provided the product at a decent price http://glasseyes.com. James
...Here's a place found for doll eyes ..and a nice catalog with eyes for the smallest animals & birds to the biggest...I have bought many eyes from this company for wood carved birds. . Lucille http://www.dolleyes.com
...."Van Dyke's...every animal eye you can imagine, mannequin and some doll eyes. I've been happy with thier service and thier prices...ask for both their "taxidermy" and restorers" catalogs. Most items wholesale priced. 1-800-843-3320 Woonsocket, SD

RestoreDoll (shiny Saran hair for "vintage" dolls... many colors, incl. fantasy) http://www.restoredoll.com/doll-hair.htm
Sussi Goff (natural mohair... wefted and dyed... call for samples) ... Templeton, MA 01468,   508-939-8577 pyrb87a@prodigy.com,
The Fold, Toni Neil (wool for doll hair)... , 815-943-3153
Pearl Moon Fibers (mohair) Pat LaBrecque, Goffstown, NH 03045, 603/774-4104 FAX 603/774-4108
South Forty Farms, (wool or mohair) 1272 161/2 Road, Fruita, CO 81521, 303/858-3687,
The River Farm ,    800-872-9665 , great hair
(see wigs above in GEN.)

Lillian Horowitz, Inc (furs), 6765-D Montego Bay Blvd, Boca Raton, FL 33433, 407/347-8925
White Fox Fur and Feather Co.,    226 Main Street,    P.O. Box 3,    Pemberton, MN 56078-0003,    (507)869-FURS
.......they have among other things, the most marvelous GOOSE WINGS... they also have dove and other domestic and exotic fowl wings...call for a catalog.
... ...also have skulls, bones, quills, pelts, tails, you name it. This is a taxidermist...they carry everything!
...Ianni ... any 'insect' thing ... neat source for large locust (cicada) wings (for fairies). Large, beautiful moth and butterfly wings.
...flocking to simulate feathers (see Mixing Media > Feathers & Flocking)


(see most of these on their respective pages .... Paints... Powders... Leaf ... etc.

art supplies at a discount on the web.. . .it's ART2000! located at http://ART2000.com IT'S GREAT!!! They have everything you can think of and it's all discounted. They even have monthly specials…

Texas Art Supply 800-888-9278, Interference pigments...they are $3.96 per .75 oz bottle. There is apparently no minimum order. Be sure to ask for a catalog.

Rupert, Gibbon & Spider,    P.O.Box 425,    Healdsburg, CA 95448,    800-442-0455 ,    Fax 707-433-4906.... Some of the powders are of the interference type, while others are pearlized. All of them work beautifully with the raw clay.


"New York Cake and Baking Center", 56W. 22nd St.,  212-675-2253, (cutters)

Gooseberry Patch,    27 N. Union Street,    Delaware, OH 43015,    800-85-GOOSE - aka 800-854-6673, http://www.delnet.net/~gbpatch/, (great cookie cutters)

Bugawumps sells lights for use in handmade greeting cards. They are assembled overseas and shipped to the U.S. You can buy one red light or a string of four yellow lights. Each set is operated by a watch battery and includes an on/off switch. Call Mike or Donna at Stamptastics
1-800-455-9235. Nancy

Music boxes (for covering)
--http://www.nationalartcraft.com/index.html+ Dianne
--One quite inexpensive [$5] and one higher quality [$13-$80]….
http://www.cherrytree-online.com Cherry Tree Toys Inc. 1-800-848-4363
-- http://www.rockler.com Rockler Woodworking and Hardware 1-800-279- Cecilia

Dixon Paper Store in Colo. Spgs. Ph (719) 577-4260 Fax (719) 577-9032; I have found that their earring box prices are very reasonable. I buy small cotton filled jewelry boxes there for .25 each, retail. I'm sure they have a catalog too but I think it costs a few bucks.

The kits for the atomizers and pen blanks are out of a woodworker's catalog [Penn State , www.pennstateind.com -- 800-377-7297] and you just add a veneer of polymer covering them instead of wood, Penn State Industries ,    1-800-377-7297 , Pen Blanks

I prefer http://www.hutproducts.com. They carry the hard-to-find chrome pen/pencil parts, which Penn State doesn't. Service is always zippy. I also think they're friendlier. Irene in western NC

~Lee Valley http://www.leevalley.com/woodwork/newprodu/sept99/storbotl.htm
...lots of other interesting tools that are usable for polymer clay, such as wooden items that can be covered, carving tools, gold twist pen kits
(see more pen blanks in Pens)

pieces/parts of nightlights, National Artcraft in Twinsburg, Ohio. They have an electrical catalog (they also have waterglobes) and lots of really neat ultrafine glitters (about 20 different colors). They have an 800 number---call 1-330-555-1212 or 1-440-555-1212. The area code numbers changed here in northern Ohio in April

~Lamp Specialties , 1-800-call-lamp , Fax 1-800-722-7061, Lighting stuff and little plastic bags

where? 3/4"-thick square, rectangle, and circle oak bases for mounting your art work on - available either unfinished orfinished. Stock circle sizes include 2 3/4", 3 1/2", 4", 5 1/8", 6 1/4",
7 1/2", 9 3/8", and 15 3/8". Cicles all have a tiny pivot hole in the exact center which can be left on the top side for mounting purposes orplaced on the bottom side out of sight.

Laughing Eye Studios,    R. Scott Cole, 7739 Michael Dr., Charlotte, NC 28215, 704-568-4976, (First Surface Mirror, Brass Tubing and Parts.)

Automatic Tubing Corp., 888 Lorimer Street, Brooklyn, NY 11222-3990,  In NY: 718-383-0100, Outside NY: 800-527-3091 (Brass Tubing in various sizes and styles, cut to length and polished.)

You can get glycerin by the gallon at a tack or feed store - something to do with horses, although I have no idea what... I paid $27 for a gallon, so it's still pretty expensive, but a lot less than at the drug store (about $4 for 4 oz.). …I've never used it for snow globes, so I don't have any input there - I've used it for making bubbles for the kids and for preserving autumn leaves... Claire
.....Glycerin (also called Glycerol, Glycerine...) is used by caterers and sugarcrafters to stop icing from drying out - so, your best source of it may be a cookery (baking supply) shop.
(Glycerine is also a very good watercolour paint additive - it prevents rapid drying) Alan

Hard to locate BOOKS

If (you can't find what you're looking for) try looking in the Toms index at your local library. They are usually giant green multivolume sets. Its a directory that has suppliers of everything imaginable in them. . . . Nite Falcon

If you know the name of the book you want to buy, (or the author) check out this site before you shell out big bucks at expensive stores like Amazon or Barnes and Noble. They compare prices at lots of different online stores, with and without shipping, (some have free shipping) and you should be able to get a better deal than at the big stores: http://www.bestbookbuys.com/ I never buy from B&N or Amazon anymore! Sally

Try http://www.bibliofind.com or http://www.abebooks.com; Both are good services for finding out-of-print books. Thalassa
...also http://www.wavebooks.com/




I've ordered from Sue Beck at Wacky Wagon for years. Always good quality products, good prices and immediate delivery, unless there is a b/o and she will always let you know if there is one. I usually get my order within just a few days. No, I don't work for them, but she is a member of the PALSCRAFT List I receive. Great People! I highly recommend them. wackywagon.com -- Hugs, Marilyn